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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina residents who just lost unemployment benefits are protesting a political faceoff that halted extended help for 37,000 jobless.

Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed legislation over the weekend that would have kept checks flowing but only if she accepted a double-digit budget cut that Republican leaders wanted.

Several of the affected jobless workers will be in Raleigh on Tuesday to protest the political jousting. They’ll be joined by a labor union officer of North Carolina’s AFL-CIO.

Jobless workers whose payments are stopped could recover the money later if legislators and Perdue agree to change the eligibility formula.

GOP leaders said they combined the two issues to ensure that schools know how much state spending they could count on if budget negotiations drag beyond the start of the new budget year.

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  • kare893969

    “”Jobless workers whose payments are stopped could recover the money later if legislators and Perdue agree to change the eligibility formula.”””” Later ? well LATER doesn’t help me now!!!

  • emtysde

    You know it really upsets me that people make comments about being supported by unemployment when they have no clue each persons situation. This is the first time in my husbands life he has drawn unemployment. He has worked since he was 16 and had 3 jobs in his life and he is 56 with a heart condition. Yes he has been unemployed for a year and a half but its because people are looking over him because he is 56 and they are taking the younger ones, but of course they wont admit it. He has sent out hundreds of resumes and went to temp services. So you people who judge keep your opinons to yourself when you dont know, we have put our house on the market because of what Governor Perdue has done I am disabled, my 7 year old daughter doesnt care about spending cuts she wants to eat dinner and a place to lay her head at night, and come home from school to a stress free homeshe is our future, someone needs to care about this, to many families like us are being affected.As for the teachers who the governor is so worried about worry about my 7 year old daughter who has to learn but has to worry about where she is going to be living and has to see her parents worrying.Fix this problem, Im sure all you in office can sleep stress free at night because your homes are safe and your bills are paid.Govenor Perdue is very concerned about the tornadoes hitting our state as we all are it was so terrible and my heart goes out to those families who lost their homes and loved ones and I have said prayers for them, but if you think about it down the line if this problem isnt fixed soon what does she think is going to happen? More people are going to lose their homes and not know where their next meal is going to come from, will she declare that a disaster?I dont think so, because we are supposed to force people to give us jobs, I guess we twist their arms right?

  • Non-Sequitur

    Wow, WWAY, what are you now, the FOX News of Wilmington? Every time I log on to check what’s going on in the world, I find talking points, biased reporting, and even in some cases an ENTIRE POLITICAL CANDIDATE’S CAMPAIGN EMAIL.

    Who’s your news director, Rupert Murdock?

  • kenny

    Just as legislatures say they can restore benefits if they and the Gov. Change how they are to be delivered, the people that will lose their benefits should go to their creditors and tell them that the state has cut them off but it’s OK because “legislatures say they can restore benefits if they and the Gov. change how they are to be delivered”.

    That should set well with their creditors. It’s amazing at the ease with which politicians play with the lives of their voters and when I say that I mean Tea-Publicans, Dumbocrats and Independent Dummies.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …the government is obligated to support you? Two years? Five years? Ten years?

    The greatest incentive to making people find work is to end their benefits after a reasonable length of time.

    The formula works – there’s no need to tinker with it.

  • Guest336

    My family doesn’t want the govenment to keep paying, but they could have given more time for people to come up with other solutions. What about the kids of those families, do they have to suffer too?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Then I suppose that they will feel any economic downturn that the family experiences. Any shielding by the parents is a matter of family financial management.

    With food stamps and TANF still available I have to question how much the children are “suffering.”

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….it doesn’t alter the fact that the government was never created to be the safety net for every hard luck story in the country, nor can it afford to continue that role any longer. That role needs to be shifted back to families and charities.

    We are broke. We either stop playing Santa Claus and make people start fending for themselves, or we actually DO collapse. Anarchy. Open warfare in the streets. No Social Security payments, no military retirement pay, no welfare. It all comes crashing down around our ears.

    I hate to admit it, but I sincerely believe that the politicians and the people of this once-great nation lack the backbone and brains to cut the entitlement programs that are bankrupting this nation and state.

    See you in the street….

  • Dem4life

    See you in the street?? Wow. thats Republican talk if Ive ever herd any.

  • Grand Ole Party

    You misspelled HEARD, thats democrat spelling if I’ve ever seen any.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    First of all, I’m not a Republican, I’m a Libertarian.

    Also, you might look earlier in my post, where I describe “open warfare in the streets” once your welfare state collapses. So while you’d LOVE to imagine that I was wanting to throw old ladies out onto the street, it was a reference to our pending national bankruptcy and “See you in the street and you better come armed.”

    You see, while I don’t think much of Republicans and believe they could screw up dumping water out of a boot, I don’t hate them. We share a lot of common beliefs and goals.

    On the other hand I truly despise Democrats. Your entire philosophy is based upon pandering to any and every marginalized group, stirring up their victim mentality, then awarding them with generous cash gifts in return for their loyalty and vote. I have no doubt that right now there’s a study group within the DNC looking into low to reach out to the Lesbian Somali Transgenered Dwarfs who have entered the country.

    You guys don’t CARE that you’re bankrupting the country with entitlements. You don’t have any moral problem at all with taking from productive citizens to give to some lazy, worthless P.O.S. who just had her fourth kid without benefit of marriage.

    Therefore, I view 99% of Democrats the same way I view a burglar, armed robber, or any other thief: The only difference between Obama, Durbin, Reid, Schumer and the mugger on the corner is his lack of a jacket and tie.

    I personally think that the Republicans and Democrats, combined, lack any measurable testosterone to make the cuts this nation needs to survive. We ARE going to collapse financially and we WILL see open revolution in the streets if we continue to fund sloth, scammers, and the inept.

    Me? I’m preparing for it. When it comes, you’ll be wanting to keep spreading the wealth, I’ll be concentrating on spreading the blood of those who want to spread the wealth.

    See you out there…


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