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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is no longer the 10th worst bridge in North Carolina. It’s the ninth worst.

AAA Carolinas’ annual substandard bridge report says the span between Wilmington and Brunswick County is structurally deficient.

Built in 1969, AAA says the Cape Fear Memorial carries about 343,000 vehicles a week across the river. For now, there are no plans to replace the bridge, and money for such projects is tight.

Click here to see the complete Top 20 list of substandard bridges.

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  • BIG T

    Lets wait til it falls in! That will get you a vote


    I’m sure it will be fine after the painting is done.

  • Challengetheworld

    Its magic paint. But the tarp isn’t so magic, because it almost flew off causing about 2 hrs of delay.

    Skyway, Byway, it doesn’t matter – they need to fix this one before we have a major problem.

  • smelllike?

    ninth worst vote…just in time for the Skyway debate. How convenient…

  • Stinkorama

    Yes, absolutely convenient timing.

    Just like the ports being moved to another arm of the state.

    Politicians don’t care what we think about it, it’s a done deal.

    May take time, but they’ll do what they want.

    The simple solution is extend 421 to a point across from the port.

    But that won’t happen.

  • Guesthere

    So the folks with a vested interest in seeing the Skyway Bridge built only had enough persuasion to get the bridge bumped one spot?

  • Leland Mayor

    I have a great Idea. Let’s widen 74/76 and send even more traffic over it. I don’t drive in to Wilmington so it won’t bother me when it collapses.

  • ttttttttt

    $ 6,600,000 for paint.

    $ 0 for structural repairs?



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