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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – On 05-07-2011, BCVN Agents arrested two women in a prostitution sting in the Shallotte area.

Agents also seized cocaine, Xanax, and a smoking pipe during the arrest.

Arrested was: Melissa Gail Woods, 34, of Sasspan Dr. Shallotte, N.C.
Charges: Solicit For ProstitutioN, Solicit For Crimes Against Nature, Misdemeanor Conspiracy, IV-D Non –Support of a Child
Bond: $2,836.00

Also arrested was: Coral Lynn Halloran, AKA Corall Halloran, 19, of Wilkes Street SW Supply, N.C.
Charges: Solicit For Prostitution, Solicit For Crimes Against Nature, Felony possession of cocaine, Possession of schedule 4 controlled substance (Xanax), Possession of drug paraphernalia, Misdemeanor Conspiracy, Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
Bond: $8,000.00

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8 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: Two nabbed for prostitution"

2015 years 10 months ago

Were you high when writing this? If yes, then I was right!!

If no, I will write in a language you will understand, OMG ;.)

Run…Do not Walk….Run, Back to School! I guess you dropped out, but so what?

An education can turn this all around for you. In a few years, it will be waaaaay too late…you are young enough now to get away from this messed up life with bad friends…so even tho everyone will mock me for ‘wasting’ my time… I know what I am talking about.

You are at a crossroad right now. Each and every reader has you pegged as a lifelong loser right now.
Are you a LOSER??? WIll you always be a Loser? In trouble with the law? Your CHOICE!!!

You Truly HAVE a Choice.

You said, “this $#@* has ruined mylife”.

Not Quite, but I have witnessed many, many lives ruined because of POOR DECISIONS, LACK OF EDUCATION, PISS POOR CHOICES OF FRIENDS, so UNLESS you want to live a life of prostitution, drugs, alcohol, homelessness and utter misery, tell that Family who LOVES you so so much to send you away, after you serve your time.

SEND HER Back to school, she is functionally illiterate at Nineteen years old, when most young women have completed their freshman year of college. As soon as humanely possible, get her the heck out of Brunswick County, it is her ONLY hope!

Sadly, I don’t think anyone cares about her… a lot.

2015 years 10 months ago

So you are crying because you have been exposed as a hooker? Make better life choices sweetheart and you won’t have mug shots taken or have to explain anything. Maybe spend a little time in school to learn proper word usage and punctuation.

I hope eye didn’t waist my time posting two ewe if you don’t here me.

Bradley grahamb
2015 years 10 months ago

hey its bradley ur ex

2015 years 10 months ago

I am corals TRUE friend… wait wait excuse me Coral’s true friend. You know people like all of you, who sit back and judge people from things the media and other people miss guide you with is pathetic. None of you know her, know who she is, what she has in life, who loves her, and what she has been through. I myself, a mother of two, with a high school diploma and 2 years of college education behind me , and a manager of a high chain business have also been through hell in my life. I’ve been where she is (aside from prostitution) and that was after the education. Things happen in life and guess what ??? IT”S LIFE !!! You can’t control everything. For you guys to judge her (or anyone for that matter) just pushes people further and further down. You need to encourage them , let them know they made a mistake , let them know you believe they will get better, and they are better then this . I am extremly disgusted and discouraged about the population we have in this country by just reading these few comments that people post on this mug shots. CORAL I KNOW YOU ARE STRONG, SMART, AND WILL GET PASSED THIS ! GROW FROM IT , LEARN FROM IT , AND YOU WILL SUCCEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, even if no one else does !!! MUAH =D

2015 years 10 months ago

First off, one needs to accept that they have a problem. Second, they need to make an attempt to get the help. Everyone makes mistakes in life, we all know that. People make their own choices and need to face the music when caught. Learn from their mistakes and reach out for the help when it’s offered. In short, your right.. you can’t control everything, however you can control yourself from not selling your body for a few bucks.
You talk about the media and how it all “misguides” us.. that’s funny. Lets make this real simple.. was she arrested? For what? Is it true? Ok that was simple, guess its not misleading. Secondly, you should have learned how to spell better if you have a 2 year college education and a High School diploma. *Misguide not Miss guide. I’m sure Walmart is thankful to have you as a shift manager, but my company wouldn’t take a second look at you.

Corol, you can make a change in your life if you try. Accept help when you can. Your life is filled with your choices and a few variables. Good luck.

2015 years 10 months ago

Quote from Amber: “You can’t control everything”

But you can control if you spread your legs for cash.

Johnny Kahkring
2015 years 10 months ago

I could totally get these girls off. I’d be all like, “Your highness, look at these girls! They obviously aren’t charging money for carnal favors, you can tell these two law abiding honeybunnies would do anything you asked them for free!”

And my clients would naively nod in agreement. CASE DISMISSED!

2015 years 10 months ago

Id appreciate whoever choose to comment, or even add this to the network where my family, my friends, people that care alot about me not wanting to even hear me say hey read this much happen see my mugshots?! That is uncalled for…. this $#@* has ruined mylife and I dont get why ppl can lie and make up so much crap but when it comes down to it 06-03-11 Brunswick county,Nc will feel like idiots and I hope they feel bad cause “thank you guys” I have to start over all again! :/


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