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FIRST ON 3: Sheriff's Department solves 40 breaking and entering cases

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Sheriff's Department solves 40 breaking and entering cases

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) - The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said it has made five arrests involving more than 40 Breaking and Entering cases spanning across five months.

NHSO Detectives said most happened at homes off the Gordon Road area.

The NHSO arrested 19 year-old: John Barfield, 17 year-old Daquain Johnson, 19 year-old Theophilus little, his 16 year-old brother Gregory Little and a juvenile.

"Crimes start off small,” said New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon. “Maybe you break into a car, steal from a store but now we have five individuals who were working together to commit all these house break-ins.”

Sheriff McMahon said the group would enter homes during the day, taking all types of items from inside, including electronics and even guns.

"At this point we believe we have gotten the core,” said McMahon. “There may be some more charges coming."

The news of the arrest brings comfort to many neighbors in the area targeted, but say they'll continue to be vigilant.

“Hopefully it's coming to a close,” said David Ruxton. “This is a great little neighborhood for the most part, very quiet."

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You have to be the lowest

You have to be the lowest scum on earth to break into somebody's house while they are at work making a honest living. They could care less what it does to the victim. I think it should be a stricter punishment and maybe that would cut down a little on the breaking and entering. I hope all of these scum do some serious time.

I am very pleased to see

I am very pleased to see that the thuglettes have finally gotten caught. I am a victim of theft by these young men (June 25th, 2010). Broken in window...stolen TV, jewerly box, camera and juice out of the fridge. I am thankful that was all that happened. But PLEASE do not judge these boys before you know their good role models equals no good behavior from the childred. Yes these boys are all children acting as ill-behaved adults. We need to pray and hope for all involved in these events.

wanna bet?

Do you all want to bet they'll all be back on the streets by this evening and back in the news in no time? I'll bet they will. Stay tuned... They'll be baaack! Dirtbags.

They'll be back there next week.

This state simply doesn't punish criminals. We make a big show of announcing their arrest, placing them on trial a year or two from now, and then putting them on probation.

Where's a hairy, three-hundred, fifty pound imam with a scimitar when you need one?

Here's hoping their next break-in allows them to meet an ARMED homeowner who believes in the Castle Doctrine. Maybe he or she will do what the state won't: Administer TRUE justice.

my house was on that list

THANK YOU, NHC Sheriff's Dept.

5 months doesn't seem that long when you're going for conviction, not just arrest. I am grateful.

Those guys they busted are VERY lucky

After I heard they were assaulting the animals in the houses they broke into, I made a couple preparations. They stopped short of breaking in once, only venturing into the backyard. Lucky for those guys, they didn't come back to my house with plans of making it into the house. COWARDS. If any of them had half a spine, they'd get a JOB. More than likely they already get federal assistance to support themselves too.

i know one of these kids

i know one of these kids pretty well and he's not a bad kid and i would be surprised if he has much to do with this. Who are you to judge anyway, and what makes you think they get federal assistance, i know all of them and i know for a fact they don't get federal assistance so shut your ignorant mouth. people make mistakes im sure you're no exception...IDIOT

Who are you to make

Who are you to make assumptions about people like they receive federal assistance if you don't know them then don't comment on their life just comment on the crime they commited.

Are You Serious


This is really sad that

This is really sad that these young boys are in this much trouble.But lets NOT forget they are innocent until proven guilty.

hurting animals?

I didn't know these cretins were harming family pets in the homes. Are you sure? That should be a cruelty to animal charge on top of all the other charges. TO THE POWERS THAT BE. . . HANDLE THIS QUICKLY, THOROUGHLY AND MAKE SURE THESE PIECES OF GARBAGE PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!! GET SOME BACKBONE AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

Good for you!

Way to go Sheriff's Dept. Now if the lawyers will let the judge throw them in jail it will be a complete success. . . but I doubt it.

Im sure the clues left by the criminals must have counted..

yeah, lets congratulate the sheriff dept on solving 40 cases..why did it have to get to 40 cases before they could charge these first clue would have been to hit the pawn shops, dust for fingerprints, or maybe case the neighborhoods that were being hit..hadnt seen a sherrif patrol car in my neighborhood for a minute but I can find one at their house sitting in the driveway used as a personal vehicle when gas is almost 4.00 a gallon..or the cellphones they talk on everytime I pass a sherrif the county paying for those cell phones?? woop to do to NHC Sherrif Department..if the citizens of NHC dont start showing up at these board meetings and demanding cuts, then we will be doomed......

re: guest228

This has to be the most clueless person in New Hanover County. I hardly know where to start...first, deputies have to use their own personal phone, with no money from the county to cover the cost.

Second, the car parked in their yard is just that, parked in their yard while not on duty. Never is it used for their own personal use. It saves the county money on gas by allowing them to go directly to their home when their shift ends. If an officer lives on the opposite side of the county, he would have to drive all the way across the county just to park his car. Then there are the times when he may be on call and have to go to an emergency. If he had to drive to get his car, it could be a matter of public safety where any delay could be life threatening.

Third, the reason you hardly ever see them is because of a little thing called budget cuts. They too are having to take furlough days, just like everyone else. You have no idea what our law enforcement does, nor what they have to put up with. I appreciate them very much...thank you to all law enforcement who work to keep us safe.

There's always one!

Wow Guest228! I knew someone like you would come along and still find some s@#$ to talk about the sheriff's office... even about something positive. What's your animosity towards them? Get a ticket? Been arrested? Or just generally don't like law enforcement? I personally think you've been watching too much CSI Miami where all murders, rapes, and break-ins are solved in an hour. Get a life... pessimest.

So you want the suspects caught earlier but also want the Sheriff's Office budget cut, which would of course lower the amount of deputies you see in your neighborhood. That makes no sense whatsoever! If you pass a "patrol car" then the phone you see the deputy talking on is their personal phone.. they are probably using their own minutes to answer calls from the public (yes it happens very often. Check with the 911 center if you don't believe me). The sheriff assigns duty phones to supervisors only.

The fact is, you DON'T have a CLUE as to what your're talking about.

If you, or anyone else, want to see how law enforcement really operates, then sign up for the citizen's academy. There you can ask all the questions you want and learn how the system actually works from the inside out.

Always one in the crowd!

If the sky was blue and beautiful, around 85 degrees, and birds chirping, you would probably still find something to bitch about. As I stated in an earlier comment, there will always be at least one arm-chair quarterback who will see the glass half empty. Have a miserable life as you probably already do. Good job Sheriff's Office!!!!!


I wish the County would have paid for you a better education ! your spelling and grammer suck ! I have a sure fire way to get those cut backs at the sheriffs office you soooo want ! QUIT CALLING 911 you moron ! BTW GOOD LUCK WITH THAT JOB SEARCH, NO DOUBT YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED !!! TKS NHSO FOR A GOOD JOB


First off, you need to have been fingerprinted for your fingerprints to show up in the database and then even if they are, it takes time to get them compared. AND, there have to be fingerprints left at the scene. Maybe thats even how they solved these crimes.
Second, there were plenty of deputies and detectives in your neighborhood and just about everyone elses where the break ins have been but they were in plain clothes and unmarked cars and yes, there were even plenty of marked units patrolling.
As far as the pawn shops, the stuff didn't end up there. The items were sold on the street or within the group of associates.
Anytime theres an arrest in a case, no matter how many occurences, the guys and girls doing the investigating deserve that "attaboy". This ain't CSI! Come back down to earth and quit watching those crime TV shows. It takes work to make these things happen.
Now, if only the courts could do the same!

From victim number 16 and

From victim number 16 and 20, I will confirm that they indeed abused animals. They hit my 12 year old lab with a golf club. And FYI they wore socks on their hands and were unable to get prints exceptin one incidence they got a half palm print off a window before they entered a home. This partial print resulted in an arrest of a perp that didn't have a prior. Aka d Johnson. Thanks NHCSD.

How horrible

Is your dog okay? That is so cruel. I wish I could have 2 minutes in a room with these guys and me with the golf club.

Gordon Woods

About time. Kudo's to the NHCSO!!! My house was one the 40+ homes on the list. The week before Christmas to be exact. Daquain Johnson was arrested and convicted shortly later in my case. But, he continued this crime spree with other suspects in this area. Hopefully, justice will prevail this time and PRISON will be the topic of discussion rather than probation.

arrested-convicted but continued

>>Daquain Johnson was arrested and convicted shortly later in my case. But, he continued

Thank the judges.For real crimes and drugs you get right out. The jail is full of child support cases.
If it was child support he would still be in


I live in a development that has been hit hard the past few months. Happy they have been able to find the evidence to charge these scumbags. There have been some "suspects" developed but not enough to nail them for everything. If it's who I think/heard it is, hope they keep these young kids locked up as they have no respect for anyones property. If it's not them, I still hope they keep them locked up, but I'm not expecting alot from the system.

if they're innocent what

if they're innocent what gives you the right to say they should still be locked up. If someone's innocent why should they be punished for a crime they didnt commit?

They aren't innocent, and................................

I was refering to whoever they arrested should be locked up. The suspects they had in mind, but didn't have enough to charge them with all of the crimes, had committed some of them, were arrested, were let out of jail and then continued breaking into homes. So, yea, I guess they should still be locked up, but now they are, so it's over until they get let out again.

Good job ladies and gentleman!!

Just wanted to take the time to say job well done. With all of the crap that you guys endure from the public I love these type of cases. It tends to shut arm-chair quaterbacks up for a while. I am sure someone will make some type comment about it's about time or something like that but this was a good job. Thank you. I do not live in the county nor am I related to anyone at the sheriff's office.

signed ex-sherriff of New <snip> County

let out 2 months early for good behavior.

ughhhh . . . What?

Your remark is total mumble jumble. What are you saying??