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4:45 Update North Kerr Water System Shut Down

Crews have been unable to isolate a valve necessary to completely shut down water service to facilitate the necessary repair to the water line in the area of North Kerr between Market Street and Infantry.

Crews recommended earlier today that customers boil water if their service was reduced or interrupted in anticipation of this shutdown; failure to isolate the system prevented any significant disruptions in service and therefore CFPUA will be issuing an order to rescind the boil water advisory (to be provided once completed.)

Customers along this corridor DO NOT need to boil their water. Crews intend to continue to locate critical valves to facilitate this repair and it is anticipated that this repair may occur tomorrow. Additional advisories will be issued in accordingly.


Boil Water Precautionary Advisory for the area(s):
100-1200 N. Kerr Ave, Vester Oaks Dr, Shortfin Dr, Angelfish Ln Minnow
Way, Crawdad Ct, Amberjack Dr, Sunglow Dr, Tabor Ln, Crimson Ct, Indica
Ct, Sagedale Dr, Greentree Rd, Greentree Apartments, Alandale Dr

The water customers of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) in the above described area are experiencing periods of low pressure and lor outages in the distribution system due to a main break. CFPUA is presently working to correct the problem in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Periods of low or no pressure in the distribution system increases the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system. Therefore, CFPUA advises that when water service is restored the residents of the above described area boil their water prior to human consumption or utilize another water source such as bottled water. Human consumption includes all water used for cooking, making ice, drink mixing, food preparation, hand washing, or other means of consumption. Residents should vigorously boil their water for at least one (1) full minute prior to drinking or cooking until otherwise notified by CFPUA.
The Boil Water Advisory shall be in effect until water quality testing has occurred and service is returned to normal. When testing is completed, typically within 24 hours, and service is returned to normal, updates to this advisory will be provided via hand-delivered announcement, posted on our website www.cfpua.org, andlor sent as press release to area media outlets.

A Boil Water Advisory is a public health announcement that the public should boil tap water before drinking it. When issued, the public should assume there is a risk of water being unsafe to drink. Advisories can be issued after: circumstances that compromise the distribution system (e.g., water main break); failure of or substantial interruption in water treatment processes that result in increased turbidity levels or particle counts and mechanical or eqUipment failure; violations of the total coliform rule or the turbidity standard of the surface water treatment rule; or, a natural disaster (e.g., flood, hurricane, or earthquake). http://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/

Establishments regulated by the New Hanover County Health Department should refer to the County website for additional information at http://www.nhcgov.com/Pages/NHC.aspx.

If you have any questions concerning this Notice, call CFPUA Utility Services at 332-6738.


WILMINGTON, NC (CFPUA) — Cape Fear Public Utility Authority crews are responding to a water system emergency repair that will necessitate an emergency shutdown of a waterline on North Kerr Avenue at the McClelland Drive intersection between Market Street and Infantry Drive today Wednesday, April 20, beginning at 11:00 a.m. and lasting approximately 4 hours. It is not anticipated that neighborhoods adjacent to this section of North Kerr will be impacted, however Greentree Apartments will be without service. Utility crews have been working in the area of North Kerr Ave. and McClelland Drive for weeks repairing and replacing wastewater infrastructure.

Excavation at the project site allowed crews to identify the need for this water system emergency repair. This shutdown will result in a loss of water service for customers in this area. Therefore, once service is restored customers in the identified area are being advised to boil their water prior to drinking while the advisory is in effect. Information regarding this shutdown and boil water instructions (also attached) are posted under the ‘Notifications’ section of our website http://www.cfpua.org. Crews are investigating the extent of this shutdown and an additional advisory will be sent once that information has been gathered.

Once the shutdown is complete, some customers may experience periods of air in their lines and possible discoloration. Discoloration is the presence of naturally occurring deposits that have accumulated inside a water pipe and have been loosened during pressure changes within a line. Customers experiencing discoloration are encouraged to run their water until it clears. Water quality testing typically takes 24 hours to complete. Customers will be notified when testing is completed and service is returned to normal.

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  • Guest7699

    First we have the inconvenient closure of the intersection for their repairs, which was SUPPOSED to finally be completed this Friday after almost a month. Now, our water is completely off and they hope to have it back on by 3. Then, we have to boil water for about 24 hours, or at least until we get the “all clear.” I am so fed up with CFPUA.

  • Guest7699

    It’s 4:30 and there is still no running water on our street. Customer service doesn’t know when it will be turned back on.

  • Guest123132132

    Imagine that? Our water system is in shambles? I’m sure we’ll be paying 20cents more next year.

  • GuestLee

    Are you serious? 20 cents? CFPUA will be raising your water bill about 15% higher in the next few months. For someone who usually pays $100, the cost will now be closer to $115. The 20 cents you are thinking about is probably for the stormwater portion of your bill, which was raised 20 cents this past year. So far, I haven’t seen any announcement about them raising stormwater fees for next year…yet.

  • mnc

    Is it just me or does this guys screw up everything they touch? Why don’t we demand some accountability from these clowns. The entire board should be fired and replaced. Has anyone looked at the list of jokers on the board? It’s like a who’s who of incompetent screwups in Wilmington.

  • guesty

    Go to New Center Dr, parts of College Rd or Racine Dr after a good rain and see the flooding.

  • pinkfish

    If you take a closer look at your bill you’ll see that Stormwater (and trash) is serviced by the City of Wilmington, NOT CFPUA. The City manages these programs but pawned off billing and collection of these services to CFPUA per the interlocal agreement. Go ahead, read it.

  • GuestLee

    I have read it. I don’t get your point. All I was saying is that CFPUA will be raising rates about 15% soon. I am well aware that the City manages the programs and CFPUA handles the billing. The bill comes from CFPUA…that’s all I was referring to.

  • Guest757

    I am NOT in the city so I don’t have stormwater or trash in my bill and yes I have read it, many many times… Thats why I am putting in a well tomorrow… They have got enough money from me..

  • GuestDrowning

    Is what happens when you pave an area that used to be wetlands.


    In parts of our service area, our water and waste water system is in critical need of repair or replacement. The location of this North Kerr Avenue sewer system collapse that led to the excavation of the area that ultimately revealed today’s compromised water line is only steps away from a large waste water system sink hole that closed all lanes of South Kerr just two years ago, and it is around the corner from Princess Place Drive at 30th Street and Market Street at 23rd where significant water and sewer system failures have recently shut down traffic and service. The system in this area is in need of repair, and it is being done so as systematically and cost-consciously as possible. But these are not the only areas in need of attention, and for 7 months the Board deliberated on just which projects carried such risk that they could not be pushed off of the fiscal year 2012 Capital Improvements Program and into future years so as to have as little an impact on your rates as possible. An additional $12million in project needs was identified, but ultimately deferred to future years to reduce the necessary rate increases to pay for them. And the rate increases you’ve paid so far were all part of the organizations documents and open meetings since 2007; and all increases thus far have been to pay back $187million in borrowed money for projects identified before CFPUA was CFPUA. And yes while these are big projects occurring simultaneously, of the likes that most of us with never see again in our lifetimes, they are necessary projects. The timing cannot be avoided and the improvements to the waste water and drinking water systems are essential. Finally to clarify, CFPUA only bills for Wilmington storm water and trash services. The management, provision of and increases to these services are performed by the City of Wilmington.


  • virgogirl

    I live in this area and I personally LOVE that the road is closed. I love that my child can actually ride her bike now. I hope they never get done with the project, it will be a sad day for me. I know that it’s my fault that I live in that area, but I bought what I could afford. After this closure is over, I’m tempted to sell the house and move to a quiet neighborhood. I realize that the closure is inconvenient for a lot of folks, but I still LOVE having no traffic. Except for the idiots that can’t read and blast past the 6ft “Road Closed” sign and all the orange cones and don’t live in this section. Some people are just stupid.

  • guesty

    And in other news cFpUa officials had to call 911 because they managed to lock themselves inside a car and couldn’t get out. All clowns have since been released unharmed.


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