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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers can expect to see a hike in their water bill in the weeks to come.

They voted today raise water rates 13.1 percent.

“It’s a needed 13.1 percent increase in revenue,” said Carey Disney Ricks, CFPUA’s Public Information Officer. “The tiered rate structure remains the same, but the thresholds for tiers have changed.”

CFPUA is trying to meet its financial obligations and needed to increase revenue this year so it could pay a $6 million bond debt. The bond was issued in 2008 to help update infrastructure.

Stephen Day, a manager at The Pilot House in downtown Wilmington, says restaurants will be hit especially hard by the rate increase.

“We use tons of water,” Day said. “We’re thawing seafood, cleaning and constantly running the dish washer.”

Day says raising the menu prices would be the easiest way to offset the increased water rates, but says that would be the last thing the restaurant would do.

“Coming out of the recession, we’re doing everything we can to promote business right now and raising prices isn’t going to promote any kind of business,” Day said. “It’s just something we’ll have to deal with and maybe we’ll have to cut costs in other ways.”

This is another in a series of rate increase for water users by the CFPUA, who raised them twice in 2010. You’ll see the increase starting in May.

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56 Comments on "CFPUA: Water bills going up 13.1%, restaurants say it will hit hard"

2015 years 10 months ago

13.1% give me a break! I just got my bill and the “new” rates are over 20%!! This new tier idea wasn’t thought out at all and once again it’s the customers who are made to pay the price for poor leadership!

2015 years 10 months ago

New Hanover County employees have taken reductions in pay for 2 years now through furlough to help balance the county’s budget. Has CFPUA done this with their employees?

2015 years 10 months ago

Hey folks, you wanted the “government” to take their hands out of your pockets, they did. CFPUA is not the government, this is the free market at work, now how’s it working out for you….I didn’t hear all of this belly-aching when the City of Wilmington was in the water business so quit your moaning and groaning and pay your water bills!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

The way this Frankenstein was stitched together the PUC cannot regulate them. CFPUA has no oversight whatsoever! They could pass another increase next month.

Call your state senators and legislators. Demand that they pass a law that places these quasi-governmental tyrants under some sort of regulating body.

The time for complaining and doing nothing is over. Start standing up for yourselves! Only Raleigh can fix this mess.

2015 years 10 months ago

I can’t affors my water bill as it is.. I am over $500 behind, no leaks,only two kids averaging #200 a month.. This is so unfair.. So unjust… And remember.. Your Cunnty Comissioners approved this hike.


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