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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans and two other girls who were involved with a fight tape that went viral online last month made their way to the Brunswick County Courthouse Tuesday to face charges stemming from that footage.

Jenelle was surprisingly early for court, showing up before Brittany Truett and Brittany Maggard, the two other girls involved in the fight. All three are charged with assault.

The hearing was brief, as the three talked with the judge about their options. The focus today was attorneys.

Maggard, the girl seen pushing Jenelle into the fight, requested and got a court appointed lawyer.

Truett, the girl fighting Jenelle in the video, already has a hired attorney.

But Jenelle got some bad news. Up until now, she had a court appointed attorney, but the judge says she’s making too much money from all of her media involvement to qualify for one. Dustin Sullivan had been working for Jenelle for free, but now he says she’ll hire him to represent her.

All three of the girls are set to be back in court to face their charges May 24th.

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  • Guest463635245345

    No more public pretender???? Best thing that could happen to her is get rid of that lawyer. Maybe now she will be able to have a real lawyer to actually help her out and not plead her guilty to charges. Go hire real lawyer Jenelle and beat these charges

  • Guest789

    Well if she’d keep herself outta trouble she wouldnt need one would she?!?!? Shes nothing but trash

  • Guest111

    Her lawyer did beat those charges!

  • Guest11221

    Well, the next time you and her are smoking some of that wacky weed you can tell her that! She is white trash. I am white and can call it like I see it WHITE TRASH!! I hope and pray that this girl does not bring another innocent child into this world until she gets her s@%t straight.

  • Guestccc

    I hope a lawyer wrings every dime she makes out of her. When did being white trash go from being disgraceful to profitable?

  • Cheap

    WOW!! she makes all this money from Teen Mom2 and was trying to use a lawyer for free? D**n freeloader.

  • QTPI

    With all this money she has been bringing in you kind of wonder if she has recieved or is getting public assistance of any kind, or the baby for that matter. She should be supporting that baby. This girl will never become responsible if she isn’t held accountable for her actions. This situation is sad all the way around.

  • Challengetheworld

    Please, report on something pertinent to Wilmington or even a report about something somehwat newsworthy surrounding Wilmington.

    I’m sick of this trash.

  • Guestforaday

    Challenge, for goodness sake, if you don’t like the story then don’t take the time to read it and then take even more time to comment on it. You knew you weren’t going to like it way before you clicked on it. Stop torturing yourself!

  • Guest757

    I wish the media would all stop calling her a star… what did she do to earn it… she got knocked up at 16 and that makes you a star ??what a wonderful roll model.What is this country coming to ?? When people actually think that makes you a star. come on dogs do it everyday… Please, just make her go away. STOP giving her air time.. lets look at all the wonderful students in the area and call them stars. lets focus on them not someone like her..

  • packfan

    i agree with the writers. this girl is ridiculous and so this this lawyer. both of them should just pack up and leave. these people make our area look horrible.

  • walmartspotter

    Janelle has all the cash yet guess who was at Walmart in Southport tonight buying baby diapers for her son…..her mom. She should be paying child support to her mother. What a waste of space, the money she spent dying that head of hers blonde she should have spent on her son! Janelle the failure Mom…thats her folks right in your own Brunswick County courtroom. Other places get super stars we get super dead beat moms!

  • Challengetheword

    I only read the title. I’m trying to push this news organization to stop publishing garbage. The RC Soles, NHC Commish drama, Teen Mom etc is not healthy for our greater Wilmington area. This is a comment forum to leave my opinion, I did so and I will continue to do so. That is what a public forum of debate is for.

  • Happy Days

    Jenelle I would like to personally invite you to move to Tabor City, you’ll fit right in our community just fine. If I didn’t know better I would guess you had ties here. It would also save WWAY on gas, they could cover you and Frog and the boys with one trip.

  • Guest3230

    will still be trailer trash when this is over, which it will. Jenelle’s glory day’s and money will end, she will look in the mirror and guess what? I’m still trailer trash.


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