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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The budget battle in Raleigh is coming down to the wire, and Gov. Bev Perdue says things will start getting dicey on June 30.

The governor was in Bladen County Saturday for the 7th District Democratic Convention to support fellow Democrats and to rally her troops in support of more funding for education. Perdue said the problem with the current budget proposals is not a partisan issue; it’s a philosophical issue with people who don’t understand that education is what has made North Carolina great.

“This is generational damage that you’re talking about,” Perdue said. “If you pull out now and don’t fund professors or community college teachers or public school teachers, you can’t get those kind of employees back in one year. You’ve got to have this generational investment so our workforce can be well qualified.”

Gov. Perdue said our children are our future workers, and without a good education, the future of North Carolina and the future of our economy don’t look good.

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2 Comments on "Gov. says budget battle for education is not a partisan issue, it’s philosophical"

2015 years 10 months ago

Wow she says one thing and then does another. She wants to help education, but she gets rid of jobs in the education dept. She gets rid of classes and cuts the budget. Our college here is growing by leaps and bounds. The proof we had two commencement days here at UNCW. It ran from Friday to Saturday. That has never happened here. But, she is cutting peoples jobs there. In the end there won’t be anyone there to run the college. Then, it will go downhill and all the work the chancellor has done will be for nothing. I say vote her out now. She has done nothing to help us at all. She puts people in positions that they are not qualified for at all. I know this to be a fact. Mrs. Purdue leave the staff at UNCW alone. Leave the classes at Cape Fear Community College alone. Find your way back to Raleigh and go mess up someone elses lives. Maybe your own, cut back on your traveling.

2015 years 10 months ago

…and is only rallying for higher taxes by pulling at those parental heart strings! When you have “X” amount of dollars, you rearrange your spending based on priority. Is it more important to fund education or the oompaloopahs that sponge off our tax money for lifetimes. Which is it? How about the free cellphone program available for anyone on foodstamps? Just what in the heck is that all about? To add insult to injury, our tax dollars are being spent to ADVERTISE these free cell phone packages on radio and television. Using my tax money for high dollar “advertisement” of another free handout? Just how rediculous, “in your face” do they want to be? Again…the tip of the iceberg! I get sick and tired of funding lazy, irresponsible, baby farming leeches for lifetimes AND generations beyond while Perdue whines about a lack of education money. The Great Gravy Train is nearing the end of the track!


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