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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After four decades and more than 20,000 episodes, ABC is canceling the soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”

“They’ve been here a long time and I guess they wore out,” said Mary Woodcock, who used to watch the soaps religiously.

Woodcock says she started watching the soaps when they first aired more than forty years ago. She says she would use the commercials to do things around the house before her husband would come home from work.

“I used to do my housework and jump up when the advertisements came on,” Woodcock said. “When it was time to come back I hurried up and came back and started watching.”

Soap operas have slowly been fading as a TV force, with many of the women who made up the target audience now in the work force. The soaps “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns” have been cut in recent years.

Woodcock says she became too busy to watch soaps everyday and felt they were geared towards a younger audience.

“Just the way they dressed and the way they acted was like the younger generation,” said Woodcock. “It’s just different from the time I grew up in, and as I grew up things changed for me.”

The move leaves “General Hospital” as ABC’s only daytime drama.

ABC’s daytime department president Brian Frons said Thursday that “viewers are looking for different types of programming these days.”

ABC will air two new lifestyle programs, one about food and the other about lifestyle transformations.

ABC did not immediately say when the soap operas would go off the air.

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  • This is a knife in my heart i can not belive you people!!!!!! another food show.relly!! what in the he!!o are they thinking i am along time amc and oltl veiwer i was raised on them as a little girl i remember laying on the floor under my great great grandmoms quilt hanger as she sewed and we watched amc and oltl and i as a adult now I have raised my girls on them and they as well have raised there kids taken them away is like taken a big part of our life from us this is something that we have had to pass on to our kids and our grandkids and great grands and so on as my great great grandmom did for me and my sisters and my mom and my grandmom what would you take that from us our joy from us ya’ll are just wrong and i will not allow my tv on Abc any more after oltl is removed from your station i am so done with you peolpe and your station GH will be the only reason for ABC to even be on and that is just one hour aday and that is all you will get from me or my girls ABC sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I do not watch AMC, but I am truly a fan of OLTL and GH. PLEASE, ABC reconsider your decision to axe OLTL. Just as it was getting to spice up you decide to cut it. We don’t need anymore cooking, or fashion shows. They are so boring. At least on the soaps some of the story lines that deal with real life MORAL issues. Case in point the bully syndrome that occur in schools, AIDS issues, cancer, etc.

    Do we really need cooking shows? CAN SOMEBODY ELSE PLEASE PICK UP THESE SHOWS??????

  • beachyme

    Just can’t wait for another biased talk show or fru-fru cooking show. Hope there is a funeral for all those characters I have watched for 40+ years.

  • Sarah R.

    Hope ABC reconsiders cancellation of two soaps. Women aren’t the only viewers. The alternate choices will not be in my daytime viewing. I would rather read a book or be outside working in my yard or perhaps spending this time being more productive. Television viewing is really not geared for the more gently aged (senior) citizens.

  • Teresa Taylor

    You got to be kidding thats the only thing left to watch. Will not watch another food show.

  • Debbie Anderson

    Itheink it is a terrible move! Noone needs another cooking show or lifestyle show. We can get that on Cable. This was the only part of television that was still a part of many people’s lives. Even for those that work during the day, many of those folks record them to watch later. I have watched ABC soaps since I was a little girl, with both my grandmother and mother and continued to watch each day as I did housework and the daily tasks I had to do. It will be a shame to see such great acting disappear. Many of the actors and actresses today started out on soaps. I really wish ABC would reconsider and not take them off the air. They will be sorely missed!

  • Anonymous

    I never liked AMC or OLTL. I mean there were times i used to watch OLTL but now General Hospital is my daytime favorite. Ive watched it ever since i was a little kid and to this day i still watch it. If i dont watch it on tv ill watch it on youtube =).

  • barbara Smith

    This is a shame, they have been apart of our lives for 40 yrs, the only thing worth watching, on ABC, so go buy ABC……..

  • Guest228

    The fans saved Days of our lives when it was going to be axed! They wrote in to NBC and prove that viewership existed for that soap..you can do the same for AMC and OLTL..

  • sherry sloop

    Even though the above-mentioned cancellations had been rumored,
    I cannot believe ABC is going to go through with this decision.
    If the ratings or budget concerns are causing this action, I feel
    sure that any talk show or anything else imaginable will keep any
    of ABC’s viewership. I have always thought that ABC was the best
    non-cable network, but due to this betrayal I will boycott all
    programs on your network.

  • sherry sloop

    What are the people that are retired, disabled, in hospitals or
    nursing homes suppose to do to fill the hours when they are alone
    suppose to watch? They can’t quite appreciate a cooking show, etc.
    under those condtions! ABC is making a big mistake and I hope
    people will join me in boycotting ALL programing (with the ex-
    ception of GH of course). MONEY, MONEY, MONEY – RATINGS, RATINGS,
    RATINGS (kind of reminds me of how our government works)!!!!

  • Thats a good one, paw-paw!

    Yeah! That’s the ticket. Put Ax Men on in place of these stupid soaps. Swamp man Shelby Stanga is the MAN! “That’s a good one, paw-paw! Here we go!”

  • Lois

    I find it extremely difficult to imagine that there isn’t an audience for these two soap operas. I can’t wait to get home from work daily and watch the episodes from the day. The one thing we as fans don’t want to see is another reality show, talk show or cooking show. I will not watch whatever is put in it’s place. Even the View is a loud, rude and obnoxious talk show. ABC should be ashamed of themselves. I wish the crew, actors and writers the best of luck and thank them for 40 or more years of entertainment.

  • Stephanie

    Brian Frons is so full of it! This is what he’s intended for quite some time. The man has no respect for the genre or it’s fans. I don’t think his boss, Anne Sweeney does either. He has been systematically destroying the ABC soaps for the last several years. I have always believed he was purposefully sabotaging them with the intent of blaming the fans for the lack of viewership. Industry people are only now confirming what we the fans have been suspecting for quite some time now. ABC didn’t like how the fans reacted to Rebecca Herbst being fired? I don’t think they are going to like what comes of this latest ill-conceived decison either. I was already boycotting all of ABC except the soaps after they fired Rebecca Herbst. Soap opera fans are a passionate and loyal bunch…this is not like canceling a prime-time show that airs 12 or so episodes in a season. These are shows that have been on for decades, five days a week and until recently never or rarely a rerun. These shows have encompassed generations of viewers that have passed on their legacy to the next generation. It’s deeply personal. Brian Frons may finally have bitten off more than he can “Chew”! (Pun intended!)

  • wishing

    I have been watching All my children and One life to live for 40 years,I have been watching General Hospital too. Please reconsider about cancelling these shows,when I get off work I come home to watch my soaps.Whatever u put in the place of these shows I know I will not watch.I will continue to watch General hospital and that will be all I will watch on abc. ABC will not have anything on it’s network worth watching if they take these two shows off.


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