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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Just days after graduation, community colleges across North Carolina got news of a potential 12 percent funding cut from the state. Students who rely on scholarships from the North Carolina Education Lottery may also lose funding.

The North Carolina House version of the budget cuts all lottery-funded scholarships for community college students and approves a 10 percent cut from state funding, but the Senate has proposed an additional two percent cut.

“Things that I know how to do are not really marketable anymore, so I want to come and see if I can get another degree and put myself into a more lucrative career field,” Chris Richards said.

Richards hopes to start at Cape Fear Community College in the fall, but state budget cuts are making it more difficult for him. Trying to get more money into county school systems, lawmakers want to take scholarship money from the lottery away from community colleges.

CFCC President Eric McKeithan says the loss of scholarships is bad. He says the extra two percent cut is even worse, and would mean turning away more applicants, less class availability and higher tuition.

“The very people who need us most, those people that have already lost jobs, those people that are fearful that their job will disappear, that are turning to community colleges all across North Carolina and looking for retraining in a field where there is a good strong job market, more of them will not be able to get in to community colleges as a result of this budget cut,” McKeithan said.

McKeithan said the cut would be around $750,000. That’s money necessary for providing supplies for programs like nursing, mechanics and truck-driving and training people of all ages take advantage of.

“You’ve got to measure North Carolina’s recovery in this economy by the success of people that are losing their jobs or that are fearful of losing their jobs, of being able to provide job training to enable them to work in a field that’s going to provide income for themselves and their families,” McKeithan said.

Richards said, “Education should be the absolute last thing to get cut. This is what’s going to bring up our bottom end, is getting people without the college degree, these people who don’t have marketable careers anymore, into school, get them trained, get them learning.”

President McKeithan hopes some of the lottery money will be returned for community college financial aid, but he said a tuition increase of $10 per credit hour is most likely inevitable.

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7 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: CFCC facing huge budget cuts; tuition hike likely"

2015 years 8 months ago

Education is the last thing that should cut in our state and our country. There are so many more things draining our economy, oil companies for example and tax cuts for the wealthy. It’s time our government start worrying about the big picture for ALL of us and not just who is getting rich OFF of us.

I personally think someone should find better uses of tax dollars for road work than having 20 men on a job site and 15 of them are standing on the side of the road twiddling their thumbs. I am sure other residents of North Carolina can come up with a list of ways to save money that don’t involve cutting funding for education. I am sure the only supporters of this can afford private schools and colleges for their children.

2015 years 8 months ago

You said,

“There are so many more things draining our economy, oil companies for example and tax cuts for the wealthy.”


“It’s time our government start worrying about the big picture for ALL of us and not just who is getting rich OFF of us.”


Chrissy, the “GOVERNMENT” is THE “so many more things draining the economy” of which you speak….

FACT~The sales tax that you paid on the flip flops that you just bought, and… the exorbinate 48% and higher wage taxes that our generous and “industrious” business people pay from their bountiful LABOR, (while also putting COUNTLESS people to work within their companies), helped fund Obama’s stimulus package (for one wasteful example), WHICH, in turn was WASTED and put no-one to work, helped put no one to school and failed miserably while wasting billions of wealthy peoples HARD EARNED MONEY. So to use the 48%: That is 48cents of every dollar, wasted! Is that FAIR to those industrious Americans?
Wealthy people are LEAVING the U.S. to live and they are taking their companies with them, to shelter their hard earned money from careless wasteful spending, so you and obama won’t be able to call out the “rich people” like they are the problem much longer!

Switzerland is one of the many exit strategies for “rich people”, but when they all leave the USA, there won’t be any oil companies to blame, or any companies or any businesses, because they will exit as well.
“The government is not the solution, the government is the problem” Ronald Reagan

Think about it all, very carefully! And you can still be an advocate for education, like I am!

2015 years 8 months ago

Apparently, you do not read the paper or watch the local news on a regular basis.

If you did either of those, every year, past, you would have seen the current and former Governors raiding the Lottery Fund to balance the State Budget or cover the cost of their pet projects.

Would these cuts be necessary had Bev not pulled over $35 Million from the Lottery Fund last year?

Here’s another tidbit. Look at the real costs of Medicaid. North Carolina borrowed $2.4 Billion over the past 5 years, from the Federal Government, to keep Medicaid afloat. And this coming fiscal year, North Carolina begins 5 years of interest only payments to the Feds. Try $143 Million this coming fiscal year; and that does not even touch the principal amount which will start being paid down in 2016.

Shall I continue?

How about this. The legislature is working on a budget which will require state employees, and dare I say it, teachers to begin paying a modest portion of their health care costs. And how they whine. And how Bev wants to stand up for teachers. The reality is anyone working in the private sector, who has an employer provided health care plan, has payroll deduction for a portion of the health care costs. Why should state employees and teachers be exempt from similar requirements? And please don’t throw out the garbage on how underpaid these folks are. The reality is their compensation is comparable to that of private sector employees. Don’t believe me; go look it up; there are various websites which allow you to check. Oh yeah, don’t forget paid vacations, and sick leave; both of which are more liberal than that enjoyed by private sector employees.

How about this? Put a time limit on Section 8 and Food stamp benefits for thephysically able. There are plenty of jobs with Food Lion, Lowes, and fast food franchises just to name a few. Why should a segment of the populace be willing to accept a free lifetime ride on the taxpayer’s nickel?

And while we’re at it, how about doing away with those free cell phones with voice mail?

And if we’re really going to do a good job, let’s start cutting those programs which promote the teen pregnancies and baby making machines which put a drain on the taxpayer and public resources. Let them do like they did years ago. Hold the Father accountable. Of course that assumes they would know who the Father is. Watch Maury and laugh as an unwed mother forces “suspected” fathers to undergo blood and DNA testing; and then watch her face when 12 or more suspected fathers are found not to be the Father. I’m certain her parents must be proud.

Enough for one day. There are plenty of ways to cut needless expenses. The whining liberals and Democrats will never allow it to happen. In fact watch the Democrats. The current fiscal quagmire was created during their watch. Now the Republicans must try to make chicken salad out of chicken manure. Do the Democrats and Bev accept accountability? NO Way. Lay the blame on the Republicans who are trying to clean up the mess.

2015 years 8 months ago

…except those nasty rich people who should be whipped like dogs until they give up every penny?

BTW, why not tell us how many oil companies are draining the North Carolina budget, since that is the source of funding for the community college and that is what they are talking about.

I have to agree – your post proves the need for a better education.

2015 years 8 months ago

Lets get these retards out of office! This is absurd that it has come to this. To take away from education during these hard economical times is just dumb. A lot of people are struggling to get by, and are trying to educate themselves. Lets not make that harder or impossible for them.

2015 years 8 months ago

….the state MUST take care of lazy, worthless slugs that lie around and do nothing but produce the next generation of lazy, worthless slugs. If the state did the right thing, placed a REAL limit on TANF and phased out Medicaid, none of these cuts to education would be necessary.

Ten minutes after the law was signed however (that’s assuming that the Hag was tripping on acid at the time), a federal judge would declare it unconstitutional.

According to every Democrat since Lyndon Johnson, those lazy, worthless slugs have a RIGHT to be lazy, worthless slugs, and you are obligated to support them.

2015 years 8 months ago

or other outrageously high paid management at CFCC will not be cut. They will most likley get a raise. What a joke, but then agian NHC comissioners rule the henhouse. Somebody has to pay their salaries, so get ready students.$$$$$$$$$$$


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