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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — B.J. Wright is getting out of jail. A Columbus County bail bondsman has posted a $750,000 bond for the young man charged with a host of crimes, including vandalism at the home of former Sen. R.C. Soles.

Court officials tell WWAY Around the Clock Bail Bonds posted the bond Tuesday. A judge had required that anyone who wanted to bond Wright out of jail would have to appear in court to explain why and where the money is from. But at a hearing on that this morning, Judge Jack Hooks ruled that because the money came from a bondsman, no more information was required. State law grants bondsmen privacy for business.

We’ve tried to contact Mark Cartret, the owner of Around the Clock Bail Bonds, but a woman at his office said he was not in, and she did not know how to get hold of him, because he rarely comes to the office.

As a term of his release, Wright will be under house arrest with electronic monitoring at his mother’s house. He could have avoided that restriction if someone posted a $1 million bond.

Wright has been in jail since early March 2 after he was arrested in South Carolina, a couple of weeks after he was accused of vandalism at Soles’s home near Tabor City. Wright went on the run after finding out he faced a $1 million bond.

The judge had set the condition that whoever posted Wright’s bond explain it after thousands of dollars worth of bonds had been posted for Wright, who has no known form of legal income.

Judge Hooks also ordered Wright to have no contact with Soles and stay at least 500 feet from Soles, his home and his office.

Hooks said he is not a fool and expects to get a phone call about this case by the end of the weekend. He also said Wright will not be released until the funds from the company are verified.

At last check, Wright was still in custody at the Columbus County Jail.

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  • Guest-of-the-day

    to vandalize ex senator Sole’s house and/or property.

  • and on and on….there’s got to be some payback out there somewhere for someone to take on that risk….but from whom? Check your GPS…Shady Lane MUST be located somewhere in Columbus County.

  • Bubba

    ….would bail out this young piece of white trash at a cost of $75,000. Could it be a lonely old rich man?

  • Guest6456465465

    why is this news?
    can someone plase tell me?

  • riterevbillyraecausee

    WWAY you might want make sure there’s plenty of fuel in the Newsmobile, I think the party in Tabor might be fixin to get cranked up again!

  • taborcitycitizen

    Well I personally LOVE Mr. B.J. Wright, Mr. Allen Strickland, Mr. Stacey Scott, former Senator Soles, and all the other young men in Tabor City who are involved with Mr. Soles because were it not for them, most of North Carolina would not have even heard of Tabor city. And if Mr. Soles wants to keep Columbus County’s economy growing by bailing his boys out and continuing to line everybody’s pockets with cash then by God let him do it!

  • DorisfromTC

    Well I just thought I would let WWAY and everybody else know that I posted Mr. Wright’s bond! I will not state my full name or exactly why I did it. Just know that we (in Columbus County and TC) need a distraction from the Tabor City police department at this time so I figured what better way than bailing RC’s favorite out

  • riterevbillyraecausee

    ……..could you give us a litte hint?

  • alex b

    the judge want to know where the money for bail came from… fair enough. will he now ask why Soles bought a teenager a house and a corvette? someone please get an answer to this question

  • anne

    If this was a tv show, we might laugh and consider it funny. But it isn’t and it is not funny – it’s pathetic! Something is wrong with R.C. Soles and his “boys” and it is making a laughingstock out of Tabor City. Glad I don’t live there – I would be embarrassed that our legal system is being made such a mockery of.

    And before I go. I give it a week or less after he gets out that he will show up at the house again. The person who decided it was worth the money to get him out will lose it (and pretty much deserve it) and he will be back in jail. Let’s wait and see!

  • Guest3293

    Boss Hog, Bo, Luke and Daisy better get the orange charger started and ready for the chase. It is just a matter of time before Tabor City will be spending more of our hard earned tax dollars to attempt to keep up with the drama between R.C. and his boys. Who will it take to stop this nonsense???????? Looks like it will have to be someone outside of North Carolina. R.C.’s blood is too thick for this part of the country.

  • April Todd

    Why is this bondsman never in his office? someone can answer that for me? it is something that one of the local millionaires who happens to work for the government is every place but at his office or the court. now it must be nice to be on the federal governments payroll and also own businesses that turn criminals out into the streets to prey on old men perverts. looks like it is pretty lucrative to Cartrette all of this crime in the county, huh? This is a shame that someone could be allowed to profit from others downfall. crime pays for you Mr. Cartrett.

  • Guest April

    Court officials tell WWAY Around the Clock Bail Bonds posted the bond Tuesday. A judge had required that anyone who wanted to bond Wright out of jail would have to appear in court to explain why and where the money is from. But at a hearing on that this morning, Judge Jack Hooks ruled that because the money came from a bondsman, no more information was required. State law grants bondsmen privacy for business.

    We’ve tried to contact Mark Cartret, the owner of Around the Clock Bail Bonds, but a woman at his office said he was not in, and she did not know how to get hold of him, because he rarely comes to the office.

    Why did the judge all of a sudden change his mind? Since Mark Cartret is involved, he does not have to “Show me the money?” Could it be because this guy works for the federal government that allows him all of thes privaleges? I think the judges policy should have been reviewed here in this matter. Follow the money and there will be an answer. Also how can a bail bondsman run a business but never be in the office? So WWAY who posted the bond then? Was it Cartret? This story smells fishier by the minute. Our government has hired people like Cartret since before the President Kennedy thing and it continues to this day. Look at Oliver North? He had all kinds of businesses and was still working for the government while selling arms to our enemies. I think WWAY needs to look more into who Cartret really is, who he works for and why he is never in the office.

  • Onthedefense

    Would you not do the same for $75,000, or however much Mark made???? I know I would! Thats his job and hes no different than these pathetic attorneys. Dont hate on that man for making the $$$$$ because i’m sure you’d do the same.

  • Amy B

    Mark was at Southeastern when I was there sometime in 88. I remember him in Marshal Shepard’s class and later in criminal justice in James Edwards. I started the second year under James. I think he went off to law school or political science in Virginia but I recall James Edwards say that the government maybe the Secret Service or CIA had called regarding Mark. He applied for something was what Edwards told the class. Anyway all I recall was that he ended up living at Langley Virginia and Richmond or who knows. We had one class reunion and he came with a Russian girlfriend who looks now to be his wife. As the reunino I learned that he was in the bail business and had taking it up after his family.He obviously has made a few enemies or some of you jealous. Maybe that means he had did something by getting away from this horrid town. Is this any of our business? No. Maybe he is a spy or maybe he is a good guy which I am sure is the case. Who wouldnt make money? Do the attorneys not do so? He was quiet in school and we should be proud that he has done so well. Success they say is copied so lets maybe some of us should take notes.

  • John Wa

    I think Mark Cartret is a very honest person that speaks his mind. The Mark Cartret I know, like both of his grandfathers, would give you the shirt off of his back regardless of your political party affiliation. He has been in a position to witness things that many of us have heard nothing but rumors about. Why bash or slander him or his family if it is his or his employees job to post bond for someone charged with a crime? If not for his livelihood, jails would be larger than hospitals and our tax dollars would have to go up. Anyway these folks Mark Cartret and his employees are dealing with are innocent until proven guilty-at the pretrial stage. We are now witnessing the Machine going after Jon David, Charlie Miller and Mark Cartret. These 3 are speaking out and have taken a stand. Whether or not they end up like General Custer depends on whether or not others have enough backbone to come to their assistance. They only do what should have already been done. I am sure that Mark Cartret has made enough money to leave Columbus County by now so speaking out is probably of no benefit to him. Make your County better by joining in with those that would seek to rid the area of corruption, lifetime-elected judicial officials that are politically connected and others working behind the scenes “fixing trials” “routing cases for dismissals” and such.
    By the way, his “wife” is Hungarian and not a Russian and much of what you write of is blatantly incorrect. There have been many falsehoods posted on the Internet. Please research the facts before you write such or at the very least ask someone who knows.

  • Wilmington

    This is too funny!!! For starters, Mark never went to law school and did not even complete a degree at Southeastern!! You did not see him the second year at Southeastern because he quit!! He didn’t go off to law school or join the CIA or become a spy or anything like that. He actually worked as a construction worker for awhile after a few semesters at SCC. Yes, I know that his facebook profile says he received a criminal justice degree from SCC, but this is a lie!!! You can put anything on facebook, you don’t have to show proof or send your college transcripts to the facebook authorities to say you have a degree. He never lived in Virginia, he has lived in Whiteville, North Carolina his entire 41 years and I know this for a fact, not hearsay, or maybe, or I think, but firsthand. His wife is not Russian!!!!! LOL!!! Get your facts straight!!

  • Andy

    I don’t know about Virginia or anything else but I can tell you that you can obtain an SCC directory or speak with the Criminal Justice Counselor. I walked down the asile behind Mark or a body double. So maybe it was a “fake Mark” at graduation. Ahead of this person was Rhonda Burney I believe. This is funny and I haven’t seen him in years but whatever the case I would not want you against me friend. I have a feeling that about 2 people don’t like him in this county, his ex and his ex mother in law. I had similar experiences 5 years ago and I chalk it up to the water around here. So you shouldn’t use this forum to slander people that you have a beef with.

  • Ray Morgan

    This is funny. “Mark” was 10 hours short of completing the criminal justice college transfer at SCC. He had an accident which ripped an artery from his right arm. I saw the railroad tracks on his wrist. He then worked with his father in construction for a few years saving up for college. He completed a bachelors and then a graduate degree at WMU. That’s Western Michigan University. I think he was in the 50/50 program. Attendance and distance learning. I was in a few of his classes which he missed a lot. I also worked part time and with a grant in the WMU registrars office. He’s seems quiet and distant and is not the best at returning phone calls but seems nice otherwise. I believe he was also working with a company called Booz Hamilton Allen. His wife is Hungarian and not Russian. She’s nice. We all had a glass of wine at the last alumni gathering. The Russians treated those guys rather badly if you study history. They all seem like pretty simple people to me.


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