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ONLY ON 3: Why Tabor City Police always respond to Sen. Soles's house


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Former State Sen. R.C. Soles lives near Tabor City, but not "in" Tabor City. His sprawling estate is outside of the official city limits.

Yet whenever something happens at the house, Tabor City Police always respond, even though it's technically out of their jurisdiction.

Why? Well, the answer to that question lies in the past. We learned today that former District Attorney Rex Gore set it up that way. When Soles has problems, he usually calls Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless directly on his cell phone. Soles rarely, if ever, dials 911.

But all that may be changing. We've also learned that District Attorney Jon David now wants the Columbus County Sheriff's Department more involved when problems pop up at Soles's house.

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You know what is so amazing, the police press charges on people for assault,etc. but they never pressed charges on Soles for biting Frog and must I remind you Soles has already pleaded quilty for a similar charge----this is a fact folks and can be proven over and over. Some of the TCPD are quite dirty, and I can prove that, as well. What we have here is a quagmire. Some of the Democrats and Republicans were trying to dethrone Soles and I dont disagree with that however, there tactics have hurt others who did not deserve it. Then, there is the police playing all sides of the fence. Everyone has there own agenda, goal, secret to keep hidden and those who want their secrets out. The fact is when the fit hits the sham, fit is going fly in alot of directions and it ain't gonna be purty folks! There will be a price to pay for all who are involved and we know who you ARE!!!!!!!!! You can run but can not hide.

Even more amazing....

You keep telling us you can PROVE this and that. So do it. Stop crying about what the police do and don't do and stand up and do something yourself. If you can PROVE the TCPD has dirty cops running around contact the S.B.I or the F.B.I and PROVE it.

Alot of people have.

Alot of people have.

Already done smarty pants.

Already done smarty pants.


Well then I am guessing your PROOF was nothing more than your beliefs. If you have something other than your thoughts turn it over to WWAY and they will run with it.

Did you read the News

Did you read the News Reporter, page 4A, PROOF?

Read a newspaper, magazine, or even a book once in a while.

My favorite is the comment about supporting RC to the up most. Where is that? On top of a flag pole maybe?

She must be related to the guy who told me it's a doggy dog world or the lady who said it doesn't take a rock science to figure that out.

Really, a rock science? That is just dumb.

A doggy dog world? What's the metaphor here?

The up most? Are you sure you will support him to the up most?

There are those who refer to the world's largest retailer as Walmarts, as in, “I’m going to Walmarts, need anything?”

Walmarts! You must be a rock science.

It has to begin with R.C.

Okay, so you R.C. fans want the news media to leave him alone. Well, looks to me like it should begin with R.C. and his "young boys". As long as they keep fighting, calling the police, and then not pressing charges on each other, THEY are keeping themselves in the public's eyes. So don't blame the news media or anyone else for R.C. and his "boys" acting like idiots and showing up in the news every week.

They do not have to press

They do not have to press charges on each other. The police do not hesitate charging others, this can be proven.

It has to end with R.C.

I agree it has to end with RC. As far as the media is concerned the moment he became a senator he also became a media figure loosing the privilege of privacy. He knew that the 1st term and also his 42nd term. It makes you wonder what he was thinking when he allowed himself to get into this kinda mess in the 1st place. The really bad thing about this is Tabor City always had a bad reputation but with R.C.'s past and current activities the town will never recover from it. If the national news gets its hooks in this story, "which makes me wonder why they haven't," its all over for Columbus County. You guys better do like I did and get out while you can.

I totally agree with your

I totally agree with your statement.

RC Soles

I grow tired of people saying they know RC so well and that he's a fine fellow. I bet these people are on the payroll or they only know RC in public. I've known RC in private. I reported it to doctors and police when they find out He's involved they kicked me out and the reports vanished. Over 30 years waiting to see RC get what he deserves. Leave WWAY alone it's called freedom of the press. It seems they are the only ones doing anything about it.

We had one person in the

We had one person in the past qualified to be a chief in Tabor City (an FBI academy graduate, and former Capt. and Lead Homicide Investigator for Columbus County in the past), but he quit on his on terms because of the corruption and politics involved in Tabor City, and because of the Town Manager and the politicians telling him how he must do his job.

The current Chief worked for the DMV. As for the rest of the TC officers they just slap a title of LT. or Detective regardless of experience. I have never seen a Police Chief show up for court in a Hawaiian type shirt! You would think he would have been in uniform or a suit. Embarrassing for TC.

We had one person in the

Another point to make with you. You ever heard of a person working at a job and being given vacation or time off? Well Dowless is no different. I bet if you were summoned by a judge to be in court at a certain time, you wouldn't take time to change your clothes either. Dowless does have a life beyond the police department.

Just know your facts before you speak. Did RC pay you to write this? If not, did Rex Gore? Sounds like something they would do. Maybe Mitchel Tyler paid you to write the comment, right? In either case, you should be informed and not misinformed.

Yes we've heard of people

Yes we've heard of people having vacation time, however, if I were the chief of police and knew I had to be at court for such a high profile case, I WOULD HAVE ATLEAST CHANGED MY SHIRT!!!

We had one person in the

You don't know what in the heck you're talking about. Roy Norris is the one you're referring to that graduated from the FBI Academy. So what? He can't find his way out of a paper bag. Whenever he was the lead detective in the Chase Powell case, nothing was ever done until Norris quit. As for Chief Donald Dowless, he is he receiptant of the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, he served in the military for 30 years, retired from the state as DMV Investigator and he worked as a license examier. I don't know of any other police chief who has credentials such as Dowless. Know what you're talking about before you criticize others. You have the right to voice your opinion but be correct with the facts. Oh, yeah. Tommy Barnes and his officers got their butts kicked the the TC Burger King one night. I don't call that being a good police chief.

We had one person in the

I don't know who you are and I could care less but you certainly don't know what you're talking about. If you're referring to former police chief Roy Norris, you have your facts wrong. Norris might have graduated from the FBI Academy but he didn't have the guption to get anything done. Remember the Chase Powell case in Whiteville? Roy Norris was the lead investigator and nothing was ever done until he left the Sheriff's Dept. Norris is so low keyed he does not want to upset anyone. Why would he have his daughter be his secretary? That certainly wasn't right. She quit and was given a going away party and then she decided to stay. Well, when she quit again, she was given another party. This is so ridiculous.

As for the credentials of Chief Dowless, he is a receipant of the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, he served in the military for 30 years, he retired from the State as DMV Investigator and he worked as a license examiner. I don't know of anyone else who is so qualified for the job of TC Police Chief. Dowless is the best police chief Tabor City has had in a long time. Don't even begin to rank him in the same class as Norris and Tommy Barnes. Barnes got his but kicked at Burger King in TC one night along with some of his police officers. Know your facts before you start talking because it is very apparent you know nothing correct about the Tabor City Police Department and its past and current officers.


WHO'S PAYING YOU???? You're so quick to ask everybody whos paying them. Who was paying your nosey behind to run around this town playing detective when Frog's house burned? Really????

Actually there was another,

Actually there was another, Tommy Barnes. He is now the Deputy Chief of Lumberton Police Department and resign from Tabor City because of small town politics. In terms of his law enforcement career it was probably one of the best decision that he made. The chief your speaking of, Roy Norris, did not quit because of small town politics, he quit because of health conditions. He is now a civilian assistant for the detective division at the Columbus County Sheriff's Department.

I do agree with you on the rank. I think they hand it out like candy over there and you'd figured that the Chief of Police would be more prepared for court instead of showing up in an Hawaiian style shirt....

As for the chief working for DMV, your correct, he did work and retire from NCDMV. He was a DMV Inspector, which are sworn law enforcement officers. They are the investigative wing of the DMV. Like the NC Highway Patrol they deal with Chapter 20 violations of the NC General Statues. em danno..... em danno.....

That's the Cheif's "Don Hoe"

That's the Cheif's "Don Hoe" shirt in case you didn't know.....


Tabor City is a big fat joke. Something is going on that isn't being told. Is it the citizens right to know the story??? You bet it is. It is our tax dollars paying for all this BS police work. I don't care if Soles is a fine man or not, someone needs to answer some questions or either the people in the polic department should be fired.

The people that comment that these boys are just harrassing a former senator have their heads in the sand. SERIOUSLY??? This is a former Senator. If he was truly innocent the goverment would lock these boys up for 5 years without any problem and end this mess. These boys continue to harass a man that has never married and nothing is being done? Bite marks, shootings, pepper spray etc.

Tabor City is the laughing stock of Columbus County and the southeast.

Tabor city police chief

FIRE the tabor city police chief and give the job to someone who will put the dept and citizens first instead of putting soles first....


I would just like to say that I have never witnessed such unusual activity that happened in your court house on Monday afternoon. I personally can not understand why your Town Manager is letting such scandall behavior continue. I have lived in Tabor City and I would like to inform the readers that there is bad in every town and every county. However, that doesn't mean we should let it continue. We sometimes have to start at the bottom and clean out the bad guys and I would think this is where Mr. AL LEONARD needs to step up to the plate and clean up his POLICE DEPARTMENT. And I agree with the comment that NO, there should not be another trial. Such a waste of tax payers money in a poverty stricken county. A mistrial is just that! Blame the police department.

Town Manager

You need to keep your comments in Raleigh and your nose out of the Town Manager's business. Did RC pay you to write this article. Maybe you are a relative of his. Seems he does have a sister and broher in law up that way. I want to know something. What did you do on any given day in the summer and fall of 2009? Who did you talk to on that day. What have you done sine then? In essence, this is what you're saying the TCPD needs to do. Have you ever made a mistake or forgotten something? Maybe you started a project and someone else came along and took over for you. Are you supposed to know everything that person did from the time they started the project? Chief Dowless was letting his officer do his job and then the job was handed over to the SBI to conduct an investiation. None of the TCPD did wrong. Frog is innocent until proven guilty. If he set fire to his house, I hope he is convicted. A lot of the evidence seems to point that way. If he's guility, I hope he is imprisoned. He was given the house and he knew he had insurance on it. If he burned it, he would have been stupid to have done so. Somthing's not being told in this case. I hope all stones are unturned and the truth revealed.

REALLY, "watching" its so

REALLY, "watching" its so obvious why you're so easy to defend this pathetic excuse for a cop! Everybody knows the background here in Tabor City, for some reason wway wants to not post my comments about the truth, but dont worry......Tabor City Citizens know who you are and why you're defending his sorry a** so stop making yourself look stupid!

Thanks wway for posting this

Thanks wway for posting this comment, but what about the other 10 I tried to post yesterday???

Tabor City

Frankly the majority of people are fed up with all that is going on. Let Mr. soles, Frog and all the others alone. It is sad when a person can not have a private life. Would you want everybody digging into your closet? Mr. Soles earned his money. He did not receive welfare, food stamps, medicaid nor did he have time to stand on the street corner all day and wait for the third of the month to roll around. And to all who have already crucified Frog, he is innocent until proven guilty. Come to court the next time and listen to the evidence. Then you can make up your own mind. Remember television and newspapers have to sell their goods. There is always two sides to every story.


Hear, hear!

I've known RC nearly all my life, and he's a fine man, and I'm tired of the media coverage of his difficulties.

These young men were helped by RC, and they show their ingratitude by harrassing him for more money.

And like so many people have said on this post, Soles has helped lots of people--poor people in and around Columbus County.

Good God! Let's move on to another topic rather than wallow in tabloid mud.

But isn't it Strange??

But isn't it strange to you that all of his issues are with young men. I have not seen or heard about any ladies trespassing on his property. I have not seen or heard of any older men trespassing on his property. It has been young men! That is plain creepy. Where there is smoke there is fire. I wonder what would be found if computers were looked at.