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Brunswick County judge accuses DA of running a scheme

READ MORE: Brunswick County judge accuses DA of running a scheme

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It sounds like something out of a crime novel. A Brunswick County judge is accusing the District Attorney of running a scheme.

According to Chief District Court Judge Jerry Jolly, Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David is initiating a scheme that would help profit one of his 2010 campaign contributors.

In an administrative order, Jolly says David is setting up driving classes for those charged with speeding violations that would help reduce offenses.

Jolly's order states that the four or eight hour classes would be exclusively conducted by Streetsafe, a private for profit company. The classes would cost $120, $100 of which would be paid to Streetsafe.

According to the order, Darrell Douglas is the director of the Streetsafe corporation and also gave about $500 to David's election campaign last year.

The order calls the findings dishonest, Jolly concluding that David is running a scheme.

Jolly ordered that the Brunswick County DA not refer any defendants to classes performed by Streetsafe.

We tried contacting David, but he has not yet return our calls.

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Oh really?

Where were you and your 'outrage' when Gore was DA and my sister's death was ruled suicide when anybody with ANY sense knew she did not? That ruling was one of the backroom deals. Don't insult the intelligence of people in this district. It has long been known that certain lawyers could go into the judge's chambers before court and have everything taken care of. I agree that any wrong doing by someone being paid with taxpayer's money should 'brought to light.' Let's start, though, by investigating those who covered up a murder rather than who chose a company to teach driving. That is easily fixed. Take your coy comments elsewhere. Apparently you don't know or care about the consequences of 'good old boys' systems.

Good For You!

Elaine I am glad to see you still working to clear your sisters name!! The good ole boy system seems to go deep. Your sister was murdered and the system covered it up .Evidently the Judge's are as crooked as Gore and Soles .I still pray that your sister will be some day be vindicated.
I continue to be amazed at the ignorance of the people in this area who believe ,really believe that Hewett and Gore were honest public officials. I had to deal with them when my grand daughter was sexually assaulted. It took me two years and the SBI to get an investigation and a court date to see the perpetrator in court.
Jolly making these current claim is a real eye opener.He too is part of the crooked political party in these counties. Week after week I read of dismissals of drug dealers and all types criminals .Criminals that have long histories. It is outrageous.
I applaud you in your efforts to keep the dishonesty in the public eye. I do wish there was something I could do to help you.I am sick of watching the crimes being committed by our elected officials.

I didn't say that David did

I didn't say that David did anything wrong. With only knowing one side of the story we cannot make a determination. I asked for clarification on the backroom deals, because I have seen people on here consider case management "backroom deals". I believe I know which case you are talking about and from what I have heard, which is either from the media or rumors, that case was mishandled from the beginning and whoever is at fault for that investigation should be held accountable.


This judge may be in the good ole boys club with the former DA. Now that a new one is in charge the judge may be looking for any reason to bring down Jon David and create drama for his administration to make him look bad. It's pure politics. I don't believe for one second that David is deliberately doing anything wrong.


Welcome to the District. You must not be one of the good ole boys!

Left overs

Well here we go again another Brunswick county left over.It is a shame that Jon David is doing something good for the county but there are still the left overs trying to disrupt progress.This judge is thinking he is still working with the old adminstration.Doing back door things like the OLD did things.The judge should be man enough to at least let the DA know it was being investigated.

Judge Jolly and Gov Beth Purdue

Maybe the Gov Beth Purdue should look at laying off some Judges! Like you Judge Jolly, I am sure she could cut our budget woes for the State! I wounder Judge could you make it as an Attorney again?
Probably NOT!


I think you are right - but most of them, if not ALL, have been in there long enough and need to GO!

why would a judge from tabor

why would a judge from tabor city attack a brunswick county da ? why did this order come out BEFORE the program got started in columbus county? isnt convienent this was done the friday before jon david starts a trial monday against frog strickland in columbus county. wonder what judge ola knew or helped to do since she shares offices and staff with jolly?

Tired of the conspiracy theories and psychotic minds

The timing of this Order came after the DA announced re-routing traffic court in the past two weeks, as I recall. The Strickland cases are many and ongoing at all times, even during the election.Jon David spins and spins and spins like a Top with these bogus conspiracy theories. How about a Psychological Exam here and let the public decide on what results that shows about Jon? Where is Jon's ties? No one even knows of any he has. Popped out of the sky and landed here in Eastern NC. No relatives no friends anyone knows. One campaign contributor looks like the name is his mom, his only known relative other than his twin brother.

Jerry and Ola

Now, this is getting more interesting by the minute.


Are u sure it wasn't $5,000...$10,000? $500? Really? Jon David's campaign is living So glad Judge Jolly doesn't preside in NH county and I wonder what Mr. David REALLY did to piss him off!!!

wonder why a judge from

wonder why a judge from Tabor City would attack a DA from Brunswick county and since she shares office and staff with jolly what did judge ola know and did she help him.

JUdge Jolly

By any chance is Judge Jolly a friend of R.C. or was he appointed by Soles?

Columbus County Mafia

You didn't know? He's one of the CCM (Columbus County Mafia) know the members...Rex, RC, Jerry, ummm, who did I forget?


Possibly forgot to mention the current sheriff, mmmmmmmmmmmmm could he also be involved, there were a lot of private meetings in Columbus County.


They are elected not APPOINTED.


When low-lifes and bottom dwellers are allowed to vote you get people like Jolly elected.

Well based on your theory of

Well based on your theory of low lifes and scum voting you also apparently get Jon David.

Judge Jolly

1. Judge Jolly has been on the bench since 1984 or so. I believe he was elected.

2. He is from Columbus County, not Brunswick, although he serves the 13th judicial district, which includes Brunswick.

Soles and the Judge?

Why would anyone make a comment about the judge and Soles? The DA does not and should not have the authority to send anyone to a private organization for training with fees, without approval from the State of NC. PERIOD!

Then again, maybe Judge

Then again, maybe Judge Jolly is one of the very few officials that believe in honesty and fairness.

Then again

You are either a relation, one of the good ole boys or you maybe one who has benefitted from Jolly’s ‘penchant’ for voluntarily dismissing defendants in his courtroom. The honesty and fairness you claim he has comes out in the newspaper each week in letting off people who habitually face charges of driving without insurance, driving without a license, drunk driving, drug possession – sometimes including all at one time. All of the judges in this district are guilty of this. All you have to do is READ.

Maybe the judge should stay with Soles and anyone else who wants to be DA and shut his mouth before he cleans up his own act. Don’t forget, many people who are loyal to Gore still work in the DA’s office. If Jon David had been like his predecessor, he would have gone in and cleaned house. I knew he would get backstabbed, but they had to look hard to find something, didn’t they? I’ll take David’s version of honesty and fairness over anybody else’s who has worked there anyday.

Jolly - honesty and fairness?

You must be one of those who have been voluntarily dismissed in Jolly's court. I am amazed that you would raise him up as an example of honesty and FAIRNESS when I have seen week after week how he performs in the court room. Maybe you don't mind seeing people with no insurance, no driver's license, drug charges for dealing, etc. let back out into the community with their charges voluntarily dismissed. I don't think the rest of us who have to deal with them again because they have been lightly slapped on the wrist appreciate such honesty and fairness. I wonder how many hours of this judge's time was taken up in finding something to bring out to the public to harass Jon.

Elaine, know the facts

Elaine, know the facts before you post. The JUDGE doesn't dismiss anything. The District Attorney's office does the dismissing. Before you bash Judge Jolly for "dismissing cases" over and over again you might want to take that up with the newly elected DA that you have spent so much time defending on this post!

Judge Jerry Jolly

The "tone" of the order prepared by Judge Jolly seems that he is not so impartial. I could understand if the judge simply cited a conflict of interest, but I question his choice of words. It appears he has a bone to pick with Mr. David and it is not about his (Mr. David's) association with Streetsafe.

Sounds like Gov. Beth Perdue

Sounds like Gov. Beth Perdue should lay off Judges first! Maybe we could fix our states budget crisis that way!


Are we going to get to a point where if someone buys you a drink at a restaurant they can never do business with you? a 500.00 dollar contribution is not a lot of money these days.

Jon David's mansion on the water ???

How did Jon David buy his large riverfront
home listed in the Brunswick Tax record
valued at close to a million dollars,
with a Prosecutor's salary? Newspaper
classifieds used to advertise that job at
a salary range of $25,000 a year for a
coastal North Carolina prosecutor. That salary just
doesn't add up to riverfront house dollars.