Whole Foods coming to Wilmington

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Submitted: Thu, 04/07/2011 - 8:58pm
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WILMINGTON, NC (GREATER WILMINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL) – For years Wilmington residents have wanted a Whole Foods grocery store. Today it appears the upscale, natural food grocery store is on its way – reports the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

Whole Foods will enter the Wilmington market in 2012 or 2013, according to two sources with knowledge of the deal. The store will be located in the space currently occupied by Lowe’s Foods on Oleander Drive next to Independence Mall, one of the sources said. Lowe’s is scheduled to close this Saturday.

When contacted, Whole Foods spokesperson Darrah Horgan did not confirm the arrival of the new Whole Foods store.

“We have not announced any stores in Wilmington. We announce new stores on our quarterly earnings calls, and the next call is Wednesday, May 4th,” Horgan said in an email.

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  • yogamom says:

    Excited to add Wilmington, NC to our list of retirement possibilities now that Whole Foods is coming !!!

  • Guest7969 says:

    HUH? :)

  • Guest432 says:

    For the sake of everyone reading anything on this message board, please do not use all caps when leaving comments!

  • Pam Landy says:

    Maybe you better move back to New Jersey. Surprise!! another yankee saying her food store is better in New Jersey. GO BACK HOME to New Jersey. Wilmington is the south and we might know something, like Whole Foods is better than Wegman. If your Wegman store is so great then why did you move down SOUTH.

  • GuesJanice Kettle says:

    I MUST agree about Wegman’s ! It is positively the very best shopping experience ever. An unbelievable store. You should visit before you criticize. Whole Foods is also great, but believe it or not – can’t compare to Wegman’s. I will be thrilled to have Whole Foods in Wilmington. There are no great grocery stores here.

  • Charles Walters says:

    Pam you give southerners a BAD NAME!!!! I was born and raised in the south, my wife is from Western New York near where the Original Wegmans started. It is an awesome store and a great company to work for. They treat their employees great with good pay and benefits that go above and beyond what most companies provide. You sound like a sad bitter person who has nothing better to do than run your mouth about somthing you know nothing about. The Civil War is over we lost get over it you redneck fool. One more thing, I have been to New York many times and I have never been treated with anything but kindness and respect, which is more than I can say for the way some southerners act and the crappy way they treat people from the North. I guess southern hospitality is a thing of the past and a$$holes have replaced many of the good people who used to live here.

  • mel says:

    I was raised here in the south, But I have family in Va, and there is a Wegmans there, yes it is an awesome grocery store. There are lots of little make and take stands and even an eatery. It is very nice. I think you should not judge until you have seen.

  • agcbeaglemom says:

    That’s a pretty feisty reply from someone who has never been to Wegman’s. I grew up outside of Rochester and thought all grocery stores were like that until I lived all over the country. Sorry, but Wegman’s rules.

  • Guest7969 says:

    Not going into Wilmington or WB to feed meters or mess with traffic. I’d pay 20 bucks more per visit for my items to SKIP all that!

  • Robert says:

    Those who want to pay high prices for organic foods are welcome to do so. But more frugal persons will buy elsewhere, including from local markets.

  • kelkb10 says:

    Eat your pesticide sprayed veggies. Ummm good. Pay now or pay later.

  • Alice says:

    Tidal Creek is a total Con. Over priced for mangy veggies. Lame bakery. . They claim the coop mantra but rarely deliver. Perhaps whole foods would bring their game up a notch. A little competition I welcome the choice.

  • Linda Fuelling says:

    I shop at Wegmans every time I visit my family in New Jersey! And I can agree with this person’s posting that Wegman’s is THE grocery and more SHOPPPING experience of the lifetime.! Wegman’s is grocery extraordinary! You have to see and visit one to fall in love with it.

  • pb444 says:

    Nevermind Whole Foods AND Trader Joe’s…….WE WANT WEGMANS! Once you’ve had Wegman’s you’ll never go anywhere else.

  • guesty says:

    Try to find the button labeled “Caps Lock” and press it once.

  • Linda Basso says:







  • Guest28428 says:

    “Whole Foods coming to Wilmington,” thats a misleading title, but I would be happy if Whole Foods did come to wilmington.

  • Carl says:

    No thanks Whole Foods,
    We’ve got an amazing Co-op here in town and its been serving the community for almost 30 years with Organic and Local products!
    Sad to see people excited about a large chain simply because its a Big box store and “familiar”
    How about utilizing the amazing resource known as “THE Co-op” instead of embracing something you can find anywhere.

  • Guest7969 says:

    attitude…tell ya what Jack…as a consumer I ALONE will make the decision on where I buy! Price being the main factor…if the Co-op is cheap enough to warrant a visit..that’s where I will go. If not, I’ll be in Whole Foods! Kind of like when I buy products over the internet that are cheaper.

  • taxpayer says:

    Trader Joe’s than Whole Foods.

  • Guestina says:

    Trader Joe’s seems like it would do much better in this market. I’ll keep hoping we’ll get one someday!

  • Phillyguy says:

    We just lost without warning 260 jobs with Wachovia and 36 jobs at the incinerator on Hwy 421, atleast it will bring some jobs back into our local ecomony.

  • kelkb10 says:

    Earthfare or a Trader’s.

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