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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — If you live in Brunswick County, the new tax rate on your real estate may hurt your checkbook.

The Brunswick County Manager suggested the county go revenue neutral in order to make up for the county’s depreciated property value. Although this means property tax bills may stay the same from some, other folks may see a considerable hike.

The county’s tax base has gone from $32.3 billion in 2007 to $22.8 billion in 2011. To compensate for the 29 percent reduction, county leaders may have to increase the tax rate from 30.5 to 44.25 cents per $100 of value.

This revenue neutral tax rate may not mean much for some, but others say they do not have the money to pay any additional tax.

“If you keep making increases and your incomes don’t improve or don’t increase, something has to give,” Charles Towles of Leland said. “You only have X amount of dollars to live on, and the individuals that are doing this should take that into consideration.”

Many folks say if the county decides to raise the rate, the community as a whole will suffer and people will stop moving to the area.

The county says if the 44.25-cent rate is set, it will collect close to $96 million in revenue.

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  • Robert

    The Brunswick County Manager is not willing to make the difficult choices such as cuts in spending or personnel that are required during these difficult times. Many will see their taxes increase as a result of this “revenue neutral” approach.

  • italy4me

    Having visited Brunswick County to look at the possibilities of relocation, I found the real estate taxes to be more than affordable. From what I could tell, the majority of the residents are northeasterners that have relocated to retire and move to an area with a much lower tax rate. What Brunswick County pays in a year, the northeast pays in a month.

    I am however, a little shocked to see the substantial decline in real estate values which will make me think twice before buying in Brunswick county to retire.

  • Guest

    We will be voting against all commissioners who agreed to shaft the citizens of Brunswick County with the huge hike in property taxes. Hurting thousands in this time of economic upheavel is going to backfire on the county as well as on the lazy Commissioners who didn’t want to do their job and trim the fat from the county budget.

  • J Smith

    I found this info at the bottom of the article as it appears on the StarNewsOnline report.

    “A budget workshop was scheduled for May 25 and a public hearing for June 6.”

  • Yaqngie

    Wow, this is extremely alarming! The reason I purchased a house in Leland area of Brunswick County was to avoid the high taxes in Wilmington. Now there is the potential that I will be paying more in taxes here than I would in Wilmington. Will the public have any say in this? If so when and where? I would like to voice my opinion and concern, which I am sure many others in the community would agree. Is Brunswick County trying to import or export its population?

  • Yaqngie

    Just remember people we can complain and moan all we want, but it wont make a difference unless we show up and voice our opinion. Im new to Leland but have lived in Wilm my whole life and all everyone does is complain and then the meetings stay empty. I plan on showing up if I can.

  • robert

    the news paper says that the tax increase is to help save from cutting county jobs (along with other things this is 1 example but) i say why not increase taxes a reasonable amount and cut some township/county worker jobs. why if you work for the county/town are you immune to the loss of your job? i spoke with someone i know who works for the township of leland and there answer to me was… im so glad they raised taxes my job is safe now i dont care i live in wilmington all i care about is keeping my job. i say trim the workers as well as raising taxes a reasonable amount, i dont think its fair that there jobs are saved by our tax dollars because in the private sector there isnt a safe job out there right now why are they held higher to the toubled economy. just my 2 cents im just bitter that so many people out there loose jobs yet if you work for the government all you have to do is raise taxes to keep your job, why dont we raise them even more so the government workers can have a raise and more sick/ personal time hell lets double taxes so we can increase there pentions and medical care too. lets give them everything we are already….as a whole this country needs to trim the fat off its work force like all the other buisness did over the last 2 years but they wont they will increase taxes while the hard working class goes from job to job(when they can get what little work is out there) to make ends meet and pay there salarys. we have enough parks a big enough library we dont need bigger and better roads we need to watch what we are doing not spend what we dont have …..i dont see people moving here i see people leaving its time for the government to be held acountable for there actions if they spend to much of what they dont have raising taxes isnt the answer for everything better management is!!!! And the housing prices arent coming back anytime soon so i hope they dont think it will and the high taxes wont make more people want to move here and thats what we need we need to get people to want to live here not leave i dont see brunswick forest booming i dont see the developement on lanvale road complete i see alot of unfinished house alot of unfinished projects that i dont think will be finished anytime soon…..im ranting im sorry ive been here for a few years now and at first it looked like this area would become great but now i think the boom is over

  • Guest20562

    That is why Brunswick County taxes are going up is because of all the yankees moving to the south. They want to make everything in the south to be just like it was up north.

  • Janette Burton

    As a non resident land owner on Oak Island, I expect the county will see a decline in folks buying property there and I am sure they will see more “For Sale” signs. We have just been hit with thousands of dollars for the new waste system and a very big hike in the water bills because of that. This place is becoming more unattractive to us every year. We are becoming more and more disgusted with the County and City Government. Maybe it’s time for us to post a for sale sign too.


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