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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The chair of the Pender County Board of Health has resigned along with three members.

Chair Terri King and members Heather O’Brien, Bobby Watkins and Robert Zambrowski submitted their resignations Friday. In their letters to the board, several of the members cited their reasons for stepping down was due to negativity and progress hampered by Pender County Board of Commissioners Chair George Brown.

Brown responded in a letter saying commissioners have given every effort to work with the board of health.

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  • SurfCityTom

    any Pender County resident surprised? Let’s hope Mr. Brown has no imput on replacements.


    It looks like he tired of pressuring the planning department. maybe we can keep the current planning director for awhile until he turns his sights back on them. What is with this guy? Even the other commissioners talk about what a tyrant he is. How did we ever get to this in this county?

    Rest up planners! You’ll need it eventually.

  • Guest1967

    I am wondering exactly what is at stake here. The budget just came out and they are talking about the possibility of raising taxes. Nobody from county government has explained the “slush fund” they have saved up though and what it is being held onto for. That is OUR money that they are sitting on. Either use it, return it, or stop talking about raising taxes to pad an already fat bank account!

  • guest1967

    Well, I guess we get to see what Brown’s agenda is soon enough. This guy is really a piece of work. Watch how many of the newly installed members of the BOH are going to be personal acquaintances of his. Brown has been trying to get control of the BOH for some time now and work some sort of personal agenda he has going. Just when I thought we would have some good things happening in Pender with republicans taking control back we get THIS instead. He has proven to be nothing but smug, arrogant, and argumentative at every turn and then, when called on it he claims victim status.

    Where is Carolyn Justice when we need her? The Pender County Health Dept. had some issues but the Board Of Health had some quality members sitting on the board. Allowing Brown to stomp his feet and throw his little tantrums and chase off people who are capable fo doing a great job for this county is just stupid!

    2014 can’t get here soon enough!


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