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CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) – Friday, Tabor City Police say they found a man laying in the middle of the road who said he had been assaulted. That man was Stacey Scott.

Scott told police former Sen. R.C. Soles beat him with a metal pipe, held a gun to his head and threatened to kill him.

Saturday, Scott told us his side of the story. This is the unedited footage of our interview.


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  • Guest1836291282

    I say there is a small group of young rednecks who have a low intelligence and nothing better to do and we have an old “good ole boy” type of guy who did many evil things he cant keep a lid on. Can we finally lock Soles up in a state penn and get these boys locked up in other state penns so they stay away from each other? Good lord, everyone even the yankees know where NOT to live.

  • Happy Days

    Don’t knock Tabor City until you try it! NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!! Where else could you live and have a live soap opera almost everyday. Besides you would be amazed to see what goes on here in Tater Town that WWAY doesn’t report on. Do tell! Ya’ll come.

  • Wade griffis

    Has to be the publicity director/chamber of commerce person in Columbus county, NC. If I was this person, I would be sending e-mail resume’s as far away as possible. Greyhound probably does not even stop there.

    I would find out where it does stop and get there as soon as possible.

  • Ok smarty tell me what the q of an inductor is. As far as that goes what is PIE? If you say that stupid pie r square joke ill puke its the formula for determining the surface area of a circle you dolt. ok I know pie r square no pie are round we got it the joke is older than the dino poop between Regans teeth. Rednecks are not stupid.

  • Bubba

    It was announced today by Marvin Hogbreath, chairman of the convention, that the annual Chitlin Cook-off and Catfish Fry will be held in Columbus County, NC.

    Marvin stated, ” Since money is tight this year, we decided to hold this thang close to home. Since 60% of our members already live in Columbus County, we know you will feel right at home.”

    “The Catfish Fry will be held at Mamma T’s tavern and dance hall. It is a big place, with double doors for quick exit when the troubles break out”, Marvin said.

    Mamma T told us: “Absolutely, no knives, guns or Volkswagons allowed on the dance floor. Take all your weapons out of the gun rack of your pickup and hide them under the seat. Most of us down here are civilized, and have a reputation to uphold.”

    “Police chief Barney Fith is the Honorary Chairman this year and there will be a special surprise guest. That is, if he is not in jail.”

  • Guest-of-the-day

    Why do you continually give these clowns more coverage? RC Soles is now a private citizen and his tawdry personal affairs are becoming quite tedious.

  • Happy Days

    Somebody is one fry shy of a Happy Meal…

  • Guest123

    What a sorry individual this kid is. Or in better terms an @ss…

  • Happy Days

    Those crutches resting on his shoulder were a nice touch. Stacey with a beating as severe as yours you need one of those hover-rounds with gps and cd player.

  • 77777777777

    Please leave comedy to the professionals. You probably wasted 30 minutes of your life crafting something that wasn’t even belly laugh worthy.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …before he remembered that he had his cellphone? I hope those jobs he applied for weren’t at NASA. Something tells me this boy hasn’t got the brains of a turnip, and I also have to wonder how a twenty-something young man can be so helpless against a seventy-seven year-old man, even if he is armed with a pipe.

    How do you get so debilitated so fast in a fight unless he scored a head blow, which would leave some evidence? Tabor City police report there is no such evidence, and he certainly doesn’t look beaten in the video. Still, I loved the part about Soles threatening him with a pistol while he was macing him and beating him with a pipe. Either Creepy Old Guy has three arms or he has an opposing thumb in a VERY strange place on his body….

    Still, some truths usually emerge in even the biggest of whoppers. With all his incoherent ramblings, some interesting questions are raised. For example, he reports that COG stated, “This is MY cellphone.”

    Why would he say that unless he was paying the bill all or most of the time?

    Then, Scott claims that COG ordered him into his car. Why would anyone do that? You’re ordering a man off your property, reportedly using deadly force on him (using a pipe DOES constitute deadly force), but tell him to get into your car? As crazy as that sounds, it’s IDENTICAL behavior to the other night, when he was ordering the other boy toy off his property, but police reported that he drove him to get gas.

    None of his behavior makes one bit of sense. If these men are terrorizing him, he seems inordinately fond of his terrorists.

    Mark my words – one of these weirdos is going to ramp it up a notch and pretty soon, one of the key characters is going to kill one of the others. Only then will the entire story break.

    Meanwhile, I’ll choose to believe what my Columbus County acquaintances have shared with me, until some other evidence indicates otherwise.

  • ——i——-

    So he gets beat up..has his phone taken from him..phone given back to him..dropped off down the road..crawled around for 2 hours..then remembers he had his cell phone..etc. This clown remembers too much to have had a head injury. Remembers everything well..don’t remember anything..?? If I were RC I would just pack my bags and move to Key West, San Francisco or Chapel Hill…

  • Wade griffis

    I had no idea or interest until you brought it up. My dictionary tells me that it “Any part of an electrical apparatus that acts inductively upon another.” So I still do not know and still do not care.

    How does that in any have any relationship to my comments about Columbus County and R. C. Soles?


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