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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The drama between New Hanover County Commissioners just doesn’t seem to end. Commissioner Brian Berger says he’s just become accustomed to attacks from fellow commissioners, but this time, he says things got physical.

“What I saw today was this gang mentality from the county board and I didn’t appreciate it and I can take it,” said Berger. “I’m used to having a target on my back.”

Berger says he was ambushed and verbally attacked by board members during an agenda briefing Thursday. He says he especially didn’t appreciate being poked by another commissioner.

“I don’t know that it’s appropriate to be poking and prodding members of the board,” said Berger.

Berger says he was asked a question by board members involving funding for Wilmington Downtown Inc. and says they didn’t like his answer.

Another commissioner told WWAY that Berger showed up 30 minutes late to the agenda briefing and didn’t have an answer to the question, which was why the argument started.

“I’ve been attacked viciously and on a very personal level for fighting for reforms for the tax payers of the county,” said Berger.

Berger says commissioners should apologize, but says he doesn’t think this will be the end of conflict between board members.

“Few people would be surprised if some of the elected officials we have did actually resort to some type of physical retaliation against colleagues with different view points,” said Berger.

This isn’t the first time Berger has had beef with other commissioners. In April he accused board members of shutting him out of the decision-making process in the county.

WWAY tried to reach out to other commissioners, but none of them would return our calls.

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  • jane doe

    Berger acts like a bratty child….”mommy he is looking at me”, “mommy he is touching me”…..how can anyone take him seriously when he behaves like this….his ideas and agenda might hold more water if he would act like a professional and learn how to be respectful not only to the commissioners, but the general VOTING public as well……I will give his this, he is quite entertaining…like watching a sitcom instead of running our county

  • Guest149999

    This Berger fellow seems to be missing some marbles. Maybe his name should be Ham Berger, he surely likes the spotlight

  • Guest909090

    appear in Playgirl magazine? “The men of New Hanover County.” I would love to see that!

  • SurfCityTom

    why not get serious and do the things you promised the voters who elected you?

    Why not start with that charade land deal involving Legacy Group & Swain?

    Ask the tough questions! Get to the bottom of the deal. How much profit will Swain be packeting if the County goes through with the purchase?

  • Phillyguy

    Why are we acting like we are in Middle School at recess…lets vote these clowns out during the next election!

  • Guest1984

    If you dont like the messsage then attack the messenger. People are fed up with old way of doing things so the gang of four attack this young man. We should look at overall policy on economic development-not one issue at a time but in totality. Berger is right. Taking one item at a time has gotten us in trouble. Barfield and Thompson threatened others–now this by Davis. Can you imagine if it had been the other way around. Shame on them. Our County has issues with non-attainment, Titan, R3, Wastec and excessive spending. Last time I looked it was this fellow that made us see these issues more clearly.
    Hang in there and don’t let these guys intimidate you or we the people.

  • pETER C.

    Thanks BEN McCOY (the Ghostwriting supporter of Berger). I’ll make sure not to vote for you in the Wilmington City Election. You have no sense of decency and have wrought havoc in our county — but what do you car you Alabama hick? You ran Berger’s campaign — now man up and admit he’s crazy.

  • Straight Shooter

    Berger has no clue what he is doing! He should and must resign!

  • Straight Shooter

    How much longer should our county put up with this childish nonsense? How much longer should we put up with his lies and false accusations? Obviously the demands of being a county commissioner are way over his head. In fact it looks as though just about anything is way over his abilities!

  • pETER C.

    Here we go again! This board is ready for a brawl and my money’s on Berger getting his a$$ kicked. He can’t even show up to meetings — then why run for office? What a loser. Thanks Ben McCoy and the ABLE freakshow — Laura Triece & the gang — he’s your Frankenstein. For you people who don’t get my references — ABLE is Tea Party group that backs Berger and controls him — the goons that stand behond him in his ill fated PR meetings. Oh, and thank to that OLD FART EXTRADINAIRE Curtis WRIGHT who uses his airwaves to move the hot air.

  • Guest333

    Thanks for the insight into ‘the politics’ of just who endorsed this loopy loon.

    We The People absolutely need to pay very close attention to the City Council Candidates and not accept tea partiers endorsements if THIS is what they believe is viable!?!

    Are you ABLE to see the error of your judgement? He’s the WORST!!!

    I am about as Conservative as they come and I am not accustomed to being duped. Glad I didn’t fall for everyone’s love affair with Berger during last Fall’s early election polling.

    He appeared to be a bumbling version of Barney Fife back then…and currently, a man tetering on the edge at any given moment in time.

    To his endorsers, I ask….
    When so focused on himself, when will he spare the time to be focused on matters ….”that matter” to you, to me, to the normal citizens of NHC?
    He is showing signs of Personality Disorder.


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