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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – Oak Island celeb Jenelle Evans is off the hook for charges of possessing marijuana and breaking and entering. A judge dropped both charges today in exchange for her pleading guilty to having drug paraphernalia.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star will have to do 24 hours of community service and is on probation for one year. The judge says if she stays out of trouble during her probation, the drug paraphernalia charge will be dismissed.

Oak Island Police caught Evans and her boyfriend in an abandoned house earlier this year smoking weed.

Katie is in court with Evans today and will have more details later this afternoon.

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  • Guest123

    Please don’t keep this girl in the news.. She has done NOTHING to make her a celeb or star. She’s nothing but trailer trash.. By keeping her in the news and using words like celeb. and star in your stories is making other (dumb) girls want to be like her.. Come on there are plenty of young woman that are doing good things in the area. Start writing about them and not this person.
    just let her go way…. please enough already

  • Guest28405

    Another young girl being rewarded by hollywood and the media for being permissive a druggie and of immoral character. Another young girl being glorified for doing the wrong things. Another young girl thinking more about herself than the child she created and is responsible for. Another sad case. Now many young girls will think the road to independence, wealth and fame is getting pregnant, doing drugs and physical misconduct. Very sad.

  • LAC

    Yet, another slap on the wrist for another hopefully soon to be washed up Reality TV star.

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?

  • beachyme

    This teen mom is splashed all over magazines and news stories and TV. R.C. is hidden with his teens. Somehow this does not seem right. Let’s splash some R.C. across the headlines and put him where he belongs.

  • Spt resident

    I am such a lucky parent, my 13 year old thinks this girl is an idiot!
    Unfortunately we live close to this girl and get to see most of her life first hand.
    I will ask like someone above did for the news to please stop giving this girl attention that she does not deserve.
    There has to be more important news that we can be informed on rather than fueling the fire of this girls ego!!


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