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Man dead after shooting involving Brunswick deputy


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County Sheriff's deputy is under investigation after investigators say he shot and killed an armed man Friday night.

According to a statement from the Sheriff's Office, about 7:30 p.m. Friday, deputies responded to 668 Bayshore Drive in Sunset Harbor, where a man was firing a gun in his garage. When the deputies arrived they were confronted by William Gordon Brown, 73, who investigators say pointed a loaded handgun at them. The deputies tried to use a Tazer, but it had no effect.

At that time, the Sheriff's Office says, Brown again pointed his handgun at the deputies. Dep. Joe Genda fired two shots striking Brown, who was pronounced dead at Brunswick Community Hospital.

Neighbor Chris Anselmo said he didn't know Brown well, but said he was always kind to his children.

"I've been here for ten years, and nothing like this has ever happened before," Anselmo said. "It doesn't make me feel like it's an unsafe neighborhood. It seems to have been obviously an isolated incident, so I'm not really worried about security or safety or anything like that, but I do feel bad that it's happened."

Sheriff John Ingram and Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David have requested the State Bureau of Investigation conduct an officer-involved shooting investigation.

Dep. Genda is on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

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leo shooting

Guest.....who said the officers went in busting thru the front door? You said what would I do if somone came busting in my residence well first off where did that even come from? and secondly a responsible gun owner will eveluate what is before him or her before and judge what force is needed, I said the average person would see officers in marked cars pull up they would put down the gun and talk to them. And if he could not see the deputies then he really had no business with the gun shooting it anyway. What if a child had been in tbe area?? I am not putting Brown down, I said that nobody knows what was going on in his head as to why he would point a gun at the deputies. And you are right searching a building I woiuld have my gun drawn but you are talking about a whole different scenerio than me firing my gun in a garage with neighbors near by. My biggest problem was that lightwhat ever his name was was throwing out ignorant responses. And as far as your response you stated that he had a indoor range, I can tell you one thing my neighbors house is just a little farther away than what appeared on the news image but my neighbor will NOT have an "indoor" range in their garage and I be ok with it. Not gonna happen oh and by the way somone said the wife called....don't you think she thought there was a problem for her to call 911? Just saying........

leo shooting

First off "lightman", you have to be the most ignorant person around. You really shoul have a clue about what you r talking about before you start commenting on thing u have no iea of what u r talking about. First off all officers must pass a psych. examination. Officers ARE not trained to wound, they r traine to stop the threat and the threat was a person pointing a deadly weapon, a gun at the Deputies!!! They did not have to try a non-letal force, tazer before but they did, they did not go in blasting shots at will. I tell you what GROW a SET and go to the BLET program and do the job thtat is being done instead of sitting back and belittleing of what you are def. ignorant about. As far as "guest" that talked about the "indoor shooting range and archery" REALLY??? and do you LIVE on the other side of that garage where the bullets can penetrate through. Don't forget that the same "neighbors" who possibly know of this supposidly "range" are the ones who called 911 and asked for assistance. That is just crazy to think someone would have such but that really dosn't matter, the fact is UNIFORMED DEPUTIES in MARKED CARS showed up, hello, there was no question who was there, the average person would put down the gun and talk to the deputies not threaten them. Think about what you are saying and maybe don't be so quick to judge.....LEO do a thankless job and are always critizied on how they whould of handled something by the public who have never walked in their shoes. Who knows what was going on in Brown's head when he pointed the gun but the deputies have a job to do that is not always easy but hey!!!!! Someone with a set has to do it!!!! My heart and prayers go out to the deputies involved that night. Sorry you had to go thru that Dep. Genda but God bless you for your service you do!!

average person?

Lou06 you said how the average person would react, like I said if someone burst through my door and I had a gun in my hand it would be pointed in the direction of the intruder. Lou06 let me ask you if you were or are an officer and you were searching a residence with an open door. While you are searching the residence I would imagine you have your weapon (gun) out while doing your sweep. If during some point a person walks out of the restroom, as an officer what would you do? I know you probably would do what most officers do is point the gun out of reaction and protection. Am I correct in my statement? I am not putting law enforcement officers down I know there job is very dangerous and they never know what comes next. I know they have seconds to make a decision whether right or wrong, and an attorney has months to prove what he did was wrong. I just want to say no one knows what Mr. Brown was thinking he may have been thinking someone was there to hurt or rob him. He may have been hearing impaired and not seeing as well as he was in his younger years. He may have been depressed and wanted to end it all. I'm not saying what the officer did is wrong in his actions but have compassion for the deceased. Both sides of this story is tragic for the deputy and Mr. Brown. I can put myself in both of these people shoes. I just don't want people thinking that Mr. Brown was a walking time bomb when in fact he didn't know what was happening and he reacted out of protection. Lets wait to see what the SBI determines.

I think they key here is

I think they key here is that a concerned citizen called the police because they feared for their safety after hearing shots fired inside a garage. The department exists to keep the public safe (a luxury not afforded in all countries)and in doing so, these officers put themselves at great risk. It is a sad turn of events but we cannot forget the officer and his family in such a sad situation - they deserve our support!

Amen on giving support. And

Amen on giving support. And by the way, it was his wife who called

Where is the middle ground?

Why does this website seem to attract folks that only see things in black or white? Everyone is far left or far right. I sometimes wonder if either sides make these stupid comments just to draw people into an argument. Where is the middle ground? It seems to happen with most stories here.

With this story, that has very few details, I see comments stating the officer was completely in the right, and some saying he's in the wrong. From this article, how are you guys coming up with that?

Here is how I feel. From what little I know, the officer's actions sound justified and I don't think anyone should speak poorly against him until details emerge showing otherwise. With that being said, he chose to be deputy and was trained for these situations, and should act accordingly to that training. He doesn't get a free pass just because he did not want to be there that day. If law enforcement never made the wrong call, there would not be mandatory investigation of the incident.

An opinion is one thing, but some of the statements here from those for and from those against the officer are crazy to make until the investigation is over.

There's no "gray area" here

The guy pointed a firearm at deputies. They tried to use non-lethal force, he pointed the weapon at them again, they did what they were trained to do.

BTW, 98% of life **IS** black or white, right or wrong. Those who claim otherwise are simply enabling and excusing aberrant behavior.

You were there?

"The guy pointed a firearm at deputies"

You were there and witnessed this with your own eyes? I know you are not naive enough to think an officer could never lie. Why would the SBI even waste time investigating then?

Come on, really? This is what you call common sense?

I have no reason to believe it happened any way other than what the deputy said, but I'll wait for the SBI to investigate before I'll say the situation was handled correctly. Not sure why or how that enables or excuses any behavior.'re right.....

They just drove up and shot the guy dead because he WASN'T pointing a gun at them. Maybe he didn't get the gun out until they had tried to use the taser on him, huh? Or possibly the deputies were looking forward to the SBI investigation and being suspended until they were cleared. That's always fun.

I guess I AM naive enough to believe that LEO's don't drive around executing people just for kicks and grins.

You people need to realize

You people need to realize that the deputy did not ask to be put in that position. Every day deputies go to work, they know that situations like this can happen. I don't know why you want to question his actions, when the fact is the deputy was there to protect and serve the public in the first place.
What we, as a community, need to do is support him, as I am sure he did not want to be a part of Friday night's events and his life would have been much easier if it had not happened. This is a tragedy and I pray for the family of the deceased, as well as the deputy and his family.
My philosophy is if people would not put themselves in such positions of crime, then they would not have to worry about things like this happening. I wonder what you would do if someone pointed a loaded gun at you...have you ever thought about it that way? Stop placing the blame on someone who does his job each and every day just to make this county a much safer place for you to live!

The facts is that none of

The facts is that none of you armchair quarterbacks has never had enough nerve in your life to do what the deputy is doing everyday for a living. Think about....think about yourself

Good Job BCSO

I like how ppl always try to dig dirt.. Deputy did the right thing.. The deputy tried voice commands and then non-lethal weapon with no effects, next step is deadly force. The suspect pointed a firearm at the deputy and he did the right thing and took him down.. PPL need to stop with all the dirt digging and let the LEO's do their job.. Great Job BCSO.

Until you are faced with the

Until you are faced with the decision to pull the trigger or allow the possibility of innocent bystanders be shot no one can be a fair judge to either side of this incident. My prayers are with all parties involved and I hope that there will come a day when no one needs to carry a weapon to defend themself or others.

BCSD Officer Involved Shooting

How may times, and how long would you wait for someone to keep pointing a weapon at you!

Self-Defense is a law on the books! It also applies to LEO's.

He has family

Let's have some respect for the families here. The man who was killed surely has a family who may be reading this. The officer probably has a family as well. I don't think there should be any finger pointing or patting anyone on the back. There is not really enough facts here to judge anything.

Sunset Harbor Bud Brown

Many of you reading this article may not know Bud Brown but we did. He was a kind and generous man. He was my husbands friend. We are shocked by the events of last night by the police department. We are indeed a small coastal community and every life here is precious. God Bless Bud, his dear wife, family ,friends, and the community of Sunset Harbor.

Family Friend<3

The Officer that shot this man was in fact a close family friend of mine. I can not stress it to you enough that he did what was right. The man wanted to die. He pointed the LOADED gun at the officer.

He was a kind and generous man....

...pointing a firearm at deputies.

End of Bud, end of story.


Was he in his garage when they shot him?

Come On

You shot anybody with a tazer and something is going to happening ,especially someone at that age. I hope this gets investigated.

Ever been trained and certified on Tasers?

They DO malfunction, officers DO miss, suspects don't always drop like a sack of potatoes.

This man pointed a firearm at deputies. He may have been drunk, he may have been deranged, it may have been "suicide by cop," but the bottom line is that the deputies were totally justified in using their sidearms. There was no legal requirement to wait until we had a dead deputy before another opened fire.


Did you bother to even read the story? It said it was being investigated. So simmer down buttercup and let the pro's do the job they get paid to do. By the way age has nothing to do with the effects of a tazer.

BC Sheriff Deputy Shooting

There has to be more to this on the day of the shooting at 1230 PM 2 Sheriff Deputy's were parked in Sunset Harbor at the closed Big Daddy's Lounge. They were parked there for over 1 hour....7 hours prior to the reported shooting.

Stop trying to dig up dirt.

Stop trying to dig up dirt. There is nothing else to the story. I live in the area and this is just a random tragedy.

Good job

Brown won't point a firmarm at anybody ever again. Good job BCSO.


Sorry, I meant to type 'firearm' not firmarm. I'm not even sure what that is.


Let it be known that Mr. Brown has an indoor shooting and archery lane inside his garage. If someone kicks in my door and I have a gun in my hand of course I'm going to point it at whoever is there. And think about it if Mr. Brown was tazed with the gun in his hand and his hands were down by his side, his muscles would have tensed up which will bring his hands up. This is a tragic incident, and I hope the whole truth comes out. I will be praying for Mr. Brown's family.

I am a former LEO.

I am a former LEO. Something is not exactly right here. Not ready to condemn the officer, but not ready to compliment him either. Someone else mentioned that officers are trained to kill rather than wound for liability reasons. I don't remember this ever being mentioned during my training or any other time. I don't really buy that statement. The one about shooting toward the largest part of the body is true, however, just common sense. Of course, we all know that the deputy will be cleared of any and all wrongdoing, regardless of the facts. No need to waste time investigating.


I can see why you are a FORMER Leo, if you were ever even that. Officers are trained to kill when shooting, not wound. Research it.