NC ABC revokes, denies Club 609 permits after murder; cites ties to slain gang leader

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Submitted: Sat, 05/14/2011 - 3:48am
Updated: Thu, 03/29/2012 - 1:21am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission has revoked temporary alcohol permits for Club 609, the site of a fatal shooting and a stabbing early Sunday morning.

Read the ABC Notice of Rejection to Club 609.

According to an official notice of rejection from the ABC Commission, members of the Bloods and the Crips street gangs were inside Club 609 on the night Tremayne Blanks was shot to death. It goes on to say that when a song by Taaron Jones was played, gang members began flashing gang-related hand symbols. Jones was stabbed to death in January outside of the Rhino Club, another Wilmington night club. Police say he was the highest-ranking member of the ii street gang. After the song was played fights broke out between rival gang members inside the club. Blanks was killed outside the club.

The ABC Commission says the owners of Club 609, at 4418 Market Street, may appeal the action to the Office of Administrative Hearings within 60 days.

“A history of fighting, disorderly conduct, or other dangerous activity is part of what the Commission considers in deciding if an ABC permit is detrimental to the community. Law enforcement has documented that history at Club 609, and the Commission is taking back the temporary permits and denying the application for permanent permits. The fatal shooting this weekend is a terrible reminder that serving alcohol is too often a magnet for people inclined to dangerous and even violent acts,” said NC ABC Commission Chairman Jon Williams in a statement.

In affidavits from investigators that are part of the Commission’s rejection notice, one officer said the club has “maintained a general reputation as a place” for underage drinking, fights and assaults. Another said he had seen a gang member at Club 609 wearing a shirt “showing allegiance” to the slain Jones.


  • Denise Segar says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but race has nothing to do with the trouble that is taking place in Wilmington. The club owners can’t be blamed for the actions of their patrons who are immature and can’t control themselves when they are drinking. Alcohol gives some a false sence of bravery. Everyone who wants to go out on the weekends and instead of actually doing what you are supposed to be doing and that is like having a good time, you go out, start arguing, fighting, acting like a straight fool and you know your mama didn’t raise your ass to act like that, and then someone might really get hurt of die. Unfortunately, these young adults, and I use theat term loosely, don’t know how to conduct themselves in public and maybe the parents should be blamed, maybe not. Kids don’t have anything to focus on. They honestly believe that there is nothing to fight for or to live for, and why should they? Look at the world that they are being raised in, mass deaths, terrorism, poltiticians failing society and can’t get on board for the common cause whatever that might be. Death has beed glamorized and life looks bleaker everyday. What to, do we actually sit down with these same individuals and figure out what they might actually need or want ordo we just sit back and talk about them like they are miscellanous to what is going on in our lives? Shrugging my shoulders too. I have 5 kids aged 22, 21, 20, 16, and 13. My kids are the prime suspects for violence and gang activity. I can’t always protect them and they don’t tell me everything but the one thing I have tried to instill in them is to always treat people exactly how you want to be treated. Oh and joining a gang will not be tolerated in my household.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the ABC commissioners, either local or state, are paying attention. I guess they learned a lesson from the Rhino experience.

    As Barney would say “you’ve got to nip it; nip it in the bud right now”.

  • Phillyguy says:

    At least Club 609 unlike the Rino or The Playground is not located downtown around other clubs or near any residential areas. The Gangstas could have their fun and not bother anyone else. If 609 closes…they will scatter like roaches just go somewhere else.

  • Guest129 says:

    bout time. I went in that club at least 3 times, and was drinking with all underage people it seemed like!

  • Guest304 says:

    they will just move to Tabor city or Columbus County

  • Guest333 says:

    I hear there is a lot of room for rap music wars there.

  • Guest24 says:

    Well go figure that…..a club not downtown causes trouble…Did the wonderful Mayor and the other dit wits on city council take note? Proably not as long as they don’t interfer with the rich clubs!! Where are all these low lifes going not…back downtown? That will mean all the cops I see every weekend standing with their arms crossed drinking coffee and sizing up the women will BLAME ALL THE OTHER CLUBS/BARS DOWNTOWN as the trouble makers. You know what the problem is…it is the low lifes with their pants down to their knees wearing hoodies walking around like they dare anyone to speak to them. COME ON GUYS YOU KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS…I HATE TO SAY IT BUY MOST ARE BLACK OR HISPANIC AND YES THERE ARE SOME WHITES, HOWEVER LOOK AT WHO GETS ARRESTED…WHO IS SHOOTING EACH OTHER? Please don’t give the excuse that the white man is holding the black man down…after all the black man gets all the help from the governemnt all the grants etc. all they have to do is walk in and the rubber stamp okays it!! Very frustrating for someone who is a 4.0 student , 25 and turned down for grants!! Yes it isn’t fair but do I cry about it or better yet shoot someone…NO I go get two jobs instead of one and go to school full time! Get rid of the rif faft so the rest of us can enjoy a weekend downtown and stop blaming the bar owners they are only making a living. Can’t wait to hear comments!!!!!!

  • Guest333 says:

    I agree with you!

    Especially the part about not being able to ‘get over’ to have the free ride on Pell Grants. Being a serious fulltime, 4.0 student while having to bust your A$$ to be able to pay for your tuition, books, fees and clothes, while watching the inequality of grant distribution.

    Maybe you should have a moment of utter mindlessness and check anything but White under race on your Pell Grant Application. Forget it, afterall. The authorities would find you, and only you, and you would get 20 to life for fraud. (while the others who commit fraud on the Pell system ride the $$$$ Train forever.

    This should be the best time of your life, you should be able to have some fun at the BARS downtown. (They really aren’t clubs, but clubs sounds more “quaint”. Don’t buy into it.)

    Downtown is not the problem, the bars are and they attract some rough crowds..and…there is NOTHING quaint or FUN about downtown at 2 a.m… Muggings, Rapes,Robberies, Fights, Stabbings, Murder. Sounds like 18th Century London.

    Let the THUGS take it over…as they already have. Stay away from there! Be safe! You are setting yourself up to be a gentleman that I would love to see flourish in life! Don’t be the victim of a baseball bat, a knife, a stray bullet…that will render you a vegetable at age 26. Get out, stay out. Meet that sweet girl somewhere else!

    Wonder how many UNCW and CFCC Parents are monitoring their college aged daughters week-end activities? What kind of girl would want to get sooo drunk that she vomits all over the place, including cabs and limos?

    To all the readers, who have never seen it… that is what is going on at 2 am…in what used to be Quaint Downtown.

  • Miss JMC says:

    No the white guys may not be the ones with their pants to their knees shooting, they are just the ones around here with the meth labs in their homes with the kids in there, snatching 85yr old lady purses, assault on females, panhandling on every corner of market st. & at gas stations…must i go on? why dont you go cry your government help blues to them? anyways the only thing I can agree with you on is it’s not the club/bar owners faults… anyways, quit judging others & if you were actually working 2 jobs & being a full-time student you wouldnt have time to get on wway whining & complaining… i think the white, mexican & black actions around town are pretty stupid & they all need to get a life. & with all that being said, im sure you will get the point being a 4.0 student blah blah (congrats on that by the way)..
    A white woman of New Hanover County
    p.s. God Bless & have a nice day everyone :)

  • Guest1223 says:

    who is the random white dude?

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