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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The state budget approved by the North Carolina House includes language that says policy governing impending school layoffs will be set in Raleigh and not by local school boards.

The State Board of Education learned Thursday that if the House budget becomes law it will be charged with setting a statewide layoffs policy rather than leaving it to local school officials to figure out.

Lee County school board member Bill Tatum doesn’t like the idea because he says local officials have a better idea of what’s needed most.

Republican Rep. Bryan Holloway of Stokes County is one of the chief House education budget-writers. He says the turn away from local control over school layoffs is so that policy is consistent statewide.

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3 Comments on "House budget has state set school layoff policy"

2015 years 9 months ago

former President Bush was unable to make changes as the House & Senate were both controlled by the Democrats? That’s the same bunch that whooped for joy when Obama was elected and inaugurated. And look at our economy now.

2015 years 9 months ago

Every time there is any type of budget deficit. The politicians go for two two major areas of cost cutting. The No. 1 is always education, No. 2 is always care for the elderly. They cut funding in these ares to pull hard at the heartstrings of the taxpayers that both have children and elderly parents with hopes that they will beg for higher taxes to cover these areas! We started a state “educational” lottery to fund education. I’m seeing ZERO difference!

Now…here is what I want to know and cannot get answers to.
1. Where are the cuts to reduce or eliminate FREE cell phone packages?
2. Where are the cuts to reduce Section 8 housing costs?
3. Where are the cuts to reduce the Food Stamp program?
4. Where are the cuts to reduce the FREE medical care for those that do not pay?
5. Where are the eliminations of FREE medical care for illegal aliens?
6. Why is it that welfare recipients do not have pass a drug screen to receive benefits?

This only the tip of the iceberg of the billions of dollars that are freely handed out to entitlement recipients every day! Has ANYONE heard of cuts in these areas? The people that do NOTHING, don’t want to do anything and will NOT do anything for themselves are receiving generous, ENDLESS and reliable government handouts for being LAZY and irresponsible.
Just how is it that our politicians have the audacity to restrict the learning potential of the future leaders of our country while yet enabling and funding the lazy to get lazier? Oh yeah! I’ve got it now, these lazies are the motivated voters that keep these politicians in office so thay can continue to get their free stuff without an effort. One hell of a career, huh?

Wake up people! This practice needs to stop now!!! As Boenher said, we don’t have a funding problem, there is PLENTY of money! What we have here is a spending problem! The money is going to the wrong places and to the wrong people!

2015 years 9 months ago

I agree 100% with the first 2/3 of your post. Cutting education over welfare is crazy. I disagree in the fact that I do not believe ANY politician will make drastic cuts to welfare.

The right uses welfare as ammunition against the left, just like the left uses war against the right. Neither side is really going to make any changes.

Seriously, how different are welfare benefits when the republicans are in power? Not very is how I see it.

How different is the stance on military force now that Obama is president compared to Bush? Not very is how I see it.

Each side uses these topics to enrage voters, but then never makes any real changes. The voters eat this crap up every time.


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