FIRST ON 3: Police investigating report of sexual assault behind downtown gay bar

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Submitted: Wed, 05/11/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Wed, 05/11/2011 - 12:25pm


Case#: 2011-020644
Time: 3:15 a.m. – Friday morning
Location: 100 Betten Court (alley)
Offense: 1st degree sex offense

Summary: While on routine patrol, officers discovered a 24-year-old man in the alley behind Slice of Life and Ibiza. He was naked except for a trash bag wrapped around his waist, and he appeared to be urinating on a vehicle in the parking lot.

Initially, the victim, who was intoxicated, did not want to talk about what had happened because he said he was afraid a family member would find out.

After further questioning, he said had been sexually assaulted in the alley by a man he had met in the bar. He said the two men had performed consensual sex acts on each other earlier in the evening in a restroom inside the bar, but he said the second incident (outside in the alley) was forced.

The scene was processed for evidence and the victim was taken to the ER for evidence collection there. The case remains under investigation.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    was he charged with anything? Did he spill his guts and name the other party?

    NC may be backward and behind the times. But, unless the legislature takes action this year, there are certain sex acts which are considered “crimes against nature”.

    Since he admitted to certain activities, did they charge him with “an act against nature”?

    The media is really missing out here.

    Bring Springer to town & let him do a few shows in our beautiful downtown. Imagine the hilarity in watching this guy, and his new friend, when the new friend’s spouse or significant other comes on stage.

    How about Oprah & Cosby doing a couple of segments on the gang element and those clubs such as Rhino. They may need interperters as these 5 star Gang Generals barely speak literately.

    For that matter, maybe the City could convice Oprah to drop a few million and build a Hotel next to the Convetion Center.

    On another note, why not try investigative reporting WWAY. Turn the evening news anchors loose downtown, after the 11:00 news, and see what investigative reporters can develop. I can see Chris & Cachy wandering downtown with a cameraman.

    Scene 1 — they come upon 2 young men. One seems to have his face in the crotch of the other. Chris — “excuse me; what are you doing there?” Cachy — “is that a crime against nature? You need to move to another state where it is not. Try Indiana”

    Scene 2 — it’s 3 AM. They happen to be in the parking lot at Market & Kerr. Young gentlemen are exiting the nearby club. Chris — “excuse me; what are you going to do with that gun? Gutteral response, which no one understands for the pistol holder. Cachy — “I really like the color and pattern of your tee and head gear. Where can I get those?” Another gutteral response which no one understands although Cachy gets a panic look on her face as he puts his arm around her; begins guiding he toward the 63 Impala; and calls her Mama.

    Scott — you’re really missing some opportunities here to boost your ratings. Maybe you could include the Mayor as part of the roving news team.

    It’s been a long day already.

  • Guest5522 says:

    The man was not raped. If this would have happened between a man and woman then it would have been rape, but not two men. Read your NC general statues people.

  • Tired of peope claiming to be Christian judging others says:

    Funny…but did you not contradict yourself?.. as you did say that to GOD, ALL men are created equal. I do not think GOD would find it your place to judge either!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    these thought provoking posts?

    It must have been a slow day somewhere?

  • SurfCityTom says:

    folks like you would be prepping for a trip down below while others would be packing for a trip upstairs.

    Perhaps part of the challenge for people like you is that Common and I back up our posts, for the most part, with fact. Verifiable Fact.

    That’s likely something you would not recognize as most of your posts start and end with LMAO.

    We can be wrong. Not often; but we can be wrong.

    And we freely admit we express a conservative view point. Again, something entitlement recipients and society’s leaches would hide from.

    So prove us wrong. Do some reading and research. Or sit in Columbus County and LMAO. And people wonder why Columbus County is the way it is.

  • fozbot98 says:

    I was going to refrain from comment but this is just too easy. First, as you all have been informed, the correct charge is crime against nature; not rape. For it to be “rape’ your victim has be female, your assailant has to be male. Bottom line. There is another element specific to rape but I don’t think it would make it past the editors. But, I think you can figure it out.

    Another good point was raised. Was the “victim” charged with crime against nature for his willingness to participate in sex acts with another man in the bathroom? He broke the law and admitted it. I dont care what happened in the alley later, he broke the law in the bathroom. He should be charged. If the assailant is ever arrested, if he is charged with the crimes in the bathroom, his partner better be also.

    Now, someone said God made people gay and they were born that way. How can I put this politely? Horse Hockey! All men are created equal and endowed by their creator. Men and women were created with certain sexual organs to be fruitful and multiply. If you are a homosexual, that is your choice. I dont care either way. I dont agree with it and I choose not be a part of it. You were not born that way. You saw a lifestyle and CHOSE to become part of it. Deal with it and stop blaming everyone else for your choices and mistakes.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Had this happened to a woman who freely admitted that she had just serviced the guy in the rest room, I’d call her a pig and have no sympathy for her at all.

    I don’t comprehend why this is so confusing to you Nirods. It’s not about “gay.” It’s about having what is supposed to be a warm, meaningful experience, in my opinion the greatest thing since sliced bread, in a stinky crapper….and then crying the blues when your lover is waiting for you outside. Oh, I’m sorry….was he supposed to think that you were some fine, upstanding citizen of high moral character?

    As I said in the first post, I’d bet that monogamous gay couples despise this kind of conduct, because it perpetuates and reinforces the belief that gay sex is dirty and disgusting.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    You have just proven a post I made earlier today. I can make a mistake. Unlike so many who post here, I will stand up; admit I erred; and apolgize.

    Maco is in Brunswick County.

    Based upon your last statement, how do you explain Senator Soles’ repeated re-elections?

  • CCResident says:

    SurfCityTom, You are wrong in that post. Maco is not in Columbus County. Try again. We don’t support gays and treehuggers in Columbus County.

  • ColumbusCounty Resident says:

    Don’t knock it pal. I have had quite a few heterosexual encounters in some bathrooms, cinemas, clubs, a dairy cooler in a grocery store and even a couple of restaurants. I always felt like I better take advantage of it while she was in the mood.
    You have too much Common Sense….or maybe not enough.

  • HampsteadHarry says:

    What would the Seals that killed Bin Laden think?

  • 12345 says:

    How is it that all these critical folks know what the mood, smell, and cleanliness of Ibiza’s bathroom?

    I guess it’s true, the ones that make all the fuss usually have some skeletons in their closet.

    What your favorite night of the week to go?

  • Clevenative says:

    Any night you are there is fine with me. See ya soon.

  • Gueste says:

    Went with the classic “I’m rubber you’re glue” approach.

  • Guest1972 says:

    There is so much that’s completely wrong in your post…where to begin? The State of NC is stuck in the middle ages when it comes to sexual assault, as many other states (and nations) are. However, the truth is plain and simple. Non-consensual sex (with or without penetration) is rape. A woman can rape another woman even without penetration. A man can rape a woman without penetration. A man can rape a man without penetration. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, as Will Shakespeare said. However you call it, it still is unwanted sexual contact and it still is rape.

    What happened in the bathroom is not under question. That was consensual sex and thus ok (regardless of where it happened). What happened behind the alley, however, assuming it did happen, is certainly rape or, if you want, non-consensual sex. Whenever someone says “No” the other party has to stop. If the other party continues, then it’s rape.

    As for the nature vs. nurture argument with regards to homosexuality, I know for a fact I was born straight. But I also know people who knew for a fact who were not straight. Who would willingly choose to ‘become’ homosexual so as to be discriminated against, hated, derided or even killed (see Matthew Shepherd)?

    As to the argument that God wanted us to be fruitful and multiply, that’s just your religious belief with which I and others don’t agree. There are over 6 billion people on this earth, most of whom are barely surviving as is. Just in the U.S., there are thousands of kids who are in the foster care system because they are unwanted or abused. Their parents certainly did multiply and may have met God’s goals, but they have failed as human beings and parents.

    Since I am unable to have kids and have had to have a hysterectomy due to cancer, I guess I must be worthless in the eyes of your God as a woman… I’m glad my husband values me for the person I am and not for my having (or not) a uterus.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Everyone has been in a bar’s bathroom, and no one has ever been impressed with their cleanliness. I’m sure that drunk gays miss the urinal as often as drunk straight guys.

    You’re not trying to reinforce yet another sterotype about all gays being fastidious, prissy and having spotlessly clean bathrooms, are you?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I don’t care where you’ve done it. I’m older and can probably top you in a contest of weird places to have had sex.

    There is only ONE location we’re talking about here – a toilet in a bar. We’re not talking about on your girlfriend’s clean bathroom counter, we’re talking about a typical bar with a typical bathroom and all the typical atmosphere of any bathroom used by lots of drunks.

    Lemme preach it again, breathren….YUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!

  • Guest5522 says:

    The society as a whole which the law governs says that being raped has to involve a penis and a vagina. We are in the land of the free people if you do not like our laws move to another country where you can be raped in a court yard and no one cares. guest1972 this man was not raped plain and simple, people get over it. This man admitted to sexual acts with another of which are against the law. He should be charged as well as the other guy. Maybe he should reflect on his actions what put him in that situation.

  • CC resident says:

    He is not from Columbus County. He lives on the taxpayer’s state built Lake Tabor which is independent.(no rules, government, etc.) That tract was cut out of Columbus County years ago and went independent. As a majority, people in Columbus County vote democrap because of farming etc…. and the free things given from that form of government. I think you are seeing that change here now. It is hard to beat people who buy votes and scratch others backs all the time. The Jon David deal with Jolly right now is just a witch hunt by the old corrupt group.
    As a majority, tree huggers/liberals are not tolerated. If so, they stay in the closet for the most.

  • Guest333 says:

    To the Downtown “Historical” Socialites:

    Were countless hours of meetings worth it???? Was it really urgent to make prospective “respectable” business owners adhere to all of the silly guidelines of brick and mortar? Happy?

    Guess what? NOW, no one even WANTS to open in Downtown anymore as there are so many other nice places that don’t have old, frumpy, stodgy historical committees to contend with. Hope you people are happy, you are 100% responsible for the blight.

    Have you read the headlines today? Gay RAPE in the ALLEYWAYS. Lovely! Breaktaking! Scenic?

    Do you think we should have ALLOWED good businesses to enter the downtown arena, instead of doing everything immaginable to weed the historically challenged out. So, how’s it work? Oh yeah, the downtown BARS “HISTORICALLY” are the ONLY ones that can afford dimwitted attempts to keep downtown historically correct, as you people REQUIRE.

    Downtown has become URBAN BLIGHT, and there is nothing QUAINT about it.

    Enjoy! Live it! Breathe it! YOU OWN IT. You can HAVE IT!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Penetration (or intrusion) IS INDEED an element of proof in many rape statutes. They will often state words to the effect of…”Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.”

  • Guest6858 says:

    Wow….I can’t believe this is even a top story. Do you think the title could have read “….behind downtown bar?” I mean, I’m heterosexual but would a news organization ever entitle a story “….behind a downtown heterosexual bar?” Come on guys.

  • Guest1111 says:


  • Guest112313123 says:

    Yea, way to call them out. Wonder why they didn’t refer to Club 609 or Rhino as “black clubs”. I am completely astonished at how prejudicial this story title is.

  • noneya says:

    so.. if a woman breaks into your home and rapes you with a broom stick then it’s not rape? because she and you both are women? what a nice christian woman you must be!

  • rick pittman says:

    i agree , the historical hysteria is ridiculous.
    today’s different is tomorrow’s historical.
    if you want to preserve the history of a building….you buy it.Don’t just demand to approve (or disapprove OF YOUR NEIGHBOR’S EFFORTS ON HIS own PROPERTY.
    Mind your own business and let others fix their property like they want. It’s not as if the historical hysterics are preserving downtown for the better…..that’s only their opinion. Liberty and private property rights are more important to society than opinionated Architecture Nazis.And how many of those in the Historical Society were actually BORN HERE?…..just curious…..(BTW, that ought to be a requirement to even be considered for that board, if they are going to force others to their historical imaginings , they should at least be historically accurate as native citizens themselves….or just go tell their own (historical)
    hometown how to rebuild.

  • Guest for the day says:

    Don’t debate with commonNOsense or Surf City bomb. If you don’t know by now their opinions are never wrong. LMAO in Maco.

  • Phillyguy says:

    What ever happened to staying home on a Saturday night and playing pinochle or having a Mitch Miller sing-a-long party. Harmless fun

  • Disgusted in Brunswick County says:

    IF this had happened to a woman you all would be singing a different tune wouldn’t ya?
    I don’t know what is wrong with society today. People are gay! They’re BORN like that…GET THE HECK OVER IT. They’re not wrong, they’re not dirty, they’re not sinners and going to burn in the fires of hell…you know why? Because God made them that way. They’re not genetic mistakes…They are human beings, just like you.
    Those of you who are writing all this crap should be terribly ashamed of yourselves.
    Do you lead perfected lives? Have you never said a hurtful thing in your life? Have you never told a white lie? I bet you have, I bet you’ve broken the law and done all sorts of things too, but hell that’s okay because you’re straight right? You people need to GROW up and realize that people are people, no matter what race, creed or sexual orientation.
    I will pray for the lot of you tonight when I go to sleep…I think YOU are the ones who need the prayers..

    REMEMBER NO MEANS NO!! Doesn’t matter WHO it happened to. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

  • Guest77 says:

    Your right this time, you would only get a laugh or 2, “cuz” conservatives just ain’t funny.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    or at least I assume that was a compliment.

    There have been better posts.

    I’m thinking seriously about compiling all of my posts and having them published. Ought to be good for a laugh or 2.

    And some of those who take shots at Common and I might read it and improve their spelling and speech skills. As an example, when someone writes “cuz” in one of these posts, are they trying to communicate “because” or “cousin”?

    Now there’s a course worth organizing and offering on WWAY at 5 AM. Street Slang 101. Maybe get it accredited and offer 3 college credits. Professor Common & Professor Surf City alternate daily class sessions.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    have an alibi. He was prepping to be Grand Marshall in the Strawberry Festival parade. OR, he was working to secure bond for BJ Wright. OR, he was meeting with Frog’s builder to rebuild the house.

    On another note, so much for Ru Paul bringing his/her drag queen show from Cable TV to Wilmington.

    And, people wonder why we raise the bridge each evening to stem the flow of traffic.

  • Lowrider says:

    I do believe that is the most hillarious thing you have EVER wrote!!!

  • Guest2769 says:

    “we”? What bridge do you raise in Surf City?

  • Just-Us says:

    I beg to differ! WWAY did not bash RC Soles they reported the news which happens to be what they do and it’s perfectly legal. If you want to protect that precious little gem called Columbus County from a collection of “Garbage” don’t you think that WWAY might be able to help provide information to the authorities by using news stories to get the public involved to clean the place up. As far as gang infested areas look at South Columbus the Tabor City area ruled by the bootleggers for decades, shootings, stabbings and cuttings are still going on. Have you forgotten that your precious RC himself was just convicted recently for the shooting of Kyle Blackburn. What I’m saying is, “Better clean your own house of danger before you lock your door at night.” Lay off WWAY let them do their job if it wasn’t for them who knows how bad it may have gotten before some one got killed.

  • Columbus County Taxpayer says:

    Wilmington has become the melting pot for all types of garbage. You all have no room to talk about Columbus County ever again. Thugs doing drive by shooting in your neighborhood gang infested areas, shootings and stabbings outside of your bars, homosexual rapings….
    WWAY, you have no room to bash RC Soles ever again or Columbus County. Your town has plenty of tabloid news to report. Homosexual acts being performed in the bathroom and then homosexual raping outside of the club in the alley?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …we can’t talk about R.C. Soles?

    Your argument is that there is just as much filth in New Hanover County, but I disagree. There is MORE in New Hanover County. Our thugs are more prevalent and more violent. Our drunks mow down people TWO at a time!

    Still, that doesn’t mean that Creepy Old Guy gets a pass…

    …by the way, does he have an alibi for the time period when this crime occured?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    “I don’t know who is more disgusting you or the perpetrator?”

    How about the guy who was having sex in the public toilet with his “perpetrator?”

    Here’s some free advice: Find a nice guy, set up house, live a nice, relatively normal life, and you will find that being gay is fairly risk-free and widely accepted. You’ll find that most people truly don’t care what trips your trigger. There are two gay men down the road from my house and they lead a life as remarkably hum-drum as any heterosexual marriage. Everyone in the area knows that they’re gay and no one cares.

    However, keep cruising parks, having sex in public bathrooms, and going through multiple partners every night out if you want to, but please don’t whine when you get beaten up or test HIV positive.

    Were it not for the tacky, sordid behavior of people like these two “bathroom bangers,” the old, antiquated ideas about gays would have vanished long ago.

  • Guest5522 says:

    I really feel for the person that has to collect the so called evidence.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …are just as disgusting as men? I can assure you that in college, the military, and any other interlude in my life, I have NEVER had sex in any type of public restroom.

    It must be something about the younger generation – foul odors and urine soaking into the knees of your bluejeans don’t bother you.

    BTW, as far as the “alleged rape goes,” credibility goes out the window when you freely admit that you had sex with him a few minutes or hours earlier. Don’t confuse rape with round two.

    Welcome to real life.

    Oh, but it was a valiant effort to try and turn this around to be about me, and not the two disgusting pigs in the story….

  • Guest1972 says:

    Sex happens all the time everywhere. To deny that people have sexual lives is to deny one of our basic reasons for existence. I never had sex in a public restroom either, but I’m pretty darn sure that it happens now as it did back when I was in college.

    Credibility does NOT go out of the window when a consensual sex act occurs and then the other sexual act that follows is non-consensual. In other words, you don’t get a freebie if you have already had consensual sex.

    No matter how many times, if at any time the other person says NO, then the sexual act (whether it’s the first time or the hundredth) must stop or else it’s rape.. plain and simple. If I am saying no to round 2 and round 2 continues, it’s rape. That’s the law and it’s a crime. If a husband has sex with his wife and she says no, guess what… it’s rape, even if it is the millionth time they have sex.

    As for the people in the story, I wonder whether they’d be described as ‘pigs’ if they had been a heterosexual couple.

  • Guest333 says:

    Thanks for the lesson plan, teach!
    I for one would agree with the commonsense post and easily and quickly call the pair “pigs”.

    WHY not?

    First, for having sex in the PUBLIC bathroom, followed by having sex in the urine soaked DOWNTOWN public alley. (Glad I don’t live or EVER go down there!) What are they, if not sweathogs who like to wallow in urine? Maybe it’s their fetish and that is all good?

    And… as my post said on Sunday, the poor people who live downtown have a daily dose of urine and vomit on their vandalized vehicles. Isn’t that what this PIG was doing when he was caught “red handed?”

    WHY? Oh why would you defend someone who is so inebriated that he is using a garbage bag because YOU do realize what happened IN his pants, right? PIG!

    Do you NOT think that this “scumbag” deserves to be labled a PIG for the REST of his LIFE for pi$$@#! on another persons property??? And where the hell were his pants? or his underwear? Or his I.D.? Pig is actually too darn good for the drunken scumbag.

    Oh, sorry, the “gentleman” drunken scumbag! Stay DOWNTOWN!!!

  • Guest461 says:

    The so-called victim in this case wouldn’t have a toe to stand on in court, much less a leg. There is zero credibility and no useable evidence here at all. “Commonse…” stated it plain and simple for you above. Easily, any half-decent defense attorney would have this filthy nonsense case thrown out in short order. The bad part is only part of the behavior of these two is mentioned. What about the intoxication levels? Alcohol use I’m sure…and the prissy ones love to huff that “RUSH” stuff, right? “Mr. Trashbag” (no pun intended) couldn’t have been at near his full senses while donning a trashbag and urinating on peoples cars in front of the police. Perhaps he was, but if so he should be committed for some serious evaluation!

    The only thing this article really does is once again point out in vivid detail just how sleazy, trashy and out of control our downtown area really is.

    Oh and to answer your final question… ANYONE lowering themselves to the level of having sex in a nasty mens public toilet can be easily described as “pigs, “dogs, “vermin” or any other creature that functions soley on instinct, not intelligence.

    During my life, I’ve had some pretty incredible and unique encounters. Anything like this just never happened to fit into my venue.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    If you say “no” in mid…um….coitus, it’s rape – to which I say, good luck trying to get a conviction.

    Any side bets on this case resulting in a rape conviction? In the absence of physical injury, juries almost always reject a rape charge when there was very recent consensual sexual intimacy.

    Unless your hypothetical husband beat the snot out of his poor wife, don’t even bother taking it to the grand jury. Once again, welcome to real life.

    You might also stop trying to paint me as some kind of anti-gay nutbag. I have no problems with gay men. I have a great problem with people of any gender who are so desperate/broke/disgusting/tacky that they can’t find a more suitable place for sexual activity than a public toilet.

    The sound of flushing and the odor of feces does not constitute mood music and incense to a normal mind.

  • Queen says:

    that gave me a good laugh

  • Appauled says:

    This is why things like this go unreported. I am gay and I can relate to this guy because I was assaulted in my early 20’s at Greenfield Lake because I was labelled as Gay. I was beaten, urinated on and needless to say, I got away from these two guys before more serious harm was done. Take it from me, I was not soliciting for sex, nor was i looking for it. I have sense enough not to put myself in those situations. This is not funny nomatter who it happened to whether you are straight, bisexual, homosexual or transgendered….Rape is Rape not matter to whom it occurs. That is why hate is running rampant through our society, if it were a straight person who was raped, you would feel differently, but of course this didn’t occur to a straight or female victim. No matter who you are a VICTIM IS A VICTIM regardless of race, creed, orientation or other. You should be ashamed of yourselves…how can look at yourself in the mirror after some of your biased reactions? I don’t know who is more disgusting you or the perpetrator?

  • guest9876 says:

    This is so sad and unfail. I hope he is ok and can keep meeting up in the restroom.

  • Guest461 says:

    What a classy place to visit, huh? Added to all the other mayhem that occurs every weekend downtown, now the gays have to add to it. “…consensual sex with each other in the bathroom…”? That alone should have some, “indecency/perverted sexual act in public” charges applied. Just what rock do these weirdos crawl from under to come and create this trouble every weekend?

  • Clevenative says:

    I’ll be ok.

  • Guest1972 says:

    Because I can tell you that plenty of girls and guys hooked up in bathrooms back when I was at NC State in the early 1990s. Nothing new there. Straight people have done the deed in parking lots, in restrooms, in closets etc. In fact, sexual orientation has nothing to do with location.

    The choice of location is NOT the issue. RAPE is the issue – non-consensual sex is the issue. It does NOT matter if the victim and perpetrator are of the same gender or not. It doesn’t matter that they had earlier sexual contact in a restroom. Unwanted sexual contact is rape. Saying ‘no’ means ‘no.’ Rape is rape and is not to be expected.

    You sound just like men who think they are owed sex because a woman dresses provocatively.

    Until these attitudes change, sexual assaults will continue – straight or gay or anything in between.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    With all due respect to your right to your own lifestyle, exactly how disgusting/broke/desperate do you have to be to have sex in a bar’s restroom? That’s not romance in the air, it’s old, stale urine.

    What did I say in that other post – “If you go swimming in a swamp full of alligators, don’t be surprised when you get bitten by an alligator?” You just happened to run into a guy much like yourself, only he felt that raping you in a filthy alley wasn’t any more disgusting than having “consensual sex” in a common use bathroom.

    I can only guess about this, but I’ll bet you that monogamous gay couples absolutely hate people like you (and your bathroom beau) for reinforcing all the old sterotypes about homosexuals.

  • Guest4396 says:

    This has got to be one for “Best of Craig’s List”. Needed a good laugh today..thanks, TV 3!

  • Guest1972 says:

    Rape/sexual assault can happen to any one, gay or straight. I hope this gentleman finds therapy and the medical assistance he needs and that the perpetrator is brought to justice.

    I am a woman who has never been sexually assaulted (thankfully), but I know many – both men and women – who have. It’s a lifelong scar that doesn’t get healed.

  • Guest461 says:

    The guy admitted to just having “consensual sex” with perp in the bars bathroom (which is a public facility, by the way). Perhaps the perp decided he would try for a little more outdoor fun without that enticing dirty toilet and urinal ambience. Perhaps the victim made up the “outdoor” story because he was caught outside by the police without his clothes on peeing on peoples cars. Almost as sick as his first act indoors.

    Keywords: Filty, perverted, unnatural, nasty, sick and twisted.

  • Guest1972 says:

    Why is it so hard for some people to get this?

    I don’t know if this person made the story up or not. That’s not my place – that responsibility rests with the judicial system.

    However, let’s assume just for a second the story is true. This was an intoxicated person who – let’s just say – was raped (in case you didn’t know, any unwanted sexual activity is rape). Whether this victim is male, female, homosexual or not does NOT matter.

    Whether the rape occurred in a public place, in a restroom, in jail, in a car, in school, at church, in the stadium, in a hotel room etc. DOES NOT matter. It’s still rape.

    Whether the victim is a prostitute or is drunk or is drugged up or dresses provocatively or doesn’t speak English or whatever DOES NOT matter. It’s still rape.

    It doesn’t matter that you disapprove of homosexual activity (since you describe it as ‘filty [sic], perverted, unnatural, nasty sick and twisted.’ Rape is rape.

    No wonder many people are still afraid of reporting sexual assault with the ‘wonderful’ attitudes out there. Most of the comments here perfectly illustrate why rape is one of the most unreported crimes.

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