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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Though the severe weather wasn’t quite as bad today as it was a few weeks ago, there were a few places in Columbus County that did see some damage.

F.M. Allen was standing in his yard right outside of the Columbus County line in the Buckhead Community. He says he saw a tornado blow the roof off of his wife’s upholstery shop, just feet from where he was standing.

“I don’t scare too easy, but that will make you think about a lot of things,” Allen said. “I’m an old Florida boy, and I’ve been in a lot of hurricanes, and I knew it was going to get bad. That’s when I stepped up on the porch. I’ve seen a lot of bad hurricanes down there, but this was nothing to play with. It was up there with the big boys.”

And Allen wasn’t the only lucky one.

“My mom was out here working,” said Barbara Sessions, whose mother owns the upholstery shop. “My aunt’s car was parked right here, and she left around the same time, and this is where the roof is, where her car was parked at.”

Another home about a mile south of Evergreen just missed getting hit by a huge tree to the side of the house. Fencing around the back yard was torn up, a propane tank was flipped on its side and a tree branch stabbed through the roof into one of the bedrooms.

“We definitely got worried, of course anybody would with a tornado coming,” said Brandon Jones, who saw the whole thing from a window inside the house. “You always hear that they sound like trains, so when we heard that, we started to take the proper precautions.”

Despite the damage there were no reports of injuries near Evergreen or the Buckhead Community

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