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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — McDonald’s is doing its best to help keep those numbers dropping. McDonald’s restaurants across the country are looking for new employees.

Representatives say customer service is important to them, and in order to make sure they please their customers, they have to have happy employees. They hope to attract many excited and eager workers.

“Today is a day that we as a company are looking to hire approximately 50,000 people,” McDonald’s franchise owner Tim Denny said. “Our business continues to be very, very strong, and we want to contribute to the strength of this economy as well to meet the McDonald’s needs. One of our goals is to provide excellent service and operations to all of our customers, so that’s what we’re doing today.”

Denny says he has been very busy with interviews all day. He also says there is plenty room to grow with McDonald’s. He started in the kitchen and now owns multiple stores.

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2 Comments on "McDonald’s serves up hiring day"

2015 years 9 months ago

I went to 2 Wilmington McDonalds locations today to apply for work with them during this hiring day promotion and all I can say is Wow what a difference there was between the 2 stores I visited for this process. The 1st one, the store manager that was doing the interviews looked and acted like she was bored and annoyed at having to do this today. she only said a few things to each person which lasted about 2 minutes that talked to her and said if she was interested in you she would call you back in for an interview. the 2nd store was a lot more organized and the store manager looked to be happy at what she was doing and was a lot more eager to take the time to talk to each person for about 15 minutes to find out about each person that was applying at her store. When I was there, there was atleast 10 people in line waiting to be interviewed by her after me and they all were waiting patiently to be next. I was very impressed at how the 2nd store handled todays hiring day promotion. It was a difference of night and day between the 2 stores.

Guest about McDonalds
2015 years 9 months ago

That is great they are hiring new people but I want to know how many are illegal? Are they asking for SS numbers or cards on the applications. It is illegal to hire illegals. I know for a fact a large amount of undocumented employees in the area employed by McAndersons. How are they taking out taxes? They are great workers but speak little or no English. They depend on the managers large amount of hispanic managers to relay messages to them. Especially the sandwich makers and the clean up crews. I have been in one McDoanlds and there was approx. 20 hispanic workers and 1 black. All managers were hispanic and 1 black. I have no problem with this other than undocumented workers taking the jobs of the ones who are trying to get hired.


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