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LONDON (AP) — Prince William and Kate Middleton married in Westminster Abbey on Friday as one million people packed the streets and an estimated two billion more tuned in around the world to witness an event expected to revitalize the British monarchy.

The couple looked nervous but happy and got through their vows without stumbling before Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams pronounced them husband and wife.

A million well-wishers – as well as some protesters – flooded into the historic environs surrounding Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and other London landmarks.

“Will, it’s not too late!” said one sign held aloft by an admirer dressed as a bride.

About 1,900 guests were attendance, including soccer star David Beckham and musician Elton John.

The newlyweds sealed their wedding with a pair of kisses on a balcony at Buckingham Palace, delighting thousands of spectators.

There was a roar of approval from the crowd as William and his bride exchanged a peck on the lips Friday. It was quickly followed by another, then a flyby of vintage and modern Royal Air Force planes.

The couple are now known as the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

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  • Wade griffis

    Thank the lord that this media spectacle is over. Maybe now we can move on to important things, such as crime in wilmington, the still sagging economy, or which second rate actor is in town.

  • GuestLee

    I’m bored already.

  • Wade griffis

    The Royals may be inbred, they may go bald early and they are not very smart.

    They do look really good in their costumes.

    Anybody want to start a pool on how long this will last?

  • Diana Peak

    Come on! We could all use a little good news. This ‘spectacle’ was going to happen whether you liked it or not. If this wedding took a lot of people out of their doom and gloom for a couple of hours then it was worth it. Especially in England. They are having some serious financial issues just like we are but that didn’t stop Will and Kate from getting married. Life goes on! Man up and realize that the world doesn’t focus and dwell on ‘issues’ 24/7. You must be a sad person if you feel the royal wedding was anything but a glorious day for 2 young people. Be happy for them and know the hype is over (at least until they conceive). You could choose to watch and read something else or celebrate with them. You’re still in America where you have the freedom to choose and speak your mind.


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