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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Hugh MacRae Park was packed Saturday with people celebrating our planet. The theme of this year’s Earth Day Festival was “CLEAR THE AIR”. Folks who attended were informed on the impact their lives have on our community and environment.

The importance of Sulfur Dioxide omissions and non-attainment were the focus of the festival. The Earth Day Alliance says they thought it was a good opportunity to bring attention to an extremely important issue in Wilmington.

Event organizer Shannon Culpepper says she hopes the 22nd Annual Earth Day Festival has educated the public and allowed them to have a little fun in the process.

“We hope they learn what’s happening right where they are,” Culpepper said. “You might hear general things about air quality, but we have a specific display talking about New Hanover County air quality so you know how it affects you directly.”

Culpepper says because the event was free, it is hard to gauge exactly how many people attended but she thinks the number is somewhere in the thousands. She says this year’s event is one of the most successful the Earth Day Alliance has seen yet.

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4 Comments on "Hundreds gather to celebrate Wilmington Earth Day"

2015 years 10 months ago

Perhaps you should research these topics yourself instead of getting your information from a comedian. How is “Earth Day” proven to be a scam? According to my calender its a real thing. Earth Day is a celebration for a planet that sustains life, the only one we know that does.

2015 years 10 months ago

Thankfully, the numbers are dwindling at these hippy fests these days because of the scam that Earth Day & Global Warming have been proven to be.

Its now just attended by those that couldnt tell you any legitimate statistics from scientist, researchers etc because they arent educated enough to research themselves, or more than likely, just too high, lazy and emotionally biased…because it “makes them feel good” about themselves for sitting in a drum circle and crying about the trees.

Check out George Carlins views on “Earth Day” in the link on my name. He hits the nail on the head!

2015 years 10 months ago

Thanks Anita H. for your comment. I too am a skeptic, but I am not so critical. I love George Carlin and laugh at everything he did before he was no longer Globally Warm. I had a table at the “hippy fest” and I love the Earth. It’s the only one I’ve ever lived on. I have three college degrees, one in Engineering and one in Wildlife Biology. I was a structural designer in the sixties and seventies building coal processing plants that has delivered the coal that has powered this country for decades. Your computer wouldn’t work without it. How’s that for a “hippy tree hugger”?

I then worked in Wildlife conservation for many years and still do. I know for a fact many of the folks that worked at the celebration on Saturday are college grads as well, many engineers there, too. We all have our beliefs and prejudices, but we can all live here together, I presume. If you don’t appreciate a good drum circle beat, then you are certainly welcome to maintain your distance, but as far as wishing we would go away and our numbers dwindle, this old man is going to work hard to increase the numbers of Earth lovers as much as possible. I welcome you to join with us and make a difference and still enjoy a good Carlin jab at everything we have to live with here and now.

Tree Hugger
2015 years 10 months ago

I hope all of them came and went driving their SUV’s saying they can solve the problems together.


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