South Brunswick football standout dies in overnight shooting

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Submitted: Sat, 04/16/2011 - 7:53pm
Updated: Sun, 04/17/2011 - 1:32am

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — South Brunswick High School running back Marcus Hankins was shot and killed in an overnight shooting in Bolivia.

Hankins was transported to the Brunswick Community Hospital Emergency Room and pronounced dead. Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says Hankins was at a private social event at the Democratic Headquarters when he was shot.

Hankins was a senior at South Brunswick and was set to graduate in a few weeks. Principal Wayne Price says Hankins was a great kid and athlete.

“We send out our condolences to not only his family, but also his family here at school, because spending four years at this school, he has built a lot of friendships,” Price said.

Price says that because Marcus was so popular and well liked, he expects many students to need the help of grief counselors.

“Everybody’s going to be sad about our loss, but we’re going to try our best and hold our heads up and try to make Marcus proud of us,” Price said.


  • m says:

    Mr. Price hasn’t even been at our school but this year. Only us seniors have been with him for atleast for years. Marcus was a really good guy and fun to be around. Bad things happen to good people but there’s more to it than him just getting shot.

  • guest112233 says:

    they say that they know who killed him, its just there is not enough evidence to indict the guy who mudered marcus. its a shame no one that was with him will step up and testify, its stupid put his family at ease, and give him justice, this is not fair to marcus, his friend or his family. real men don’t need guns, if your going to fight then fight. but dont pull a gun afterwards, or before.

  • jynnifer says:

    Somebody knows something and they should come foward to put this to rest.It’s sad that such a young life was taken so soon.The person that did this was man enough to carry a gun so why don’t he he ‘MAN UP’ and come foward.I kno somebody seen something or kno’s something.Seems to mr the person who did this is a PUNK if they can’t handle it by fighting or something.But to catch someone off guard that was defenseless was wrong.And to think high school kids having guns wow!!I hope this murder eats u up inside cause karma’s a BITCH. My prayers go out to his mother and family so sorry for ur loss.

  • brunswickparent says:

    This is so sad to hear what goes on with our youth today. Guns are not the answer to everything. Of course my heart goes out to Mr. Hankins’ family and also the students and staff at SBHS. More and more today, we turn on the news and so many teenagers are being a statistic to this type of violence. To the Hankins family, May God be with you at this time and know that ALL the Brunswick county schools and families are keeping you guys in prayer at this difficult time.

  • STEPHANIE says:


  • stefanie says:

    that is sad and i go to his school now he’s gone is so sad!

  • Eh? says:

    Is there any updates to this story? The news is just about this kid being shot and killed. Did anyone else get shot at this “private social event at the Democratic Headquarters?” Was he shot inside of a building? Outside in the parking lot? Do the police have any suspects? Was anyone arrested? Any reason as to why he was shot? Drugs, gangs, girls, disagreements, … ? This article has me asking more questions than it answers. Way to go, guys. Keep up the great investigative journalism.

  • Guest_123231 says:

    Saying that i go to his school, and that what I’ve heard from one of his family members one of the victims fled to a different state, and one is still going to school at west still.

  • 122 BSL Local says:

    I do not know Marcus or his devastated, heart broken family and friends, I can only hope they are doing as well as they can, Marcus is ok.. God only cries for the ones left behind. Be there for each other, try to celebrate the times that he was with you. Marcus has the ability to watch over you now, and that will give him great joy.
    I am so sorry that you lost him here on earth. Please reach out when you need to be comforted and know in your heart that he is happy and want’s you to move forward when you can.
    Sincere Condolences from our family .

  • Guest4396 says:

    I was wondering about the same thing. Details seem to be extremely sketchy. When details are witheld, there is usually a lot of speculation, much of which usually tends to be fact. Anyhow, I feel sorry for the family and friends of the young man. I hope that whatever was the reason for his shooting will be a wakeup call for others.

  • Tanica says:

    Joyce,dealing with death is difficult. Mourning, grief and loss are the hardest things in life that many people will experience, but remember, praise strengthens our prayer life. Prayer is not only a remarkable privilege that we often fail to recognize or understand, it is also part of our worship to God. There is the asking side of prayer when we seek forgiveness, lay needs before God and intercede on behalf of others. Then there is the appreciating side of prayer when we offer praise and thanksgiving to God for who He is and what He has done. Our relationship with God is strengthened through prayer and praise.Through continual prayer, through the power of God’s Word and through faithful praise, we declare our trust in God to deliver us. Praise lifts up the shield of faith in spiritual warfare. Praise makes a frontal attack on doubt and fear. Even in the midst of Satan’s best efforts, we can find victory when we praise Him. I love you all and will keep you in prayer.

  • meb says:

    Beautifully written. Prayers from the community are with you and your family and hope that an arrest will be made.

  • Neighbor says:

    This boy was killed by some one he knew , his neighbors all know who did the shooting , why they do not come fwd is because they are scared and also they want to be cool with in the hood , they will not tell the truth because thruth will be told about them . Live in the hood and understand , there is no understanding to this , hide the criminal and act like its just another day is what is done . They just watch with no back bone , shame on you people for not helping in his death , your child will be next and then you will see when your friends and neighbors do not support you . Do what is right and bring justice for his death or just be a coward and hide .

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