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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Commission met today, and this time all the commissioners were there.

After Brian Berger was absent from Friday’s meeting with the school board, many wondered if the commissioner is dedicated to his constituents.

Monday’s meeting included a topic most everyone is concerned about: the county’s budget. And while the discussion on that and other issues was lengthy, Berger barely said a word.

“The reality is you gotta be here, and you gotta make the effort to show up on time and to be engaged in the conversation,” Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield said.

Berger was at this meeting and on time, after missing a meeting Friday with the New Hanover County School Board. That came a day after fellow commissioners criticized him for consistently being late to meetings.

When the county’s budget came up, other commissioners referred to discussion about school funding from Friday’s meeting. Barfield says the meeting was important and planned for a while. He is still confused why Berger was not there.

“We all knew that we were having a meeting with the School Board. This is something that’s been planned for quite a while,” Barfield said. “To date, I’ve had no explanation why Commissioner Berger was not there. No one got a phone call saying, ‘I’m gonna be late. I’m not gonna be there.'”

Barfield says every meeting is important, and he expects his fellow commissioners to take an active role in their decision making for the voters.

“You’ve got to be in the game to be a part of the game in terms of knowing what we’re talking about,” Barfield said.

We tried to speak with Berger, and although he said he would speak with us, when it was time to talk he ran out of the room.

In closing statements at today’s meeting, Berger mentioned an accident recently involving a loved one. But because he avoided our reporter, we were unable to find out if that’s why he missed Friday’s meeting.

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  • bob

    Really? “He RAN out of the room.” This entire article sounds like a kid trying to convince other kids why they shouldn’t like someone. You people are stupid…and thanks for wasting 10 minutes of me life. Sad thing is some of you cant wait til the next meeting so you can see who is where, doing what with who, instead of focusing on the REAL issues…ie. county budget, school funding, etc… Oh and very convenient that you left the possible reason he was absent to the very last sentence. Good job idiots!

  • Bruce

    Wow, Thank god you were first on the scene at this “story.” My family can sleep safe tonight knowing you’re on the case.

  • Guest333

    Keep up the Good Work WWAY!!!

    We never used to get truthful News reports in Wilmington!!!
    Silly, giggly, YES, but Truthful, Factual NO.
    Like FOX, You report, we’ll decide if it is case worthy.
    I say, Anything on Berger wasting my money is NEWS worthy!

    WWAY tells us what is happening
    within the recesses of the Halls of Corruption
    The Domes of Discontent
    and the lunacy surrounding wasteful spending
    of hard earned taxpayer’s money with the funding
    of an ill-adjusted, ill-prepared recently elected
    POLITICIAN in the truest sense of the word!

  • Straight Shooter

    It should be very obvious by now to Berger’s closes of followers, this guy can’t cut it! Berger is not prepared, Berger is not ABLE, Berger is simply a wacked-out troublemaker! Berger SHOULD RESIGN so the County Commissioners can get on with our business without his constant childish RANTS!

  • Guestguestguest

    You are obsessed with Berger. Did he spurn your advances?

  • Charles Walters

    Grow-up, show-up, shut-up, or resign

  • Guest-of-the-day

    How is it that someone being out sick ONCE (possibly sick of being continually mistreated and berated by coworkers – and does that possibly constitute work place harassment? What ARE the workplace harassment policies of New Hanover County anyway? Are there any?) becomes the paparazzi event of the week?

  • Guest333

    Awww, are you being picked on again, Brian?

    TIME TO QUIT BRIAN, YOUR MOMMIES are running out of things to say!!

    First they say you were attending to a life and death serious accident of a friend, then they say you were out sick.

    Let’s hear FROM you!!

    We going to start charging YOU as taxpayers to give our MONEY BACK!

    TALK about sick, I’m sick of paying for your health insurance while you make the New Hanover County Commissioner Office look insane.

  • Bucking for a Pulitzer are we? Great reporting! Especially the witty remark at the end wondering whether Berger is talking about attendance policies – extremely professional. Thank God we have WWAY out there really bringing maturity and relevance to journalism like no other. I have a great idea for a follow up story that would also encourage reader interaction – post a full body shot of Berger, create a little Flash game in which people choose from a variety of clothing, hats, and accessories to dress him up with. Then, write a BREAKING! article about the funniest one, and post the picture, with a headline such as “Berger wears pink bonnet, negligee, and cowboy boots – WWAY exclusive”. That’ll get him good! And you’ll be blazing new trails in respectable journalism – as you have done so well up to this point.

  • Guest333

    Let Berger FIGHT his own battles, why don’t ya? Are you his mother? Or, if I got your gender wrong, Are you his Daddy?

    Here’s a News Flash for you… It isn’t WWAY’s problem! Why are you picking fights and condemning THEM all the time?

    And… Why are you condemning US as Bloggers?
    DO YOU NOT BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH? I THOUGHT TEA PARTIERS all agreed on at least one thing…The Constitution. I am a Right Wing Conservative and would have LOVED him to make it, but can see that he can’t cut it, no matter who on the Commission is worse.

    Last week, you insulted EVERYONE who wrote in against your BOY, and called us all a bunch of names…but I could have cared less, because you were the ONLY one defending him, so I thought you must be related or his Nana.

    Brian Berger has created his own perfect storm. I’ve watched it implode and his political career is a ticking timebomb…about to be charted as the worst nominee to ever capture a seat in the County.

    I think WWAY should get journalistic merit for these local political stories about the goof-balls that keep getting elected because of the coaching from people like you during the campaign season.

    You guys helped him to hide his idiosyncricies, his incompetence, his weirdo, cry-baby attitude and his inabilities to accomplish anything.

    Sorry, Truth Hurts Sometime! You need to practice Tough Love, his behavior leaves a LOT to be Desired by the HARD WORKING taxpayers of New Hanover County. Did I get through to YOU yet???

  • Guest333

    That was hilarious!!! Going on the premise that it takes one to know one, I guess…

    Guestguestguest asked if Stait Shooter is Obsessed!

    (get it? Three of the same tag name, guestguestguest). Sounds Obsessive to me!

  • Straight Shooter

    Just can’t believe that there are still IDIOTS such as yourself that still support this MORON!

  • Guest500

    I am amazed that you continue to make Brian Berger your big news story. I forgot why I had stopped watching your show. I can hardly call it the news. I turned on the news and instead of hearing about what happened at the meeting of the county commissioners, I heard about Mr. Barfield’s opinion on professionalism. THen I had to ear a Rant about Brian Berger. Way to support the Good Old Boy government without mentioning the real news. Isn’t the real news be that on Friday the commissioners cried poor mouth and said they couldn’t help the school system, yet today the voted to spend 8 million on buying some land? Who is selling this land that we need? What about the money being spent to lengthen the left turn lanes on College Road. How much is that costing? Why do they need to be lengthened? Are the longer turns and extra land really more important then our children? Give Mr. Berger a break and look into the real stories.

  • Guest1

    Are you a taxpayer? Are you not concerned that there is WASTEFUL spending of your tax dollars in Berger’s salary stipend and medical insurance? Do you realize that a LOT of people do not have the BENEFIT of Medical coverage, while we are FUNDING this Loser?

    Also, please tell me that you realize that the STATE (not the County) is responsible for ‘lengthening the lanes’ along College Road, as you put it.

    And no, I think education is more important than land or lengthening…but I do believe that we, the tax payers already voted in a bond for education and I do believe that we spend tons of our hard earned money on the State Lottery which is meant to go toward education of children.

    See, I think I know ENOUGH about the education money woes, I am sick of hearing THAT news, whereas YOU are sick of hearing that the Guy who is sitting in a Commissioners seat is a loser. I’m NOT sick of hearing it, I want to know the crap he is pulling, because I pay HIS SALARY AND HIS MEDICAL BENEFITS and he needs to be held accountable!

  • aguest

    Get us a real commissioner and you may actually get real news. Local officials cannot make news when elected officials do not show up to meetings, or distract the board with immature actions.

  • Guest54321

    I never watch WWAY. Never visit your webpage, and certainly never post comments here.

    Does this sound stupid to you? It should.

  • Guest11221

    You guys are doing a continuing on line vote of the “an the winner is”. I have a thought. Please do “and the loser is”. I will cast the first vote for Berger. LLLOOOSSSEEERRR!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaTonya

    Well I think the Commissioner(Berger) need to do everyone a favor and handle his business or step down from his position,that he is barley hang on to!! I’m not saying that people do not have their problems,cause we all do! What I’m saying is he need to talk it out put it behind him and let’s Move Forwards towards in handling our Priorities!! Like for example Mr.Berger Show up on time, let’s hear your opinion,and last but not least Stop acting out! You took that seat now Work IT!


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