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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Public school boosters and business groups say the future of North Carolina’s children and economy is worth keeping an extra penny on the sales tax to prevent deep cuts and thousands of job losses in education.

Forty groups have formed a Quality Schools Coalition that held a news conference Friday on the grounds of the old Capitol building in Raleigh to urge General Assembly members to extend the temporary sales tax set to expire June 30.

Republicans are adamant about letting the tax expire on time. Coalition speakers said it would generate more than $1 billion that’s already being paid by residents.

Martha Vick of the Wilson Education Partnership said additional cuts would harm her county’s ability to attract industry by damaging the local school district.

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16 Comments on "Penny on sales tax focus of NC schools coalition"

2015 years 10 months ago

THAT statement tops the idiot chart! That’s only 1% on top of the already 60 to 70% everybody is already paying! It ISN’T just the money you see missing from your feeble paycheck every week, or do you even pay attention to that? Just how many more “percents” do you think, “…shouldn’t bother you so much.”? Geeeez… a staunch Obamamite, huh?

Why don’t you just go ahead and give everything you own to feed the welfare recipients, give free health care to the illegal mexicans and the save the owl effort? Oh and while you’re at it, throw some of your “change” to the Bernie Madoff foundation! He’s always on the prowl for the bright ones like yourself!

This country will never, ever pull its way out of this financial catastrophe until the government gets their grubby hands out of the peoples pocket and starts putting money back in there where it should’ve been the whole time!

2015 years 10 months ago

Even though you may have heard on fox news he has, Obama hasn’t raised any taxes (not yet). My point is at least everyone,even the welfare people and the rest of those that don’t pay taxes has to pay this one. Notice I didn’t need to call you any names.

2015 years 10 months ago

Obama hasn’t raised any taxes yet because he was stopped by a Republican controlled House and a handful of Democrats in the Senate who accidently read an Economics book once.

He has certainly yearned to raise taxes. He entered the discussions about extending the Bush tax cuts with the intention of raising taxes on people he considers “rich,” as if the upper ten-percent don’t pay enough now. Thankfully, he failed.

He’s now beating the drum about raising taxes (by cutting subsidies) for the oil companies, which, whether you agree with subsidies or not, will lead to a huge spike in unemployment among domestic oil workers and all but shut down any new domestic exploration and production. Removing these subsidies will actually be cash-negative for the treasury, as you will see a large offset in corporate tax revenues generated and lose the individual taxes that would have been paid by laid off oil workers.

Stung by the legislative defeat of Cap-n-Trade, he’s also spearheading the attempt to have the EPA simply dictate all the restrictions of Cap-n-Trade, bypassing and ignoring the will of Congress and costing the American taxpayers billions in increased utiliy costs.

Read his books. Read his WORDS. Judge his actions, especially his administration’s conduct during the Chrysler bankruptcy.

The man is a confirmed big-government Socialist who is determined to expand the scope and depth of governmental intervention in everyone’s life, funded entirely by taxing the productive, successful entities of society, corporate and individual.

He is a nightmare for anyone who believes in self-sufficiency and individual responsibility, and if the Republicans screw up (as they usually do), he gets re-elected, and we see the House return to the Democrats in 2012, God help this country.

Oh, before I go, I just realized that he HAS raised taxes, by his own admission. You may recall the penalty assessed through Obamacare for not having health insurance? You may recall him defending it on “Sixty Minutes,” saying that it wasn’t a tax, but an administrative fee? Under attack by attornies general who HAVE read the Constitution, the Obama Administration is defending that outrage of a health reform bill in federal court by claiming that it is legal under Congress’ Constitutional authority to raise taxes, because Obama now claims that it’s a tax.

See? Lying for a Democrat is as easy as falling off a log…it’s as easy as total ineptitude is to a Republican!

2015 years 10 months ago

…STOP the LIFETIME funding for the lazy and irresponsible, the illegal aliens and the baby farmers. Apply that funding to something “useful” such as education and you can easily reduce everyones tax rate, not continue to increase it year after year. This Gravy Train has to come to the end of the track!!!

I don’t have a problem with my tax money being used to help get those that are unfortunate to get back on their feet. I have a problem with it being utilized to enable lazy and irresponsible people to sit on their butts, farming babies and dealing drugs for a living, all the while teaching THEIR young how to milk the system for continuing generations rather than attempt to get them an education. We are talking BILLIONS of dollars here in our own state, so imagine the costs to our nation. HELLOOOOOOOO…are you opening one of your eyes yet?

I don’t have a problem submitting to a drug test as a condition of my employment which allows me to earn the money to pay the taxes that support these non-doing, societal money milkers. So what would be a valid reason for those that receive welfare entitlements that I pay for, to NOT have regular drug screens to remain eligible??? There IS NO reason and that alone would kick at least 50% of them out of the system in short order!

The problem in itself has to be fixed, throwing money at it is completely ineffective and only breeds for more. Especially proposing the reversion of so-called “temporary tax” promises. Where I come from we call that, “lying to the people”.

2015 years 10 months ago

I agree with everything you have said here except the “60 to 70% everybody is already paying”. They are paying that in Socialist Countries and yet we are not quite that high yet, right?

Dennis Miller, who is one of those “bad rich people” pays 48% of every dollar earned. We don’t pay that much, and yet we Pay Way TOO MUCH of our hard earned money.

No MORE tax Increases! Ubama was on the GMA show today talking about taxing the Rich again today. I guess he was campaigning instead of running our Country into the ground even further.

2015 years 10 months ago

On top of that huge, VISIBLE chunk of money that comes out of every workers regular paycheck, add the nearly 10% that is tacked onto EVERYTHING you purchase. Then you have your property taxes, then your excise taxes, your white goods taxes, your environmental fees (taxes) every time your auto is in the shop. Look at the taxes applied to your next airline ticket, the gas tank you fill up, the alcohol you drink, the food you eat in restaraunts, the extra hotel taxes you pay when stay away from home. The taxes and fees when you purchase a new car, disposal taxes when you buy new tires. The taxes and “fees” imposed by the governmet on your cell phone and texting use. This list is ENDLESS and growing. The people of this country haven’t an idea how much is sucked out of their billfolds. Look at your bills and invoices! I dare you to keep track of your money that goes out to taxes!

60-70% is easily correct if not greater! Sometimes it seems the only difference between socialism and America is: With socialism, they tell you they are going to screw you and how bad. In America, they screw us, lie about it and try to convince us we’re getting a great deal!

I love this country with all my heart, but we don’t have honest angels with halos over their heads running it as some seem to believe. They sport Jimmy Baker smiles that are just as fake and dishonest as his was. But…get ready! The people WILL get fed up with this and…well…ever heard of revolution?!

2015 years 10 months ago

Lying about tax increases, promising that they’ll be temporary when you have no intention of allowing them to be temporary, is VERY BAD. Alas, the voters of North Carolina rained on your tax and spend frenzy last November.

Luckily, the Hag can’t veto this and the Democrats can’t stop it. Unless the law is renewed, it automatically expires….

…but ANY time you’d be willing to drop the income tax for a sales tax, I’m 100% behind you! Sales taxes are the ultimate in fair taxation. I just don’t want Democrats lying to me about them, either.

It’s just like Easley looting $33 million from the state’s E911 fund to balance the general budget. That money was collected specifically for E911 PSAP funding and carrier reimbursement, not to be used as Easley’s slush fund to to keep his pet projects alive. If we were collecting more than we needed, they should have reduced the tax rate, not continued to tax us for a fund Easley was stealing.

Honesty and ethical behavior really shouldn’t be all that difficult.

2015 years 10 months ago

or follow the television news media?

How many times has her Majesty & her predecessor used Lottery funds for budget balancing or other pet projects?

T Moore
2015 years 10 months ago

I thought the lottery was supposed to go to education? Wasn’t that why they passed the thing? And now they are talking about education cuts? Only makes sense if we were being lied to or someone is taking the money.

2015 years 10 months ago

Like the gas tax that is supposed to go to road maintenance but seems to flow into many other projects except for the roads. A law needs to be passed that money collected for a “project”, be it gas tax, lottery money by law has to go to the designated projects. Stop diverting funds for pet projects.

2015 years 10 months ago

if the Legislature would pass such a law, she would veto it.

Jonathan O'Briant
2015 years 10 months ago

Has anyone noticed how a lack of funds for the state has lead them to butcher the education plan? If you don’t care about your children’s future then maybe the twenty-five colleagues of mine that were fired this week over the sole fact that there is no money being spent on education.

Follow the money, it’s filtering straight up to the top. Education is probably no less wasteful than any other government program. That doesn’t change the fact that we are becoming the state with the least per student spending in the entire country.

Keep the tax and save jobs. More money for education means more teachers. More teachers gives you lower class sizes which has proven time and time again to help children grow more quickly. More money for education means more jobs. Our unemployment rates this year haven’t hit the spikes that we saw in 2010, but this doesn’t bode well for those numbers.

Remember in the 50s when income tax was at a staggering 90% for the highest tax bracket? That’s how you dig yourself out of a depression and expensive war.

2015 years 10 months ago

Has anyone noticed the attempt to link the expiring so called temporary sales tax increases to education? Here comes the rug worn “It’s for the children” plea.

Follow the money… The kids are a long way down that money trail with stops at bloated high priced administrations, self serving teachers’ associations’ demands, wasteful, inefficient and duplicated programs.

The sales tax goes into the general fund, not a lockbox education account. So the education budget is NOT directly linked to the tax.

Expire the tax. The 1 penny sales tax increase is actually a whopping 21 % increase in taxes (state rate (less the temporary tax) of 4.75% vs the temporary rate of 5.75% … 1/4.75= 21%) Most counties charge an additional 2% but New Hanover charges an additional 2.25% for a “temporary” bloated rate of 8%.

More money for education does not necessarily equal better results. Justify every dollar now spent and fund the programs that can demonstrate rubber on the road results. Drop wasteful, inefficient and unproductive programs.

Remember that the state sales tax rate in 2001 was 4%. How did we survive?

2015 years 10 months ago

Stinkin’ lousy Democrats! They never met a tax they didn’t love AND get addicted to!

2015 years 10 months ago

The Bush tax cuts were suppose to be temporary also. This shouldn’t bother you so much, afterall it applies to everyone and its only 1%. I hope when they let Bush’s tax cuts expire you are near a doctor.

John Difloure
2015 years 10 months ago

Just remember the NEA and their pet democrats next election.


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