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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Gas prices continue to climb this week and are closing in on $3.80 a gallon at many stations across the city.

According to GasBuddy.com, prices range from $3.61 at the Costco (College and Market) to $3.79 at eight gas stations.

To see more, click here: http://www.northcarolinagasprices.com/index.aspx?area=Wilmington

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    At (my) last count there were ninety-two different seasonal and regional blends that our refineries have to produce. Every year, twice a year, refineries have to schedule shutdowns to convert the equipment for the upcoming seasonal blend.

    Let any unforseen circumstance arise, such as an unscheduled outage at another refinery, a pipeline failure, or two-percent of the global oil supply being taken off the market, and you can see a shortage within days.

    Right now the price of crude is sliding back and more refineries are completing their seasonal change-over. You will see some relief at the pump. When you consider tax-crazy politicians, crazy global leaders, ever-increasing global consumption, and the unknown variables I mentioned above, however, it may not be a big drop and it might not last long.

  • Guested

    Does the supply and demand really fluctuate as drastically as fuel prices do? When prices rise, they seem to rise quickly. I have a hard time believing it’s just simple supply and demand steering fuel prices.

  • Guest84

    You & me both! No the typical law of supply & demand doesn’t even begin to be in play here with gas. For example, can anyone explain why a barrel of oil can produce more gallons of diesel than gas yet diesel prices (which add to prices of ALL of our goods) are higher than gas prices…? No, there is something deeper at work here. At one time, “they” claimed it was the lack of refineries. If that is the case, the government needs to focus on opening more refineries.

  • Guest228

    When Bush was in power and the republicans had control of the house we had record breaking gas prices and look again what is happening since the republicans have gained control of the house in 2011..this is ridiculous..

  • thing working for you? Your comment is typical of the “blame Bush” crowd.

  • Peppy

    The last major spike in gas prices was in 2008. Democrats took control of both the House and the Senate in 2006. You should really do your homework before making an inflammatory blanket statement like that.

  • Guest84

    Seriously? And just since 2011, huh? WHERE do you live? What planet are you on? ALL political parties are to blame! The problems are: the big oil companies have no REASON to lower prices (why should they, they are making an obscene profit right now & have been for years), & the government will not allow drilling in the US or offshore which causes us to be more dependent on foreign oil…if we used our OWN oil, WE could set the price. If we did that, the big oil companies (who lobby Congress probably by the minute) would lose money… Now that wasn’t so hard to understand was it?

  • You, no doubt, voted Obama into office. Thanks a lot.

  • Guest123456789

    Only an ignorant person would make such statements. It’s the law of supply and demand. When there is less supply and demand remains constant or increases (as it does during spring/summer seasons), price goes up. And don’t forget the 49 cents tax added to each gallon of gas.

    As for supply….
    1) BO has publicly stated he would love to see gas prices at $5.00 per gallon. He has put a moratorium on off-shore drilling, refuses to open up ANWAR or the plethora of other domestic areas that are oil rich. Yet, he has time to fly to Brazil to tell them that we will give them drilling and pumping technology so they can get to their assets???

    2) The OPEC states have no incentive to increase supply because at over $100 per barrel of brent crude (this is the oil needed to make gasoline), the demand does not diminish (that is people don’t change their habits). At about $120/barrel, it has shown that demand will begin to shift downward significantly which then increases supply.

    3) Even though demand for gasoline continues to climb in the US, no new refineries have been built in over 20 years. Even if we could get the oil cheaper, we could not refine it quick enough to satiate demand.

    As for demand…
    1) China and India continue to increase oil consumption year over year. They are now the #2 and #3 oil consumers (after America) and at current rate will surpass us in about 5-10 years.

    As for taxes….
    1) The Dems in control of North Carolina (prior to getting voted out) repealed the top limit on state gas tax so it added 8 cents/gallon to the price paid at the pump.

  • Guest54345

    You have to pay back the folks that financed your campaign. It’s only fair.

  • Robert

    You apparently have no idea of what controls the price of oil. It does not depend on which party is in power. It is controlled by the oil cartel in the Middle East, and is also currently propped up in price by the low value of the U.S. dollar(controlled by the Federal Reserve). World wide demand also plays a part, along with short term effects of speculators.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Exactly WHAT have the Repulicans in the House done to cause oil prices to rise?

    Do you think they rule by imperial edict? Have they discovered some way to secretly bypass the Senate and White House…to make law by themselves?

    Put up or shut up. What have they done to drive prices up?

  • GuestGeek

    We should start charging oil states higher prices for American Technology and Software during the summer, winter, when updates are required, when it is in high demand, low demand, or when two geeks can’t agree over the versioning and duke it out on xbox world at war…
    It would be the same twlhead mentality of why our gas prices are highnow.

  • guesty

    And the only cash I currently have is change. Oops, hope they didn’t hear that, they may have to add another tax to help me out. I didn’t vote for him, I voted McCain.

  • Guest228

    Morons controlling the house is running this country into the greatest economic downfalls that we as American will witness..The Great Depression will have nothing on this decade..Where are all the changes that the conservatives promised their voters..when Democrats controlled the house from 2008-2010, did we even have these high gas prices..did we?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The Democrats took the House in the 2006 elections.

    Throws water on your fiery ranting and raving, huh?

  • Guest228

    try actually using your sign on before posting..

  • Guest84

    Maybe the prices were not the same as THESE, but for the time, YES WE HAD high gas prices. Check the internet some time “Record Gas Prices” were announced during 2007, just after the Democrats first gained control… They gained control during the 2006 elections…
    As for the economic downfalls we are witnessing, they have snowballed since 2008.

    Now, focus…research before making comments that show you are totally clueless.. Oh, and there are “morons” in BOTH chambers of Congress and ALL political parties.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….instead of what you did write, which was historically incorrect as written.

  • Guest228

    The Republican Party kept control of both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate until 2007. The Democratic Party wrested control of both houses of the 110th Congress, although by a very slim margin, especially in the Senate.
    The composition of the 109th Congress (2005 – 2007) was as follows:
    Senate: 44 D, 55 R House: 202 D, 231 R
    The composition of the 110th Congress (2007 – ) is as follows:
    Senate: 49 D, 49 R House: 233 D, 198 R

  • Guest12

    They must of thought they found a way with the Government Prevention Act.

  • Guest81

    You forgot to mention George Bush, the Republican oil man, and his orchestrated war in the Middle East for the expressed purpose of driving up crude prices. I know it took a lot of effort to financially destroy America, but I do know this…When Bill Clinton left office, the country was in great shape, plenty of jobs, fairly cheap gas, financially secure, and Bush destroyed this in 8 years. It will take many years to fix if it ever is. My vote will go to Obama or any other Democrat if he does not seek re-election.

  • Erik

    I hope gas prices go up to $5.00 and above per gallon. This way it will keep most people off the road and allow me to have fun and drive again!


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