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Mother of girl sexually battered on school bus says punishment doesn't fit crime

READ MORE: Mother of girl sexually battered on school bus says punishment doesn't fit crime

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- An incident on a Columbus County school bus Friday has many parents worried about their children's safety and well being.

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office says a 15-year-old boy sexually battered a 12-year-old girl on a school bus.

School bus number 48 takes students from Acme-Delco Elementary and Middle schools to and from school every day, but Friday witnesses say one student crossed the line on a dare, and the victim's mother says not enough is being done about it.

"Had this been a caucasian little girl and a black boy jumped on her, it would have been handled," the victim's mother Rochanda Darden said.

Darden says her daughter was fondled on her school bus Friday afternoon.

"Her clothes were all ripped up where he was holding her down, forcing her down," Darden said.

Darden was told a boy on the bus was dared by his friends to hold her daughter down and put his private parts in her face.

"He got dared by three little boys, Darden said. "They bet him a pair of sneakers that he would not do it, and he did it."

Darden says she was notified by a parent, not the school, of the incident. When she went up to the school Monday, she was told the boy was suspended for 10 days and that the bus driver was fired. Darden says she doesn't think the punishment fits the crime.

"This is not the first time he has done this," she said. "He has done it to several other little girls, and the bus driver knew and did nothing about it."

Another concerned parent said her child rides the same bus and saw everything. She did not want to be on camera, but she says she cannot believe more isn't being done. She said is sick of the problems at the school being overlooked.

"There's never any repercussions whatsoever to what these children done at this middle school," the parent said.

Darden says she wants to make sure something happens to punish those involved so they learn their lesson.

"I don't know what's going to happen next but, I'm going to push it to the fullest limit, because something has got to be done, because I wouldn't want this to happen to somebody else's child," Darden said.

The Columbus County School Board says both the boy involved as well as the bus driver have been dealt with accordingly at this point in the investigation. There is no word on what will happen to the boys who dared the other child, but we've been told the video from the bus will be used in the criminal investigation.

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Why does this have to go to

Why does this have to go to court? Let the family of the 12 yr old girl deal with the 3 boys. The court system does not work. It will be a long drawn out process and nothing will get done about it. These boys will do it again and again and again. Justice should be quick and decisive. Take care of the problem yourself.

Have you lost your mind

Have you lost your mind ?????????????????????????????????"
These are children you're dealing with!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
Why should they have to deal with with ilierit idiots whose been taught to do as they please? I can't believe you're treating them this way. They are children who shouldn't have to deal with stupid morons !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blacks just reinforce the idea of them being on a lower intelligence level when they speak this way. If you want to be treated like you are intelligent then you have to act like it. When you speak like this you sound like a bunch of fools with no education and no brains.


I usually disagree with many of your posts, but not this one. You're dead on.....

Which ones?

Which post have you disagreed with because I do not recognize your name?

i wish one of dem lil

i wish one of dem lil perverts woulda been my child o done sumthing lik dat 2 a child close 2 me i'd beat da living hell outta him either way, 10 days suspenison wtf dats not a very gud punishment 4 wat he did i believe da parents should b able 2 tak charges out on dat kid because dat is jus wrong...!!! evry1 of dem boys nd gurls 4 dat matter who let dat go on onda bus needs 2 b slapped 2 dey should help each other nd knw rite from wrong at dat age...!!!i hope his parents o da courts give him a better punishment den wat da skool did...!!! lil boy u lucky im not ur mother....!!!

Betcha 10 cent....

YUR Messin' Wid uz, rite?

eye no u cnt be dis bad, beecuz da skolz hrein dis airia ranks 48 oudda 50. Ur mudder taut u's dat 48 oudda 50 is rite at theTOP, and is godda nuf 2git BYE. wtf bak acha!

And you would win...

This is not that is a serious reply...probably just written to incite...smh


What in the heck was this comment? I have never seen such an improper use of the English Language in all my days of grading school papers! If you were my student you would get an F-. I hate to say it but race shows itself in language skills. I just wonder how WWAY allowed this to slip through the cracks.

You are a teacher and make

You are a teacher and make racist remarks. This is why "Blacks", write this way (some). People this is the kind of person that are teaching our children.

...Really, "race shows

...Really, "race shows itself in language skills"? Where do you live? I don't think that's a fact for every city or state, maybe just in the town that you live in...

I think race shows itself in MANY areas around there!!!

If you're anyone's Mother,

God help them.

A 2 year old has better literacy skills than you've displayed.

Ad on something this significant, you attempt to detract attention form the real issue.

You should be ashamed; if you're capable.

It's a good thing your not

It's a good thing your not his mother. I really think someone needs to go back to school and work on thier grammer. Ebonics much???

....that would be *their*, I

....that would be *their*, I think a few need to get on their knees and pray. It's not about ebonics, it's not about the color of your skin, it's about being fair, treating each other with kindness and love, taking responsibilities for your actions! Don't beat each other up, prayer is a necessity!!! Especially now!

Don't forget Grammer is

Don't forget Grammer is actually grammar. :)

Also this should not be about color at all, the boy should have been expelled and possible criminal charges OR have a psychological evaluation. Just my opinion.

Try posting again

But this time post using English. Your hood speak is too hard to follow.

*hood?* ....could you please

*hood?* ....could you please define that word for us...

Hood Definition

Hood-Speak = Ghetto-Speak; Definition: The manner in which minorities speak to one another as to avoid understanding from educated persons.


Where have you been? White kids use "hood-speak" just as well as minorities.

Very true

Hood speak isn't confined to one race. It seems to perpetuate in lower class, uneducated people.

Why should it matter?

Why should it matter what color she was or he was? This little pervert thug wannabe attacked her, and the school system tucked their tails and ran. I hope the DA has the fool put away for as long as possible. This is not a case of he made a mistake, he attacked a girl knowing what he was going to do to her, and according to the article he has done this before. Put him away as an adult,and keep him locked up forever.

being judged look at ur life

U know it seems to be everyone is judging this little boy and really no one knows what happen yet their are 2 side to this story and know this this for a fact. the truth will come out soon.For one if it is true what the boy did i am sure his parents will make him do the time ..But this girl is also known as a scholl lier and has been sent home from school for showing to much skin. and this yr alone she has been in iss and oss up to ten days as well so before any goes and JUDGES ANYONE LOOK AT UR LIFE cause when the good lord takes u he is going to be wondering why u were judging someone because none of us have that right this boy comes from good family morals and Disciplined family ..and Christian family and they are hard working parents no sucking off the walfare foodstamp system but i do beleave that some people have a struggle with life and need asst but ur whole life come on now people who's attacking who, who's attacking who, that's wrong to attack family...stay in your place. The good Lord is not only looking at others judge but also your judging! Practice what you try to preach!

You are judging this little

You are judging this little girl. What this boy done is wrong and there is no right in it. He should be punish. And I personally know this family and this little girl is being raise in a christian invironment. So don't be so quick to judge. We as parents need to come together to save our children. As for those little boys I am sure the parents is dealing with them. We need to lift our children up in prayer and help them to deal with life crisis that they will face. Theses children has so much to deal with. Our children need our help.

Showing too much skin?

So basically what you are saying is that if a woman shows too much skin she deserves to be sexually attacked or raped? Whether this boy comes from a good home or not, his actions are his own. Whether his parents are on welfare or not on welfare is irrelevant. Gain some intelligence. I see your education level is quite limited. As it is with many in columbus county who can't see past what's in front of them. GET A LIFE!! No one deserves to be treated that way. In other counties his ass would have been served a warrant and locked up by now. So you say don't judge this boy but yet you have already judged this girl because of disciplinary problems she has had in school. That is irrelevant. If this boy is a repeat offender and the bus driver did nothing, then that and his latest actions should be the issue.

Those good family values and

Those good family values and morals taught him by his family sure didn't make much difference when he was holding that young girl down and putting his genitals in her face.
Obviously well taught at home.

how would u know

how would u know were u there do u know the family .. do u know the girl of the boy no u dont

Not texting

Feel free to use complete words and punctuation when attempting to get a point across. There isn't a limit on the number of characters you use.

Racial Comments Unwelcome

Being Native American I find the comments to be somewhat out of date. As a Native American I know that both the white man and the black man contributed to the deaths of millions of "MY" people. The first slave in America came from America, an escaped Native American called Squanto who was kidnapped and taken to Europe as an oddity to perform for the wealthy aristocrats of that period. When the Europeans moved to America they also brought slaves with them call Indentured Servants who sold themselves for the cost of passage to America. This trade still continues today to provide cheap labor for underground sweat shops. As for the Black man in America it's a proven fact that many slave traders were also black buying and selling just like the rest of the races. My point is that what ever color you are there's a good possibility that former slaves were many different colors not just black and from many different countries not just Africa. So if you want to use the former slave and race card I suggest that you do research to find out the true nature of slavery through out history.

Thank you!!

Thank you!!