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The impersonation case of Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox has been continued to June 6. Cox was scheduled for court Tuesday at the Columbus County Courthouse. Cox was not present but his attorney asked the court to continue the case to a later date. The town manager was accused last month of handing a state trooper the Chadbourn police chief’s badge and telling the trooper he was the chief. Cox’s attorney has said that the incident was just a misunderstanding.

ORIGINAL STORY: http:wway.wcbi.com/2011/03/23/first-3-update-state-trooper-claims-chadbourn-town-manager-showed-him-badge-and-said-im-t

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  • guest111

    I still want to know WHY is the town’s attorney representing this man? I bet the town could think of better ways to spend there tax dollars than having to pay for this man’s mistakes. Cox is an idiot that got charged doing something wrong and thinks he can just say the officer misunderstood him in impersonating a police officer when the officer understood him completely or the charges wouldn’t have been filed against him. We try to teach our kids to own up to there responsibility’s when they have done wrong and learn from there mistakes and so should this man! The town’s board should have Cox on a leave of absents until this matter is solved but its all about Ive got your back if you’ve got mine in this town.

  • Guest99x

    Town MANAGER??? Sounds like somebody impersonating a professional. Sorta’ like Wilmington’s own Sterling Cheathhem and the dope who is the overpaid county manager who should have been fired for botching up the last property tax reASSessment.

  • Guest24

    This man Cox has always thought he was above the law. Come on Mr.David(DA) show Columbus County what you came here to do. Clean out the trash for us we really need you in this county! We deserve GOOD HONEST people that follow and respect the law in these positions that make the decisions for our area!!


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