FIRST ON 3: Wilmington Chamber of Commerce advocating more taxes

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Submitted: Wed, 05/18/2011 - 3:20am
Updated: Wed, 05/18/2011 - 9:57am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce sent out the following email today, encouraging people to sign a petition to extend a one cent sales tax to fund schools:

Let our legislators know that underfunding NC public schools isn’t an option.

Help Great Schools in NC and the Quality Schools Coalition in their fight to EXTEND THE ONE-PENNY SALES TAX to protect our schools!

The General Assembly’s proposed cuts to our public school system will cripple our schools, forcing local districts to raise class sizes, lay off thousands of teachers and forgo investments in books, technology and maintenance.

Underfunded schools directly impact the classroom. Proposed cuts will reduce the number of teachers, teaching assistants, and other critical resources. Class sizes will continue to grow. We’re aiming for 50,000 signatures.

Sign the petition now… and forward to your friends and neighbors. Funding quality public schools is a non-partisan issue: SIGN THE PETITION:

The temporary sales tax was initiated in 2009 by the Democrats who then controlled the House, Senate and governor’s mansion. The reason was to help fill a $4.5 billion budget gap two years ago.

But the tax was also designed to be temporary and expire June 30th. That was one of the caveats to get it passed.

The Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce says funding quality schools by extending the tax is a non-partisan issue. Yet it, along with other organizations, are using scare tactics to get their point across. Namely, they claim, as you read above, that budget cuts will mean thousands of teachers will be sent home. What they aren’t saying is that while some teaching positions may be cut or go unfilled, it’s up to each individual school board to decide where the cuts will come. They could chose to eliminate an assistant principal, or an assistant, or a coach, or even a janitor. No one at the General Assembly is mandating that the cuts apply only to teachers or teaching assistants.


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    It is now obvious that honesty and doing what you say you’ll do mean NOTHING to these bloated toads. The tax increase was passed as being TEMPORARY, but that means nothing to people who are totally devoid of integrity.

    No tax extension; find the money somewhere else.

  • Guest2011 says:

    Stop the spending of our tax money on Federal,State,local employes free health care and pension benefits.This is what our education money is being wasted on.This money needs to be spent on our children.Our Fire fighters,Law enforcement and Military should be the only public servants receiving some type of compensation.Thank you for your service.

  • taxpayer says:

    in the nation in terms of graduation rate from high school. Just like the “war on poverty” from LBJ and the “war on drugs”…continually throwing more and more money at the problem isn’t fixing it.

  • Guest6969696969 says:

    WE all should be asking, *Where’s the Lottery Education” Monies going too? In addition to saying NO, BUT HELL NO! funding Bloated/underfunded PENSIONS!
    Have the “teacher’s and Board of education” Take a pay-cut, like the rest of us “Sheeple”?

  • 9743 says:

    It’s my understanding that New Hanover BOE was awarded more than seven million dollars from the North Carolina Education Lottery last year, question is, what did they do with that money since they are, Don Hayes in particular, calling for a tax increase on the taxpayers of New Hanover County.

  • Guest5555555555555555555555555 says:

    HELL NO TO ANY NEW TAXES. They don’t pay taxes like other business’s here so why do they care. They get tax dollars from the City and county.

  • 9743 says:

    Calling for a tax increase by the Chamber of Commerce in nothing new or original, it’s the same thing Don Hayes, Chairman of the NHBOE, did at last Friday’s BOE meeting….why is no one ticked off about that, a tax increase is a tax increase….why not email or call Don Hayes and ask him why he is advocating a tax increase, after all he is a so called republican so why would he be calling for a tax increase, unless maybe he’s a….RINO!????

  • Chamber Shame says:

    At some point businesses in this area will realize that the Chamber is far more interested in politics than it is in the protecting the interests of business. Advocating an increase in taxes in this environment just shows how out of touch they are. They should be advocating for fewer regulations, better roads, against incentives, and advocates for issues that help to create economic opportunity and growth.
    Instead they’ve become an extension of big government and anti-business positions. It’s high time business start putting their money into endeavors that actually help them and quit wasting their hard earned money on a Chamber that doesn’t understand the concept of hard earned money.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    I wonder if the Chamber head has been promised a position in Raleigh?

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