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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – District Attorney Jon David filed a petition with the state court of appeals Thursday challenging Judge Jerry Jolly’s decision to shut down traffic court in Brunswick County.

David is asking the court for a temporary stay against Jolly’s order and has also asked the court to reverse it.

The argument stems from a program call StreetSafe, which helps teens and younger drivers realize how dangerous driving can be if they’re not paying attention. The director of the program gave David $250 last year as a campaign contribution. Jolly contends that donation has resulted in the program being offered at traffic court as a kick-back. David adamantly denies that accusation.

Jolly had a number of mistakes in the original order, including calling StreetSmart a for-profit organization – it is not – and saying the campaign contribution was much larger than it actually was.

David asked Jolly to correct the mistakes as well as apologize for the personal attacks he perceived in the order. Jolly never responded to David’s request.

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38 Comments on "Jon David taking Judge Jolly to appeals court"

2015 years 10 months ago

Just wondering? Are there no comments for Judge Jolly? Strange. The man has been elected by the citizens for 28 years, but now nobody likes him enough to come forward for him? Strange? No, I’d say suspicious.

2015 years 10 months ago

The murder case in Columbus county turned out horrible. A total waste of time, court resourses and tax money. The man was already serving a life sentence! Why even do that? What good are 4 more life sentences? Where was jon David during that trial? He was investigating a traffic school and appearing on TV and the newspapers. Now, I guess the State is going to have to pay for an appeal and all of this investigation so that Jon’s feelings won’t be hurt.

2015 years 10 months ago

If we are so corrupt and terrible in Columbus County, why does John David want to be here so bad? He begged to split the District when he was running for District Attorney and wanted Bruswick to be a seperate District. Why now is he opposing that so much if we are all so bad? Let him and Marion Warren have Brunswick. Give us Butch Pope as our District Attorney and send Ola Lewis back to us. Then just let us live in our own little corrupt world with the good old boys. Yes – according to David, Ola is a good old boy. Man – when did the good old boys turn into a black female? Seems everybody who doesn’t go along with his plan becomes a good old boy. Let them run Brunswick in the tradition of Mike Easley and Rex Gore which is obviously the path they are choosing.

Too many tickets
2015 years 10 months ago

Your analysis is flawed in that having traffic court hurts attorney’s..In fact traffic court is good for attorney’s..It creates a court where they can go in one day in three counties and plea numerous tickets quickly and efficiently. People who would go to driving school rather than hire attorney’s will still not hire attorney’s just because they cannot go to Streetsafe..Attorney’s provide a service for people that don’t want to miss work just to go to court. Some attorney’s even refer their clients to driving schools to get better deals..What people don’t realize is that an attorney can get you the same deal as traffic school at a lesser cost (UNDERSTAND THIS, A LESSER COST WITH A BETTER DEAL) and you don’t have to even appear in court. I have had numerous tickets and have never stepped foot in a courthouse because I always hire an attorney who has done a good job for me. Their may be a reason judge Jolly is doing this we don’t know but it is not because Attorney’s will LOSE business…They won’t..LOL

columbus countian
2015 years 10 months ago

The murder trial in Columbus County was likely sabotaged by a juror–the District Attorney isn’t responsible for the outcome. Regarding the “dust-up” between the Chief District Court Judge and the DA–this is most certainly not about the judge’s stated concern. This is “push-back” by the entrenched political machine in the 13th Judicial District. The new DA has the potential to inflict some serious damage to the aforementioned machine. No amount of attempted political spin will disguise the real objective of the DA’s foes. Said foes have much to be concerned about.


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