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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina lawmakers are going home for the weekend without an agreement on premiums for the health insurance plan for state workers, teachers and retirees.

The Senate adjourned Thursday without taking up any compromise on a two-year package for the state health plan. Rules Committee Chairman Sen. Tom Apodaca of Hendersonville said there wasn’t enough time to work out a deal to meet a Thursday deadline set by leaders.

Senate and House Republicans are updating the bill to avoid another veto by Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue.

The House approved a measure Wednesday to retain an insurance option for active workers that avoids monthly premiums for their own coverage.

Apodaca said the delay means the state health plan likely will need another enrollment period for workers once the agreement is reached.

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  • taxpayeriam

    What is wrong with the public sector paying a premium for health insurance the private sector is not guaranteed insurance when they retire the tax payers can’t keep footing the bills for the public sector.

  • Guestbr549

    Will someone tell me why are we coming down on the Working man. Here we have State employees or any Govt employee for that matter…..who could have gone to any job they wanted…applied for a state/govt. job…with that job came a pay scale…with listed benefits…a schedule to work rain or shine….sign here. Now after these employees have done the job for so many years….I mean 30 years is a long time people…we now want to take away something they have worked so hard to reach…and by the way…state/govt employees have taxes…social security…medicare taxes…and oh yes…retirement money taken out of there checks so the Govt can “hang on to it so we make sure you dont loose it”. All the while all that money is collecting interest in the Govt accounts…

    People…its getting really hard to understand why Im standing in line at the grocery store…buy discount beans…4 box for $1.50 mac and cheese…and discount hotdogs…while a fat couple are using their WIC and Food Stamp card to buy steaks and pre packaged meals…

    Oh ya…then walking out to their Cadi Escalade…

  • Guested

    Just keep worrying about what compensation your working class neighbor is getting, and forget about the folks on Wall Street and in Washington that are robbing you blind.

  • Federal,State and local government workers should pay for there own health care. Pension plans should also be stopped. Only Military,Law enforcement,Fire dept should receive some type of consideration.(Can you say balanced budget)

  • Guest111

    I remember not long ago when the economy was booming, everyone was making tons of money, the sky was the limit, and everything was great. Although, strangely enough there were a group of folks that decided rather than go for that big payday they would feel more comfortable with a secure job with good benefits. Sure it meant that earning potential was limited (regardless of how hard they worked), but these jobs had an important purpose and that was good enough for them. These folks worked hard every day, and did not mind seeing their neighbors with their new SUV’s, boats and jet skis. Knowing that one day their decisions will pay off. Well, that day is here. Many lost their SUV, boat and jet ski. Since they are suffering now, and rather than look for answers to why this all happened, they would rather you just suffer too.


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