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AP Tobacco Writer

RICHMOND, VA (AP) — The head of cigarette maker Philip Morris International says tobacco is not that hard to quit.

CEO Louis Camilleri’s statement was in response to a cancer nurse’s comments at its annual shareholder meeting in New York on Wednesday.

The seller of Marlboro and other brands overseas spent most of the gathering sparring with members of anti-tobacco and other groups targeting its marketing and regulatory dealings.

The woman identifying herself as a nurse from the University of California-San Francisco said a patient last week told her that of all the addictions he’s beaten, cigarettes were hardest to quit.

Camilleri acknowledged that cigarettes are harmful and addictive but said it is not that hard to quit. He pointed to the fact that there are more former smokers in America than current smokers.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I smoked for twenty-seven years. Luckies. Usually two packs a day.

    On a Saturday night in April of 1997 I smoked my “going to bed” cigarette, tossed my Zippo and nearly full pack on the coffee table….

    ….and never picked them up again until I threw the cigarettes away and tossed the lighter in a drawer about six months later.

    If I can do it, anyone can.

  • Guest5555555555555555555555555

    I smoked 6 yrs. Out of those 6 yrs I gotten bronchitis 4 times, hacked up green stuff every morning, had ready bad heart burn, and constipation. I start smoking when I was 12 quit by the time I was 19 the day I went into the Marine Corps I quit. I would wake up dreaming I started smoking for yrs later, even believed I smoked a cigarette. I could feel the withdraw symptoms running through my veins everyday and wanted to smoke so bad.
    As time wore on, I kept telling myself if start I will never quit again. I haven’t smoked in 16 yrs now coming up on May 22nd. I say it was hard but boot camp they wouldn’t let you smoke the 3 months you were there at all. So If I could go 3 months I could go the rest of my life. So far I have.

  • Z

    While his comment is funny, does anyone even care what a cigarette company ceo thinks?

  • Bette

    I am outrage on Mr.CEO Louis Camilleri’s statement…what about the folks who have smoke for 20-40-50 years and are so addicted to the 4000 chemicals that are in this monster. I am outrage that our government is not passing a bill makeimg cigrette companies pay for rehabs to help this folks who are suffering this addiction.I have never smoke but have friends who has had horrible time with this and has very much sadden me.People with voice boxs/lung cancer/blew up with oxygen tanks while still smoking. Mr. Camiller must be a non-smoker that is why he can say it easy to stop. Well Mr. Camiller regardless , cigerettes should be out law but then that would put a stop to the all mighty dollar that pads the cigrette makers pocket and our government also…this current smoking dilemma that is going on in county is out of control.it should be a moral & financial obligation of the cigrette makers to do more.Its a drug!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    They have NO self discipline. If you want to quit, you CAN quit. MILLIONS of people have done it.

  • Guest777

    make the companies pay for rehab? what exactly are YOU smoking? so we should make alcohol distributors pay for alcoholics rehab? no one told these individuals to pick up the cigarettes and begin smoking them, it was a personal decision and one they must deal with and pay for on their own. if they smoke a pack a day, that’s pretty good money not well spent… they could take the money they are spending on useless cigarettes and get them selves “un-addicted”.

  • carolineT

    Well, some believe that smoking cessation is hard since withdrawal symptoms might occur, resulting to rebound effect. But, the head of the world’s largest tobacco company was quoted as saying that cigarettes are not hard to quit. At a recent shareholders’ meeting, the CEO of Phillip Morris was dubious on how difficult it was to give up the habit. Almost half a million people die from smoking related illnesses annually in The United States. I read this here:Tobacco executive claims cigarettes easy to quit, at newsytype.com.


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