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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The County Commission says it wants to clear the air on pollution in New Hanover County.

County Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield and Commissioner Rick Catlin are on their way to Washington, DC, to talk to the EPA about the region’s air quality. Barfield says they plan to meet with senators from the state as a united force to prove the sulfur dioxide emissions in the area are not as severe as they originally thought.

“We’re all going together, and hopefully we can come back with a mitigated situation here for SO2,” Barfield said. “Our goal is really to convince the epa that new hanover county should not be under non-attainment at all and therefore not have to do anything other than say we’re not under non-attainment.”

Catlin told us at a meeting in April that recent readings show that New Hanover County is no longer violating EPA SO2 emission standards. They hope this will be enough to show that New Hanover County has cleaned up its act.

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4 Comments on "New Hanover commissioners to talk pollution with EPA"

2015 years 10 months ago

Not many people know this and he won’t say it, but it was the County that said these meetings in DC and backslapping horn-tootin by barfield and catlin ignores that it was Brian Berger who went to DC last month and led the fight to get these meetings. Barfield was focused on beach nourishment only and Berger secured meetings on non-attainment with EPA. I know cause I’ve seen the emails.

WWAY…did you ever ask why Berger was at odds with the “defeatist approach” of the county, barfield, and questionable catlin????

The record shows why brian might have been so upset at the county’s actions, secrecy, when Berger clearly understands from his time in lobbying how the Federal government works. Barfield not so much.

Berger is owed an appology and thank you for being right, and being attacked by your station, other media and wrongheaded commissioners and top county staff…berger was right. He needs to be in DC on these trips…Berger is clearly head and shoulders ahead of the chairman and his cronies in understanding these issues and Berger made these meetings possible. His thank you…to be lambasted…who could blame him if he just said to heck with this and we would all suffer.

Thank You Brian Berger! Shame on you Barfield and catlin. you were wrong and owe brian an apology. You owe us all an apology. JTJ

Guest Bubba
2015 years 10 months ago

Is it just that my eyes are failing or did not anybody else see the potential porno aspects of the photo you used with this story.

How did that illustrate pollution?

2015 years 10 months ago

You are so right below on who we should really thank. Barfield can pray for him, we all need to pray for barfield and Catlin–the two biggest hypocrits and phonies on the Board. We can aslo thank
Mr. Berger for getting the board focused on no more taxes(do you hear the people Barfield) and no more look out just for me(oh dear Catlin how arrogant thou art). The fact is with all the nonsense a month ago–they were handling the non-attainmwent issue in a non-transparent fashion and the Board member did have his notes stolen by someone.
The fact is Berger has shown more backbone than I thought he had–keep up the good work young man the political hypocrits will be seen for hostile old men they are.

2015 years 10 months ago

You are so right. it is clear that the leg work Brian did in DC led to some of the others joining with his strategy to seek such a meeting-some of the others were naysayers-Brian did something. When it was clear from a wway3 poll that he was popular with many–some of these clowns jumped on him. What hypocrits and phonies–thanks Brian Berger and dont let those phonies scare you off. Barfield takes credit for everything and Catlin is a mean spirited politico with ambitions that lead him to lie on occassion.


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