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UPDATE: Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten says Tabor City Police misinformed us when they said his department was investigating last week’s scuffle between former State Sen. R.C. Soles and Stacey Scott.

He says Det. Jeff Bell was invited by District Attorney Jon David to sit in on a roundtable discussion Monday to discuss what happened, but as far as he knows the DA’s office is investigating Scott’s allegations, not the Sheriff’s Department.


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Stacey Scott claims former State Sen. R.C. Soles beat him up, held a gun to his head and threatened him early Friday morning after he showed up at the senator’s home unannounced.

Scott told Tabor City Police that Soles hit him in the knee with a metal pipe and told him he would blow his f****** head off if he told anyone about the scuffle.

Over the weekend, Tabor City Police told us they were handing the investigation off to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department and that Det. Jeff Bell would be in charge. They say the sheriff’s department has more resources than they do and can better handle the investigation.

We called the Sheriff’s Department a couple of times Monday, and they repeatedly told us that the case had not been assigned to anyone.

Following up today by phone, we were hung up on. We called back and specifically asked to speak to Det. Bell but are continuously told he’s not in and we have to leave a message.

We have, and if Det. Bell or anyone else at the Sheriff’s Department decides to return our call and update us, we’ll be sure to pass it along to you.

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  • Guest

    you forgot to mention how they set people up too and take their
    possessions from Bale bondsmen.

  • Guest

    I am not surprised that they won’t return your calls or give you any information. I have been trying to get information concerning one of their detectives for two years now and no one can answer any of my questions. If anyone knows who I can call or write a complaint to please post it. They are a bit underhanded in some situations.

  • OldVet72

    I still find it strange that Sen. Soles actually owned a personal weapon and used it given his strong anti-gun stance. I guess we can assume that protecting himself and his family is more important than the average man doing the same.

  • Unknown

    I think all the crap with R.C. Soles needs to stop. If this were any other group of people that did not include a senator we would already be locked up. Why are our hard earned tax dollars being wasted on the cops arresting these boys over and over..Take that money and pay our teachers in the county

  • Disappointed in WWAY

    Is this the best apology you could offer up for your public attack on the Sheriff’s Office? So at least now maybe you have some understanding that the Sheriff’s office wasn’t lying when you called and they “repeatedly” told you the case hadn’t been assigned to anyone. Go figure…people telling the truth in Columbus County. Curious to know exactly what you expected when they told you Det. Bell wasn’t in the office – leaving a message was, for the most part, your only option unless you wanted to hold indefinitely. But on a more positive note, kudos for the effort to redeem your tabloid by posting a brief follow up note. One small step for WWAY on the journey to “respectable”.

  • Amnesia

    Hey good buddy, don’t let the door hit you in the a%% on the way out!

  • justopinionated

    If there were real justice in this county..the “common denominator” would have been punished from the start and this drama (that the county could do without)would have ended long ago.
    Our economy in Columbus county is some of the worst in the state..yet our tax money is being wasted on what should have been stopped long ago! But again..thats just my opinion and we all know if your not a “big wig” in CoCo it doesnt matter a hill of beans.


    Yeah and that’s why he called in the SBI to do the investigation, learn your facts.

  • taborcitycitizen

    I guess we’re just bored “get me out of here” and what better is there to do than read up on and blog about CoCo’s (Oh so interesting) polititions and police officers (and former). K, so dont take it personal-unless you’re one of them (;

  • C. Wilson

    We truly need another reality show so, how about R.C. Soles move Stacey Scott, Allen “Frog” Strickland, and BJ Wright in with him at his Tabor City estate, then call up the network to film the reality show. It could be something along the lines of the reality show “Sister Wives” but it could be called “Ex-Senator Mifes” or “Lawyer & the Go-go Boys!”…LOL

  • get me out of here!

    Every time you watch the news in the past couple of years there’s something about Columbus County. Rather it’s killing, stealing, raping or dirty politicians. I am embarassed to tell people I live in this area. First chance I get I’m gone. What is wrong with you people????????

  • guesty

    The two old ladies that were busted for hydrocodone & alprazolam tablets were in Ocean Isle Beach. That is in Brunswick County, not Columbus.

  • Happy Days

    That was interesting that Jon David ask Det. Bell to sit in on a round table discussion. I think he invited the wrong Bell, should have been his uncle, he’s an expert on fires!

  • taborcitycitizen

    Thats what I think too Happy Days, or maybe he was just gone for a swim (;

  • WWAY is my favorite news channel but It’s not carried in the Fayetteville NC area by cable. Is it in Raleigh or do they just have that sorry WECT channel that never carries any RC Soles stories. I bet if we could increase your coverage area we could finally bust this story wide open.

  • Happy Days

    I think someone turned “chicken” and ran! Imagine that!

  • Guestfgnd

    …But they have all the time and resources in the world for busting grandmothers with prescription pills.

  • Happy Days

    Thanks WWAY for covering the news in Tabor City, and also thank for putting us on the weather map so people will know how to get here and join in on the excitement……

  • doodahdoodah

    Enquiring (as in The National Enquirer) minds want to know.

    “Give us what we want–dirty laundry.”

  • Happy Days

    Enquiring be careful what you ask for, because Det. Bell’s diaper is loaded with it!

  • livesintaborcity

    Well if we are waiting for Detective Bell to get anything accomplished on this case then we’ve got problems. Look at how he is trying to set up frog for burning his house and he’s completely innocent. Maybe we should go back and investigate some other fires that he’s investigated and see if they are legitate.

  • Guest-of-the-day

    you know, that kid from “our gang”?… No relation to the frog!

  • tired of this CRAP

    This is an emabarrasment forthe great State Of North Carolina, its time for them to go to jail or time for them to leave this state.

    This smell s horribly rotten to the public, and RC soles is not above the law as he would like to be.

  • Whatever

    I would have to say that I totally agree with you (tired of this CRAP)…Lock up RC and ALL his little boys and then we will not have to worry about it anymore!!!!!!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Has either gone to the sheriff’s office to make a formal, sworn statement? Was a complaint ever filed with Tabor City PD?

    Exactly what would they base an investigation on? Scott claims that he was severly beaten and threatened by Soles. Unfortunately, the physical evidence doesn’t back up a claim of being beaten.

    Perhaps the sheriff’s office is smart enough to know that this little tiff is likely over already, and they’d be wasting their time investigating it. Everyone has likely kissed and made up.

  • Guest333

    Is anyone else more interested in the Goat story at Ocean Isle Beach?

    I am actually losing interest in Columbus County’s bumbling cops, torrid love affairs, “forgetfulness”, waste of courtroom time and TAXPAYER MONEY, and the overall corruption, not to mention naked night intruders who run off into the lake…being chased by cops!

    Can’t you all just imagine the guy running down a driveway while the cops are in slow pursuit, allowing the “feller” time to get undressed and jump into the lake… NAKED, yelling, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s Ernest T.” The only thing missing are the Rocks, but there is always time…

    Do you think that State Attorney General Roy gives a flip about all of this?
    G-Men…they always get their man. We obviously need professional law enforcement officers involved, who don’t forget about a key interview, and then suddenly remember …

    Somebody wake me when they Convict someone for Something.

  • sponge bob


  • Guest757

    Now that we have a real DA in Jon David everything will come out. DA David will not let things get swept under the rug, like ole Rex did for so many many years.. The “Good Ole Boys are DONE ”

    Thank GOD

    Hey RC do we hear banjo’s

  • columbus county citizen

    Yea, you are right. There is so much s**t under that rug I tripped on it when I walked in the court house last week.

  • Smarter than WWAY

    Gee, Det Bell has been in the river looking for a missing boater for two days. Should he stop just to call you? Who said he was in charge of the investigation? Do many Detectives routinely comunicate directly with the media? WWAY is the perfect media outlet for this kind of ridiculous trash. If I was the Sheriff I would totally cut WWAY out and only deal with responsible media.

  • spongebob

    Are we suprised? just in case you forgot they have selective memory.


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