County budget cuts could clip CFCC

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Submitted: Tue, 05/03/2011 - 7:24pm
Updated: Tue, 05/03/2011 - 9:27pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Proposed New Hanover County budget cuts could be painful for some.

One thing County Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield said will be cut is money to Cape Fear Community College. Barfield says CFCC asked the county for $1.4 million, but the county has allocated only $300,000.

A CFCC spokesman says the school has not seen the budget proposal, so it does not yet have a comment.


  • Guest007 says:

    It’s infuriating to drive through the projects and see a bunch of new luxury cars. As long as the liberals keep getting away with buying votes with all the hand-outs, nothing is going to change.

  • sevenseas says:

    John, please tell us what/which “city housing projects” the county is paying for. We won’t wait for your answer because you don’t have one….the county isn’t spending any money on “city housing projects”!!! Think John, think!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    ….Barfield won’t get re-elected.

    That’s the cornerstone of Democrat philosophy: Keep humoring the saps, suckers, and Socialists by throwing money at the slothful, simpletons, and slimeballs. That way both groups, the guilt-ridden rich and the lazy, irresponsible breeders of ever-increasing poverty will ALWAYS vote for you.

    Those people who are going to school to become productive, tax-paying citizens are nothing more than pawns to fund the gravy train.

  • originalwilmingtonian says:

    So from your stand point, only the lazy and incompetent resides in the projects? I use to live in those projects many many years ago. I am now a homeowner in Cary, NC and let me tell you the things I’ve witnessed. “Rich” or rather well off homeowners living off of the system as well. They beat the system by getting foodstamps, medicaid, utility assistant, you name it. I know a couple in Garner, pregnant with their 3rd child at the time, living in a 3000 sqft home, and she had a pink medicaid card and was getting wick(milk,cheese,cereal,etc). Now how do you explain that? Also, we all know that PPO plans do not cover maternity coverage for dependents. Only HMO plans do. So who do you think pays for the dependents pregnancy/birth?? The tax payers do. These kids are eligible for the pink medicaid card. And they live in large homes with their parents. Where is the outrage over that??? How about those living in nice neighborhoods/homes on Section 8. Faking it like they are paying those bills on their own. Please!!! The system is set up to place blacks in the projects and the whites in homes on Section 8, and the mexicans in trailor park areas. So are Section 8 people lazy and incompetent too? I used to be on Section 8 while I was attending UNCW. I know I am not incompetent nor lazy. You need to check your facts.

  • John says:

    Budget cuts to people that are persuing an education, but spending millions on city housing PROJECTS for people that are to lazy to work. Great idea.

  • NCRavensFan says:

    Let’s see the CFCC President makes more than the UNCW Chancellor….gee I wonder what CFCC can cut in order to make a more reasonable funding request?

  • Guest3230 says:

    are we giving them any funds? Why can’t the college be self supporting? They charge students enough. Why, to much management being overpaid and all they can do is cut teachers. Do you think they will cut themselfs? Not.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Had he said “IN” city housing projects, money spent on the residents, he would have been spot on. Were it not for the residents of Wilmington Public Housing, we could likely reduce DSS and DoH by three-quarters.

    Where did we EVER get this crazy notion that government’s primary job is to carry the lazy, the incompetent, and the eternal mis-managers of life?

  • Wade griffis says:

    I do not live in any kind of public housing. However, it is not fair to suggest that this is a Democrat/Republican issue.

    It would be fair to suggest that the reason Republicans love Florida- especially the Miami area is that it is full of Cubans- most of whom are voting Republican.

  • Guestw says:

    When the republican’s were in power didn’t you still see those same shiny cars in the projects? I know I did.

    I can see your point if the republicans actually would cut off funding to these folks who have no desire to better themselves, but we all know they won’t.

    Seriously, how different are the housing projects when dems and repubs are in power? Not very different is how I see it.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    where is the Education Governor?

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