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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — More than a decade after the death of Bald Head Island Police Officer, Davina Buff Jones, the case has been reopened. District Attorney Jon David decided today that there was more to the story.

The DA at the time, Rex Gore, dismissed the case as a suicide. But Jones’ father, Loy Buff says he knows his daughter was murdered and that Gore was covering up what really happened that October night in 1999.

“I often hear about people talking about closure,” said Buff. “I don’t feel like it’s come.”

Though its been several years since his daughter’s death, Buff remembers that night like it was yesterday.

“It was a full moon,” recalls Buff. “Of course, she worked the night shift. She went to work on the six o’clock ferry.”

33-year- old Jones never made it off Bald Head Island that night. Her body was found near the lighthouse with a gunshot to the back of her head. The shot came from her service handgun while she was on patrol.

“Somebody got the scenario started that she committed suicide, but we proved in court that it’s kind of difficult to shoot yourself in the back of the head from an up and in angle,” said Buff.

Around the time she was shot, Brunswick County dispatchers overheard Jones asking someone to put down a gun.

“The last thing she said was, ‘come on guys,’ and then they killed her,” said Buff.

At four different court hearings over financial benefits, Jones’ death was ruled a homicide. But despite the evidence, District Attorney Rex Gore insisted that Jones had taken her own life.

Buff says his daughter’s case was botched and the good ol boy network was responsible.

“They wanted to cover up her murder on Bald Head Island,” said Buff. “Those people didn’t want a police officer getting killed. There’s no drugs over there. My goodness, what a thing that might do to their real estate business or something.”

Buff says he hasn’t stopped fighting for his daughter’s case. After many conversations with Jon David, the newly elected District Attorney, David has said the case will be re-opened.

“There’s some gratification from showing what despicable authorities were there that would do my heart good,” said Buff.

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  • juliemc

    This is obviously a cover up and my daughter was wanting to work on BHI this summer and I am going to make her read the book before she does. I pray you get justice for Dee as it is way overdue. I hope someone will come forward with new information to finally get the justice you all have been waiting and praying for. Good luck to the family its way past time for closure.

  • DBS

    My brother who just passed away this month from a 2 year battle with cancer was a Law Enforcement Officer for 2 different departments in NC for around 15 years. He finally got out of it because of ALL the CORRUPTION in these departments. He loved it BUT knew he couldn’t beat it so he got out of it. He even had an incident with LPD a couple of years ago and that situation was also SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. He and his wife were almost hit head on by 2 LPD officers playing around on Lanvale. After going to the chief with NO satisfaction, he then sent emails to Mayor Futch and the Town Council with no response, so the corruption is called ALL GOVERNMENT PERIOD!!
    I pray the TRUTH comes out to clear Davina’s name and reputation!!
    God Bless!!

  • pll,

    My mom worked with her on Bald Head before Ms Jones got shot, I’ve heard the stories about how everyone in the court system thinks she killed herself. I honestly think she was murdered and I’m glad he opened the case again. I hope she can get the justice she deserves. I know if she does my mom will be happy. She and Ms Jones were friends while they worked together. My mom always told me the stories about her. For her family, you’ll always have my familys support.

  • sean

    the need to check in Ron hewitte and the ex DA and check all the convictions and see what they come up with i know some Sherriff ron hewitte was not doing his job but him and rex gore just said it happened and my friend got over 25 years

  • sean

    u helped me out in the class and i nedver got to say thank you and u did a well job will miss u like allways DEE

  • sean

    i dont think she did it her self she was happy to be in the police acadamy and working with bald head island i ws in BLET with her

  • Then I am sorry and I apologize. However, now that someone like Jon David is in office, we are so hopeful we can get at least her cause of death changed so we can get her name on the Wall of Honor in DC and be able to join the other families for ceremonies appreciating their ultimate sacrifice.

  • Guest12

    Elaine this comment is not how you should have taken it. There are so many corrupt individuals here in BC that I dont feel like Davina will get the justice that she deserves or will ever get.

  • legaleagle

    This is absoultely NOT a waste of taxpayers’ money. I am a taxpayer in Brunswick county, and I wholeheartedly wish for my money to be used for this family to get justice. I had just graduated from college with a degree in legal studies and moved here when this tragedy occurred. I had a close friend that was a police officer that went to BLET with Ms. Jones. He told me that the crime was a huge coverup at the time. His comment prompted me to do my own research, and I was shocked by the way law enforcement handled everything. This case has always bothered me and I have always prayed that the truth would come out, although I didn’t have much faith. I commend this family for continuing to fight for justice for her. I will continue to pray for them. Thank you, Mr. David. Again you have affirmed why I voted for you. It’s been a long time coming.

  • How dare you make such a statement! Do you have a crystal ball or did you use tarot cards to make such a blanket remark? The waste has been continuing for 11 years. Do please tell me on what you are basing this remark. … And sorry for you is a fitting word.

  • Uncle Reality

    Since the BC good ol’ boy network sold him down the river, he may be in the mood to finally tell the truth and return the favor. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this officer was murdered.

  • looking for justice

    I just finished reading the some of the information regarding this case on the internet. All I can say is WOW!! I feel that she was murdered for what she either knew or saw regarding drug smuggling. When all of this story comes to light…and I hope it does, I bet there will be ALOT of “elected officials” involved. I just hope that the evidence doesn’t somehow mysteriously disappear in the upcoming days,weeks,months. This whole story reeks “foul play”. They say the root of all evil is the love of money, and drugs at this level would involve massive amounts of money and power. I get the impression from the information that was given that sheriffs officers, BHI employees, BHI landowners and a whole slew of other people must have been “in” on this because of the lengths that were gone to to cover up this murder. I hope that this case does get resolved and that Davina gets her much deserved justice! This will be the story of all stories!! PLEASE keep us posted WWAY!

  • Thank you to the new DA of Brunswick County!!!! If people will read the book about Ms. Jones’ murder, yes I said murder, they will realize it was not suicide. Wonder how many current BCSO officers were there that night and knows what happened, just read the book and notice the names that are mentioned. Davina is smiling down on everyone now, waiting for the truth to be known!!!!!!

    I commend the Buff family for being persistent and not giving up!!! I love you guys.

  • RIchard Bunce

    Thank You Jon David.

  • Guest12

    This is going to be a waste of tax payers money.. Sorry

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