Blizzard Athletics team wins AAU tourney

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Submitted: Sun, 04/10/2011 - 7:16pm
Updated: Tue, 04/12/2011 - 4:00am

COLUMBIA,SC (WWAY) — The Flight 22 showcase basketball team that is based out of Brett Blizzard’s basketball gymnasium in Wilmington captured first place on Sunday in the Big Shots USC AAU basketball tournament in Columbia, South Carolina. The Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics Team won three games at the University of South Carolina to claim the title. Hoggard junior Drew Combs was named MVP of the tournament after Sunday’s championship game.

Nathan Faulk is the head coach of Flight 22. Faulk is also the head basketball coach at South View High School in Cumberland County. Faulk is a UNCW graduate and a native of Nakina.

Brett Blizzard is UNCW’s all-time leading basketball scorer and the owner of Blizzard Athletics Player Development. Blizzard is also WWAY’s Full Court Press co-host.


Saturday’s first game:

Flight 22 68
Twin Cities Flyers 62

Jeremy Smith 17 points (James Kenan)
Tyler Thayer 12 points (Hoggard)
Elijah Wilson 8 points (Laney)
Drew Combs 8 assists (Hoggard)
Saturday’s semi-final game:

Flight 22 67
Garner Road Bulldogs 32

Jeremy Smith 26 points
Drew Combs 11 points
Tyler Thayer 10 points

Sunday’s championship game:

Flight 22 70
Carolina Hawks 61

Glenn Patterson,Jr. 18 points (Red Springs)
Drew Combs 16 points
D.J. Mason 10 points (West Bladen)


  • Basketball Fan says:

    It ashame this facility has been created apparently for only high end basketball players and not the general public and kids that want to learn the game.

    There is certainly a lack of places for kids to play basketball as most places are jammed up. We need another gym that’s open to everyone.

  • WWAY Guest says:

    If you’re looking to learn the game and be an average basketball player take your kid to the YMCA. Are you really complaining about giving kids the opportunity to have professional training?

  • Sportslover says:

    Its been created to make Hoggard players look dont see any Hanover players, a couple of Laney players, no Ashley players and then kids from 1A schools that are located in Duplin better off going to the Y and playing there and then you can contact area churches where they have open free basketball facilities where kids can go..

  • 910 sports fan says:

    The real shame is that there are people complaining about the news reporting a positive story. Who cares where children and youth go to play and learn basketball. The important thing is they are doing something that is positive and productive. There are too many negative things going on in the world for us as a community to cut down people who are helping youth, and to belittle youth who are trying to better themselves.

  • Sportslover says:

    um you won because there are no real teams participating in Big shots until after july..the big division I schools cant recruit until after July so the “real” teams dont show up until then..congrats on beating NO ONE..Do yall even play AAU? nope..just big shots which is a farce in itself..lets see you post your wins after didnt do so well last year flight 22!

  • Flight 22 Fan says:

    You sound like someone whose kid was cut from the team and you certainly don’t know anything about how AAU basketball works. D1 schools, while limited, still recriut 365 days a year not just in July. D1 coaches attend High School games all the time. While you will certaily see hundreds of coaches out in July, each college has scouts that attend these events ahead of time, D1 through Junior Colleges. All of the top AAU teams nationwide are playing now and will continue to play throughout the summer. My advice would be that you should be realistic about how good your kid is and quit trying to blame others for his underachievements.

    You really show you ignorance when you try to put down Big Shots. Having coached in every organization, YBOA, USSSA, USBA and AAU I can tell you that Big Shots offers more exposure for the kids than all the other organizations put together. Take a look at their website and their success speaks for itself.

    As far as last years team goes, I can say that every senior on that team played college basketball somewhere this season. By the way, their point guard last year who was a junior just signed with UNC.

    Winning a tournament at this level is a huge accomplishment but the ultimate goal is to help the kids play at the next level. Over the last 8 years Flight 22 helped more kids achieve their dreams of playing in college than any Hgh School coach or other travel team in this geographical area. Their record speaks for itself.

  • Flight 22 says:

    What are you talking about, “the real teams dont show up til July”??? Three weeks ago Flight 22 lost by 9 in the championship game to the Georgia Stars. The Stars are ranked 7th in the country and Flight 22 was winning at halftime, had the lead until 4 minutes left in the game, and then had to foul. They had two NBA prospects on that team and 4 ACC level players.

  • Sportslover says:

    There are NO DI schools recruiting in Big Shots until after July..NCAA rules prohibit them contacting any players till after July, if you are being contacted then you yourself as a coach is violating NCAA Division I Men Basketball Rules..The only colleges at the Big Shots before July are community colleges, D2/D3 NCAA schools..and even after July, only high rising seniors are even looked at those events and you have to play on the main court, hence winning the championships of the tournaments after July which is when the ‘real’ teams come out to play and its VERY hard to get on those courts unless you have a friend who works at Big Shots and is ensuring your team a place on a court..AAU, Elite Showcases and University Basketball camps are the best exposure for basketball players..AAU offers tournaments all year round but the best time to play is March through August when you have superregionals and the nationals in Florida at the end of have players like Austin Rivers and John Wall who got recruited from teams such as Each one Teach One and D1 Sports AAU teams..I have not heard of anyone that has blown up in basketball say they got recruited from going to a big shots tournament..keep telling those flight 22 kids that big shots is the way to may want to enter in some AAU events where the universities can see you play against some real talent before July..

  • Flight 22 Fan says:

    Once again sportslover you fail to impress me. While you are correct with coaches having certain times they can actually have contact with players, they can, however, attend games and they can talk to the kids coaches. Example: Roy Williams comes to Wilmington to watch Stillman White workout at Hoggard High School a few weeks ago. Was he recruiting him? Was that against the rules? Where D1 talent exists D1 college coaches and scouts will be there. Buzz Peterson was at several Hoggard and Hanover games this season. Was he there for the entertainment or was he recruiting? Virginia Tech had scouts in the stands all winter watching Ashley HS sophmore TJ Williams. Were they recruiting him or just there for the popcorn? Hopefully you get my point.

    By the way, I still believe you are a disgrunteled parent whose kid didn’t cut the mustard. For that I am truly sorry. I am sure he is a fine person and probably a good student but that doesn’t give you the right to put down the success of other more talented kids or bash an organization you really know nothing about. Instead you should set more realistic expectations for your son. Jealously is something that will eat you up inside after a while. Let it go and enjoy your son while he is still there. You will miss him when he’s gone.

  • Sportslover says:

    “the Big Shots #7 National Ranked team Georgia Stars Black”..FROM THE BIG SHOTS the big shots have a ranking system? who AAU and then post your championships which I can guarantee wont be any.

  • Flight 22 says:

    No, im actually talking about the Georgia Stars that have Tony Parker(#14 Junior in the country)and Alex Poythress(#26 Junior in the country and was Mr. Basketball in Tennessee).

  • unbelievable says:

    Wow Sportslover… such hostility. Maybe you should find a hobby, instead of hating on a bunch of teenagers doing what they love.

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