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AMMON, NC (WWAY) — The small community of Ammon, just north of Elizabethtown in Bladen County, lost two people to the severe weather Saturday.

Marcella McKoy lives on Old Fayetteville Road, just a few miles down from where the two lost their lives.

“We were actually out on the highway headed in this direction, and we turned around, so I feel really blessed that we’re still here,” McKoy said. “I live about six miles from here, and I heard that the tornado hit down and someone was definitely killed.”

She said she believes her uncle was one of the victims, but it has not been confirmed.

“I’m not for sure if it was my uncle,” McKoy said. “Right now, we’re really just not sure.”

When the road block finally cleared on Old Fayetville Road we could see the devastation. Pieces of furniture, appliances, clothing and even vehicles were scattered across the ground, remnants of what used to be homes.

Bladen County Emergency Services confirmed two deaths, four damaged homes, and one injury in Ammon.

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2 Comments on "Ammon community loses two to severe weather"

2015 years 10 months ago

Pastor Carroll of First Baptist Church in Elizabethtwon says the congregation “will still have service tomorrow to “celebrate” that everyone in the congregation is safe.”

I have read many reckless remarks by survivors that suggest that “God was looking out for them, that He saved them.”

These are foolish statements. The implication is that the people who make these rash statements are “special” to God, so he protects them.

Well, God did not protect 22 people in NC who lost their lives to the storm, including the three children of a mother in Raleigh who is now suffering unimaginable grief.

God had nothing to do with the storms or their destructive effects. Nature was the cause of the tornados, not God.

2015 years 10 months ago

People have to start confusing these works of evil with GOD..this was Satan trying to crush faiths and beliefs by causing chaos and destruction..plain and simple..


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