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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield made his first appearance on “The Big Talker FM” this morning as chairman.

During his hour long interview with Chad Adams, he addressed various issues including WASTEC, the Skyway Bridge, neighborhood schools and the drama surrounding his commissioners the past few weeks.

Adams also asked Barfield about the USS Gravely’s visit last year and why the commission opted to give the group in charge of the local commissioning ceremony $25,000 for its parties.

“We did an economic study for the Gravely visit,” Barfield told Adams. Barfield said it showed the benefits bringing the Gravely to the city would have on the local economy.

We had never seen or heard of the study, so we requested it from the county Public Information Officer. He had not heard of it either but said he would track it down.

The PIO emailed us this response: “I talked with Jonathan. He said he used the universal ‘we’, not specifically New Hanover County.”

This afternoon we caught up with Barfield and asked him about the study.

“I was really speaking about a study I believe that UNCW had performed,” Barfield said. “Just kind of rambling in an atmosphere of excitement, and I pretty much misspoke. I may have referred to the county doing the study, but I think it was UNCW.”

Barfield explained he’s never seen the study, but he heard about the data.

We asked the university about a study concerning the Gravley’s visit. A spokesperson said, “The UNCW Swain Center for Business and Economic Services, which typically does economic studies for the community, did not conduct a study on the USS Gravely commissioning. At this time we are not aware of any other faculty members or campus units that have conducted such a study on the commissioning.”

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  • troch

    One of the job descriptions of becoming a politician, is being able to lie to the public and not feel bad about it… He’s has that part down…

  • phillyguy

    At the end of the interview before the news at the top of the hour, Chad should have played a record (Take The Money And Run-Steve Miller Band)….would have been classic!

  • guesty

    Who is “we”? Barfield and the mouse in his pocket? Maybe one of his lunch pals?


    “The mouse in your pocket”, very clever, Steinbeck? Maybe some of the the county officials are fixated on the “rabbit farm”. haha

  • Guest-of-the-day

    where the county commissioners associate themselves – by the collective use of “we” – with contractors and other conflict-of-interest inducing third parties rather than their employers, the tax payers.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    He got caught lying and resigned.

    Are YOU up to it, big boy?

    My money says no.

  • guesty

    Childish, yes. But that is what it takes to get a message across to the current council. Thompson wants to fight folks, Barfield wants to take over the school board. He won’t quit because he is in it to get what he can. He also won’t admit he lied and just made up a study to make it sound like they actually did some research. As children do when caught in a lie, lie more.

  • Guest461

    He’s on the Great Gravy Train! He won’t quit. If they try to oust him there would be deep claw marks all the way from his desk chair to his car door! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!

  • guesty

    If that means I have enough sense to know right from wrong, if I can detect when something is underhanded or fishy is up, I’m good with it. I’d gladly play second fiddle to common any day of any week. I think we both are tired of welfare sponges, politicians that lie and criminals.

  • Guested

    Commonsensenotcommontoday and guesty

    Sorry guesty, you’re definitely the trusty sidekick here. And yes, I do sense those “funny” undertones with you two as well.

  • Guestman3372

    Yet another hit job story by WWAY! Great Job! Who’s next on the hit list Pickey?

  • Guest1015

    It’s nice to actually see some journalism going on for a change. Pretty much thought it was a journalist’s job to fact check and get explanations. I doubt it’s the journalist’s fault that Barfield can’t seem to back up what he says.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Barfield was caught lying to the public. Not a kinda-sorta lie, not a “maybe our opinions are different” lie, but a true, bold-faced whopper.

    In your mind, reporting that is a hit job?

    I feel safe in concluding that “ethics” is a totally foreign concept to you….

  • Guest432

    Barfield you got snagged in a lie. I hope people remember this next election. What else have you lied about? I think it is time for you to resign. There is no way we can trust you. Come clean Barfield, there was NO STUDY done.

  • watchyoursix

    I’m using the universal “we” when I say “we” are tired of you. Please just quit now before you embarrass New Hanover any more than you already have.

  • truthseeker

    Barfield being caught in a lie is nothing unusual for a Politician, especially those in crooked city Wilmington. Between the City and County Councils you got so many hands in the pot that they become intertwined with each other. Our politicians are pitiful, I cannot count on one hand how many I actually trust. Barfield is prime A-1 example of Politicians whom have an agenda that does not serve the citizens but only serves his financial interest. Hopefully 2012 elections will root alot of these crooks out of office. Sadly though, it is like drug dealers, you take one off the street and two more take their place. In this county you get rid of one crooked politician and two more get elected. Get real citizens, vote for change you can see and feel, not hope or pray for actual change you cannot see and a agenda that does not represent constituients.

  • guesty

    Maybe Justin LaNasa will run for a position again. He is a local business owner that is running a successful operation. The other guy that will run is Ricky Meeks. You know he isn’t paid for, will look out for the little guy and isn’t a crook.


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