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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — High school graduation is getting close, and many students are thinking about their future.

A big-name newspaper says the superlatives students vote on during their senior year could mean more than an extra yearbook picture. A Wall Street Journal article says that high school superlatives may have a longer lasting impression than just your senior year.

“I think it’s something to look back to and be remembered as,” New Hanover High School junior Jasmine Rogers said.

Rogers says senior superlatives are important. She can’t wait for next year to see what her classmates think of her.

“That’s what I’m the most excited about,” Rogers said. “I hope I get best smile.”

In Wednesday’s edition, the Wall Street Journal profiled two people who won “Most Likely to Succeed” their senior year of high school. One was Wilmington’s own Charlene Dupray, who graduated from New Hanover High in 1990.

The article says Dupray’s superlative has been hanging over her head ever since she won two decades ago – dictating her every move.

New Hanover High School principal Chris Furr says the school still does senior superlatives. He says he thinks they are just for fun.

“I’ve never know anyone to tell me they felt like it had any lasting benefit or harm from having been selected as one of those categories,” Furr said.

The Journal says many high schools across the county are doing away with the senior poll in order to create a better learning environment with less competition.

Furr says he reminds all of his students of their potential and success at their greatest honor: graduation.

“You have reached this milestone in your life,” he said. “This is only one small step. This is just the beginning.”

Furr says he challenges all of his students to strive for success regardless if they won a senior superlative or not.

Dupray told us she thinks senior superlatives are a reflection of who you are in high school and not who you are supposed to become. She says she feels very successful, although she may not have taken the path many of her high school classmates may have predicted.

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