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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David has been waiting for weeks to see if Judge Jerry Jolly would recant his order doing away with traffic court.

Today David spoke publicly for the first time since, taking the conversation to The Morning Beat with Chad Adams on The Big Talker FM. (Click here to listen to the entire interview)

David says he has kept quiet about the issue until now, because he wants to remain professional. He says he has still not heard back from Jolly, and now he may have to pursue legal action to get traffic court back.

“I’m in a public fight not of my own choosing,” David said. “I’m responding at this point, and frankly I find it somewhat embarrassing that as public officials we’re airing our dirty laundry out in the way that we are, because I believe when powerful people fight, ultimately the community loses.”

David says the whole thing started over a StreetSafe program and the judge’s confusion with David’s affiliation with the organization. David says now that more information has come out about the company, it is obvious he is doing nothing wrong.

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6 Comments on "Brunswick DA breaks silence on judge’s order"

2015 years 10 months ago

Judge Jolly is the one who made it public when he issued the order. I have nothing against Judge Jolly. The only bad things I have heard have been rumors and speculation, and I have seen no evidence that backs up the claims people have made against him.

2015 years 10 months ago

Its almost comical that Mr. David thinks it embarrassing to take this fight public when hes the only one that seems to be doing it. If it hurts the public so much, stop discussing it. During this controversy, which I have followed closely, I have yet to hear or read Judge Jolly making public comments. Every time a public comment is made, its by David or one of his patsies in the media. I appreciate the news media covering this, because it is newsworthy, but they are the only ones benefiting from this.
David is continually calling out a man who has served this area for decades in an attempt to assert the newly discovered power of the republican regime. Because of the Brunswick population serge, the Rep’s feel they can do whatever they want. This is an attempt by David to drag down a Judge in hopes he can replace him with another of his patsy’s.
But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

2015 years 10 months ago

The only reason Jolly has not come out in public is that he is hiding behind his bench and the local bar associations. He started this with a very public, very wrong ruling that accused the DA of wrong doing with no accurate facts to back it up. Then when challeged he refused to comment, hoping the DA would give up on it.

Rhonda Long
2015 years 10 months ago

I am not happy with Columbus County and her Justice System. There are too many corrupt DA’s, Judges, & Attorney’s. They all are out for themselves instead of true Justice. I had the experience (through my son) to deal with D.A. Sarah Garner, Assistant D.A. Lisa Freednman, & Attorney Joseph Ray (court appointed for my son). We thought that the Justice System would be fair and honest along with the Judge Douglas Sasser. Since my husband and I were the victims, we were not allowed to speak or voice our opinion on what we thought would be an approiate sentencing in our Son’s case. We wrote letters, made statements, talked with the Judge, DA’s and our Son’s Court Appointed Attorney. We as victims were ignored. I was told by Judge Sasser that I could make a statement during my Son’s hearing. As a victim I thought you were suppose to have a voice. That right was taken from us. Sarah Garner chose her on Justice and everyone went along with it. I was told by a very prominent Attorney that the first mistake was allowing Joseph Ray to represent our son as a Court appointed Attorney. I was then told that “everyone knew that Sarah Garner & Joseph Ray were ass-hole buddies” and that their familes did everything together. Thank Goodness that the 2 DA’s listed above are not in our Courthouse anymore. I think that the Courthouse needs a good spring cleaning and if it takes Jon David to stir the pot or sweep the floors of the Courthouse, then so be it. It is just not the “boys club” it is instead the “boy’s & girl’s club”. There is a lot of corruption behind those doors. It is all about the money (if you have it) or who you know and are friends with. Columbus County is becoming the laughing stock of North Carolina. While I am not a supporter of Jon David, but if he can clean up this town then I say ” HAVE AT IT”!! What happened to good old fashioned honesty and justice for our citizens???

2015 years 10 months ago

Our Full Support…


offers of many, many prayer circles to PROTECT YOU DAILY to withstand Boss Hog and toothless Jasper…

Keep up the Good Work!

2015 years 10 months ago

I am familiar with the StreetSafe program and have seen firsthand the dedication of its founder and staff in trying to save the lives of our most at-risk drivers. My daughter took the class and it not only changed her driving (she always wears her seatbelt now and never talks on the phone while driving)but she told all her friends to take the course as well, because she knew it would make them safer drivers.
That a judge would try to stop this program for his own personal vendetta is disgraceful and he should be ashamed. Thank you Jon David for wanting to bring this wonderful program to Brunswick County where four young people have already died in crashes this year alone. And thanks to everyone at StreetSafe for trying to prevent the tragedy of losing a child in a car crash.


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