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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Although some say the recession is over, many across the nation and in southeastern North Carolina are still without jobs.

Rep. Mike McIntyre hosted a free Job Seekers Boot Camp for those wanting to whip their career lives back into shape. Adults got back to the classroom to learn important skills like how to build the perfect resume.

“Nothing today is guaranteed. There’s always uncertainty,” job seeker Eather Mitchell said. “The economy today brings us a lot of uncertainties, but whenever the economy is booming and it’s doing great, there are still uncertainties.”

Mitchell attended the boot camp to revamp her resume and learn some new skills. Motivational speaker Farad Ali said her determination is exactly what all job seekers need.

“If you look back over the years, the US economy has dropped, but we usually bounce back even higher,” Ali said. “I do believe that great things are going to happen. We just have to continue to be innovative and find new solutions. We can’t use the old solutions in these new economic times.”

One of McIntyre’s new solutions is a program called Make it in America.

“We want families to make it in America, literally. We all want to make it, and we want to make good and do well,” the Congressman said. “We also want to literally make the products in America, so it has a double meaning.”

Curtis Hill has a political science degree from NC State, but he has been unemployed since he graduated in 2005.

“I just think it’s really about being a rural area,” Hill said. “I think it’s really tough to find industries to come in to this area to help folks find jobs.”

Rep. McIntyre is trying to change that by harnessing biotechnology and biofuel development among other things in our area.

“We’re looking at ways that we can capitalize in tourism for our area,” McIntyre said. “With Easter coming and soon to be the beach season, we want to make sure every angle we can attack we go after it for job creation in our area.”

A hopeful Mitchel said, “You can always enhance yourself. You can always go farther if you just keep the faith and keep that determination and persistence.”

McIntyre said he has a big announcement to make in Robeson County Tuesday about 300 new jobs. Gov. Bev Perdue’s office says she will be in Pembroke for the jobs announcement tomorrow morning.

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2 Comments on "Job seekers get their career lives in shape at bootcamp"

Mike's Pretending to Care Again
2015 years 10 months ago

Well, Congressman McIntyre’s pretending to care again and giving lip service about creating jobs. That’s funny, because his real record is one of only caring about protecting his own job while our economy here in the 7th District flounders. Under his watch unemployment has skyrocketed throughout Southeastern NC, and his home county of Robeson is the poorest county in the state. And other than photo ops and press releases what has McIntyre done about it? Absolutely notihing! 16 years of McIntyre is enough. My pocketbook can’t take anymore…

2015 years 10 months ago

I don’t claim any party because they are all liars and scam artists, but I can tell you this: it does not all come back on the shoulders of any one politician. If I had to blame anyone, I would blame Bill Clinton and everyone that supported NAFTA. Basically, all politicians disguise me. All of them are out for self gain. It’s always about whats in it for them.
Tell me this: what can any politician do to bring jobs to the area? We don’t have any jobs in America anymore. We are too busy building other countries.


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