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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – We want to help protect you from being a victim of Identity Theft.

We’re teaming up with Crescent State Bank and DTS Data Technology and are hosting a Spring Shred Day Saturday at the bank location at 1508 Military Cutoff Road from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Bring your paper documents that you don’t want in the hands of identity thieves, and we’ll shred it for you on the spot and recycle it for FREE! Also, talk to your local recycling officials, bank security specialists, lawyers and retail representatives.

Plus visit with McDonalds characters like Grimmace and the Hamburgler as they host contests, prizes and give away FREE food!

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The leading cause of identity theft is STILL mailbox cruising. If you leave outgoing checks or incoming credit card bills in your mailbox all day, you are begging for it. A PO Box costs $96.00 a year, and you never have to worry about a check you are expecting being late because it’s been stolen.

    Dumpster diving is still prevalent, too, so buy a GOOD crosscut shredder and shred anything that has your personal or financial data on it before throwing it away.

    The absolute best way to avoid identity theft is to freeze your credit reports. Yes, if you do a lot of borrowing and consumer financing (which you shouldn’t be doing, anyway) the unfreezing and refreezing is a pain in the rear, but when your reports are frozen, you could hand out copies of your name and Social Security number outside the judicial center and you’d be safe. No one can establish credit in your name, so your personal information is useless.

  • Guest of the State

    Didn’t know about the ability to freeze your credit reports. Thanks for that advise!

  • Roadhog

    You could also utilize paperless statements and drop payments in the PO. Most of my e-statements don’t have much more on them than a notice that X is due on DATE.

  • Guested

    I never heard of that either. I have no plans to borrow money any time soon. How does one freeze their credit reports? Thanks.


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