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SUPPLY, NC (BCC) — The Brunswick Community College Board of Trustees proudly announces the selection of Dr. Susanne Adams as incoming President of Brunswick Community College, pending State Board approval at this week’s meeting. Dr. Adams is set to join Brunswick Community College on July 1, 2011, at a salary of $125,000.

BCC Board Chair Lynda Stanley stated, “The board felt Dr. Adams was a great fit for Brunswick Community College. She fulfilled the desired traits of the presidential profile that the board, faculty, staff and Brunswick County community created when we began this process. Her collaborative leadership style, energy, and passion for the community college system are just what we need to work with the great team at BCC to move us forward to the next level. We are excited to have her join the college and become a part of the community.”

“I am extremely excited to serve as the next president of Brunswick Community College,” says Dr. Adams. “The college is a testament to the love and support of Brunswick County through its beautiful buildings and relevant programs. Together with the talented faculty, staff and administration, I hope to reach out to business and educational leaders, county commissioners, and other elected officials to grow the college in these challenging economic times. My husband looks forward to calling Brunswick County home and eager to extend his community involvement. I want to thank the Board of Trustees of Brunswick Community College for its directed, inclusive and respectful search process.”

Dr. Adams has served as Vice President of Student Services and Academic Support at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst since 2006. Prior to her current position she served as Vice President of Planning and Special Projects at Sandhills from 2004-2006. She served as Dean of Planning and Research at Sandhills from 2001-2004. She served as Director of Academic Support and Chair of Developmental Education at Sandhills from 1995-2001. Dr. Adams received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education and a Masters Degree in Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. She earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from East Carolina University in Greenville.

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2 Comments on "BCC names new president"

2015 years 10 months ago

Her “energy and passion” are part of her unbridled ambition. The $125,000 per year and all the perks that go with it will keep her smiling, no doubt.

As a long-time employee of the NC community college system, I can honestly say that at least half the people working for it are sitting in cushy chairs, doing little more than surfing the WEB.

If you can, I urge you to hop aboard the community college gravy train. It’s an easy life. Easy.

2015 years 10 months ago

As a current teacher at an area community college, I had to laugh out loud at Guest444’s wicked, audacious humor because every word is true.

If the public knew what little “work” is done during an 8-hour community college shift,they would be enraged.

There’s lots of dead wood to be found in this system. But nothing will change. The “Community College Gravy Train” (so funny, so true) will keep right on chugging along.

Internet surfing is an obsession where I work. One co-worker, in fact,is being treated for carpel tunnel syndrome because she spends most of her 8-hour shift surfing the NET. I kid you not.


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