Jon David taking Judge Jolly to appeals court

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Submitted: Thu, 05/19/2011 - 10:04pm
Updated: Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:25am

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – District Attorney Jon David filed a petition with the state court of appeals Thursday challenging Judge Jerry Jolly’s decision to shut down traffic court in Brunswick County.

David is asking the court for a temporary stay against Jolly’s order and has also asked the court to reverse it.

The argument stems from a program call StreetSafe, which helps teens and younger drivers realize how dangerous driving can be if they’re not paying attention. The director of the program gave David $250 last year as a campaign contribution. Jolly contends that donation has resulted in the program being offered at traffic court as a kick-back. David adamantly denies that accusation.

Jolly had a number of mistakes in the original order, including calling StreetSmart a for-profit organization – it is not – and saying the campaign contribution was much larger than it actually was.

David asked Jolly to correct the mistakes as well as apologize for the personal attacks he perceived in the order. Jolly never responded to David’s request.


  • Janice says:

    Just wondering? Are there no comments for Judge Jolly? Strange. The man has been elected by the citizens for 28 years, but now nobody likes him enough to come forward for him? Strange? No, I’d say suspicious.

  • Sailfish says:

    The murder case in Columbus county turned out horrible. A total waste of time, court resourses and tax money. The man was already serving a life sentence! Why even do that? What good are 4 more life sentences? Where was jon David during that trial? He was investigating a traffic school and appearing on TV and the newspapers. Now, I guess the State is going to have to pay for an appeal and all of this investigation so that Jon’s feelings won’t be hurt.

  • Hiram says:

    If we are so corrupt and terrible in Columbus County, why does John David want to be here so bad? He begged to split the District when he was running for District Attorney and wanted Bruswick to be a seperate District. Why now is he opposing that so much if we are all so bad? Let him and Marion Warren have Brunswick. Give us Butch Pope as our District Attorney and send Ola Lewis back to us. Then just let us live in our own little corrupt world with the good old boys. Yes – according to David, Ola is a good old boy. Man – when did the good old boys turn into a black female? Seems everybody who doesn’t go along with his plan becomes a good old boy. Let them run Brunswick in the tradition of Mike Easley and Rex Gore which is obviously the path they are choosing.

  • Too many tickets says:

    Your analysis is flawed in that having traffic court hurts attorney’s..In fact traffic court is good for attorney’s..It creates a court where they can go in one day in three counties and plea numerous tickets quickly and efficiently. People who would go to driving school rather than hire attorney’s will still not hire attorney’s just because they cannot go to Streetsafe..Attorney’s provide a service for people that don’t want to miss work just to go to court. Some attorney’s even refer their clients to driving schools to get better deals..What people don’t realize is that an attorney can get you the same deal as traffic school at a lesser cost (UNDERSTAND THIS, A LESSER COST WITH A BETTER DEAL) and you don’t have to even appear in court. I have had numerous tickets and have never stepped foot in a courthouse because I always hire an attorney who has done a good job for me. Their may be a reason judge Jolly is doing this we don’t know but it is not because Attorney’s will LOSE business…They won’t..LOL

  • columbus countian says:

    The murder trial in Columbus County was likely sabotaged by a juror–the District Attorney isn’t responsible for the outcome. Regarding the “dust-up” between the Chief District Court Judge and the DA–this is most certainly not about the judge’s stated concern. This is “push-back” by the entrenched political machine in the 13th Judicial District. The new DA has the potential to inflict some serious damage to the aforementioned machine. No amount of attempted political spin will disguise the real objective of the DA’s foes. Said foes have much to be concerned about.

  • Guest1234 says:

    What is wrong with Jon David, does he think he is the Judge. I believe he is confused about his position. Having been in court systems in other counties, NEVER have I heard of a DA trying to take over the court and overrule a sitting Judge. Judge Jolly has an unblemished record and this young man should give some thought to the fact that perhaps a trip back across the river is a good place for him. You can’t jump into Brunswick from New Hanover and just tell the judges what to do. Not to mention that he is very arrogant. Stop whining Jon and do your job.

  • Guest1234 says:

    Most of us are so astounded that this person comes from another county, and before that another state, then comes into the courts of Brunswick Count to belittle and question the actions of a well respected Judge. You are absolutely right Judge Jolly has been elected for 28 years, bet we won’t say that about Jon David. Go “home” Mr. David.

  • watching says:

    All the negativism against Jon David has to be coming from the attorneys who will lose a lot when Traffic Court is reinstated. Judge Jerry Jolly is wrong and he is just a figure head for the one behind this whole mess. Taht someone is RC Soles, Jr. Soles needs to rebuild his clientele because most of his clients are his friends who will be spending time in prison. Soles wants to still orchestrate behind the scenes. People should realize that Jerry Jolly is cousin to Dennis Worley and magistrate James Worley. Now you cuz wants to keep his kin in business since he strives off of the big dollars. The love of money and power is the whole issue here. I commend Jon David in his efforts to want to try and resolve this matter without further stirring the pot. Jolly is used to having a catch net under him. I hope this time though the safety net will be torn to pieces and hopefully Jolly won’t be re-elected. People please remember all this when election time comes and Jolly is up for re-election. He is part of the Columbus County Corrup Machine and needs to be sent home like Rex Gore was. I despise RC Soles and his bunch of tail kissers.

  • CC Resident says:

    You can’t blame the DA for that. You have to abide by the laws of the land. I wish the laws would be changed to give anyone found guilty of murder “the death penalty”. It is not fair for one person to get the death penalty and others get life in prison for the same crime. That part should not be left in the hands of the jury.

  • CapitanObvious says:

    Here is the problem…
    1. Everyone is being manipulated by powerful political machines. You, yes you, if you have read to the bottom of these comments, have by this point been manipulated.
    2. Jolly is the chief district court judge. He is assigned the duty of scheduling courts. HE STARTED TRAFFIC COURT. David’s interpretation of traffic court was horrible. I witnessed it 1st hand. After it was abolished, things ran much smoother.
    3. David is wasting time, money, and energy to make a political statement, when he should be focusing on serving the people who elected him.
    4. The news media is eating it all up.

  • Miltie says:

    You want to trash a great lawyer like Dennis Worley for being sucessful in his field? Dennis Worley doesn’t even do traffic court any longer so how is he going to benefit from that? I bet you would be calling him yourself if you needed a lawyer. And please, can we get some new material here? R.C. Soles is yesterday’s news. How much longer is every single thing that happens going to be about R.C. Soles?

  • GOP says:

    “Give us Butch Pope as our District Attorney”, what an idiot. First of all DAs are elected, not “given”. Second, Butch Pope is the one representing Stevie Cox, the Chadbourn town manager that has been indicted for impersonating an officer, resisting a public officer, speeding and expired license. I believe Butch said “the incident was a misunderstanding” but the state trooper specifically stated Stevie Cox said “I’m the Chief. I’m going to believe the trooper any day over a politician. I believe Stevie still has his job; only in Columbus County. Butch is part of the good ole boy machine in Columbus County and Jon David is not. The judges, lawyers, bankers (who are most all democrats) and democratic politician are going to try to destroy David because he is a republican and they know with time he will shake up their little world. I hope by the time David is done with the corruption in this backwards county the good ole boys are running, but then again I also believe they will do what it takes to stop David, which they have demonstrated in the past they are more than willing to do.

  • elaine says:

    1234 the fact that you call for having Butch Pope and Ola Lewis back with you in Columbus County tells me all I need to know about both of them. BTW, David was not the one who asked for the 13th District to be split – RC Soles did (sorry for having to mention his old-news name). He was the one who took the issue to the legislature. If you are so bent on disliking Jon David, first of all, be up front enough to use your correct name. Backstabbers always seem to have that problem. I wish I could put you on a little deserted island somewhere with your cronies. And don’t ever post again that “most of us are so astounded.” Apparently “most” voted FOR him. You are just mad because it is not business as usual. That’s why you won’t post your name. We would recognize it. Let’s keep this county cut off from the rest of the world. Geez.

  • JohnnyA says:

    Most of Jollys supporters can’t turn on a computer, let alone write a comment.

  • passinthru says:

    I know the Godfather, Frog And BJ are glad to get a breather for a few days out of the spotlight! WHEW!

  • Southern Born says:

    Definition: person or persons of fictional origin, usually associated with blame for a possible undesirable outcome or unexplained non factual accusation.

    Facts: Jon David took campaign contributions from Driving School businessman. Jon David then decided to use the same business man to direct traffic offenders for a lesser sentence but possible fine or penalties.

    Jolly, ordered the collaboration of the 2 parties to cease. Jolly said it appears that David is directing business to wards a contributer of his campaign “impropriety.

    Jolly, however did not say he could not use another driving school just that one..

    So does that make Judge Jolly a Good OL Boy, and DA Jon David & safe driver school proprietor GOOD OL BOYS,

    I have been a good ol boy all my life, I have personally over thrown governments, taken out certain UN-named terrorist, framed nice guy Mel Gibson, and undermined the relationship between the Lone Ranger and his native American friend & caused the demise of Custer at little big Horn. also invented the tooth fairy…

    However, I have never allowed myself to be mistaken for an English teacher, thats because the Good Ol Boys conspired to keep me from reaching my potential or was that the TOOTH Fairy.

  • gene says:

    I am sure from you perspective you really miss Gore. Instead of seeking justice in the murders Gore would have just reduced the charges to driving left of center and all would be done and out of court in less than a day.

  • Sick of Columbus County Crooks says:

    This is all about the system that was recently destroyed by the voters of the counties. The public spoke when they voted Rex Gore out of office. Jolly is part of the old system of lawyers, DA, and of course, the powerful one, RC who recently has been shut down by the voters.
    I spoke recently with one of the die hard members of the old democratic machine in Columbus County and his response was this: “If David is going to try you by the law, then WE are going to hold him to the law.” He couldn’t and wouldn’t answer my question of “What is the difference of David acknowleging a campaign contribution and your democrats receiving gifts under the table at Christmas? Big gifts?” His response was “Can you prove it?”
    The other part is because traffic court cuts out lawyer profits and and the lawyers are crying because they are not getting these $200-300 profits to handle little minor traffic offenses. It is all a scheme of the Columbus County crooks.
    Jolly will lose this one.

  • Wade griffis says:

    A judge is a lawyer who is too lazy to work for a living.

  • New Hanover lawyer says:

    I could careless about the politics but the remark about attorneys making huge profits out of traffic tickets is crazy. The average cost of an attorney in Columbus county for a ticket is 230.00 including court costs of 141.00. That means the attorney gets 89 dollars for his time and making sure the charge doesn’t hurt your license and insurance. The streetcars program charges 150.00 and a cost of 141 and a fine of 25 and an appearance in court and a day at driving school ( both things saved with an attorney) and worst of all no one tells you if the reduction will help your insurance or not because the program does not care. Driving schools are fine and attorneys often use them to get better deals. Don’t full yourself into thinking that this is about attorneys losing money because it isn’t. Yes. I am a lawyer. Yes I provide a service. I also have three employees and pay my taxes. I also give my time to charity church and home. I shop locally and I have voted republican my entire voting career. Please do not presume to know what lawyers think untill you take the time to become one. And please don’t forget. Jon David is a lawyer and a politician which most people on this site seem to hate

  • Wade griffis says:

    It is about time that someone stood up to these A–h–e judges. In do not know Jon David, I do not wish to know him.

    It is obvious that there is a strong smell of corruption coming out of the court system.

    Somebody sue me, PLEASE! I do not have the proverbial, “pot to piss in.”

    Never-the-less, our court system sucks.

    Wade Griffis

  • trebor12081968 says:

    Robert T. Willis
    jolly is friends with some of our lawyers in these conties and will do just about what they ask him to. just with in the law, like signing an order to have someone arrested on a motion that was not right, the case had been settled in 2007 and no more money was owed but, a man was arrested and served a few days in jail falsely arrested. however, this is not the end of that case, jolly and the lawyer will face it again……..soon! it time to stop the good ole boy system in brunswick co. i hope and pray this is a good start!

  • Gene says:

    Jon has been upstanding and law abiding in every way. Jolly on the other hand is part of the corrupt past. How did Jolly know a contribution was made? Because Jon David reported every dime of the $250 as he should. Of course, corrupt Jolly spun that in to a larger amount and then made false and slanderous claims. Folks, how much money do you think Jolly has received from defense lawyers in his elections? Jolly, you should do one honorable thing to come out from under the cloud of corruption you live under. Resign! Do it now! Show some semblance of honor.

  • Repertorie says:

    I am appalled that Jon David has spoken out against a judge so blatantly. This is totally undermining the respect that anyone can have for the judicial system which is the opposite of what our country needs right now. Total lack of respect for our Court system is not a good thing. If one is allowed to so publically talk about a judge, it totally undermines the court system completely. I am so tired of all of this disrespect. Now, there are all of these comments about the good old boy system. Well, what about Judge Ola Lewis, who David has also tried to bring into this argument. Folks – wake up! Look at her. Does she look like a good old boy??? No – she is black, female and had to fight the good old boy system herself to win her position. Anybody who does not cow-tail to the David brothers is the subject of excessive publicity by the media. Jon David wants to throw darts at Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis saying that she is in support of a Democratic Judge. This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It is about respect for the judiciary, and I commend Judge Lewis for standing by her judges. It seems that every judge around, except for Judge Marion Warren, is standing behind Judge Jolly which should say something to you unless you are so cynical until you believe they are all bad. Judge Warren, who is a Republican when it is popular, and then a Democrat when it is popular, and then back again to a Republican, is still just mad at Judge Jolly for calling his hand a few years ago for ordering a luxury suite of furniture a few years ago and charging it to the State’s bill behind his back. Are all judges bad and corrupt? Are all lawyers bad and corrupt? I imagine you know a fine judge or lawyer in your area. Ask them what they think of all of this. I am sure Judge Lewis and Judge Jolly would like to say plenty in response to this issue, but their code of ethics prohibit that, as does Jon David’s, but he of course, believes he is above all of that and doesn’t have to follow the code. He believes he doesn’t even have to follow the judge’s orders. He just calls in the press and tries to make everybody else look bad until he can have his way. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that Jon David was publically criticizing a Brunswick County lawyer for speaking publically about his case with the newspaper? (It was about the teen mom case on reality TV) What is the difference here? Why is it ok for the District Attorney to speak out about cases? Are District Attorneys above the law? Is there an exception for District Attorneys? Are District Attorneys above defense attorneys? Well, come to think of it, District Attorneys MUST believe there is an exception for them because the previous two, that being Mike Easley and Rex Gore, surely thought so, but look where it has got them. Mike Easley is a convicted felon and Rex Gore is the subject of an ongoing SBI investigation. While we are on the subject of using the media for an advantage, Jon David publically talks about how he is on the crime scene every chance he gets. The Courts have ruled that being on the scene of a crime makes one a potential witness about a case, and if you are a witness in a case you cannot prosecute the case. That is why we have law enforcement officers who are perfectly able to investigate crimes on their own just as they have done for year prior to the arrival of the David Brothers. All of you law enforcement officers who have jumped on the David bandwagon should be insulted that he thinks you need him to supervise you. Jon David making these public comments subjects his entire staff from being prohibited from prosecuting a case. Think about how many tax dollars will be spent on bringing in an out of county prosecutor on all of these cases. Of course, Jon David obviously doesn’t care about tax dollars since he just spent thousand on prosecuting a quadruple homicide in Columbus County when the man was ALREADY serving a life sentence on another murder from another county. What use was that? He couldn’t possibly have gained anything by that for our citizens EXCEPT for the hopes of getting a death sentence which his office couldn’t even get on a quadruple homicide. What good are 5 life sentences when a person only has one life? This quadruple homicide was the longest Columbus county trial in history, and why wasn’t Jon David there prosecuting if he was so interested in justice? This trial started AFTER Jon David took office? It was because he was too busy visiting his legislators to keep the District from splitting, and talking to the press about Judge Jolly and appearing on BIG TALKER. All you conservatives need to look at the tax dollars Jon David has now spent on using State investigators to investigate Judge Jolly about his Order? Of course, the media loves that because it gives them something to make headlines. Think about it – how many times have you seen Jon David in the headlines these past few weeks making comments? He talks about Jerry Jolly as if he has a tail. Is that right? Everybody stop and think about all of this finger pointing. It may seem amusing now, but what about when your child is charged with communicating a threat, or assault because they slap a high school teenager over their boyfriend. Come on now – be honest. Our kids do that kind of thing. Do you then feel that your kid is going to get a fair trial in front of Judge Jolly with Jon David prosecuting if Jon David can “bully” him about his order? No – if Jon David can create enough bad press for the judge, you will feel you didn’t get a fair trial. It is funny as long as it is somebody else, but what about when it is you? Do you want a judge with no backbone? We all say we want justice until trouble knocks on the door of our home, or our child’s door, or our sister’s door. It is ridiculous that all of this has occurred over a traffic school. We have traffic schools at our local community colleges that have served us well and put money in our local coiffures. Why do we need a privately owned program? Further, if a parent thinks Street Safe is such a great and beneficial program for their children, then they can send them to Street Safe themselves. There is nothing in Jerry Jolly’s Order that prevents a parent from sending a child to a private program. Additionally, it seems that the comments of everybody I see on here come from somebody who isn’t even from this area who is always calling any of the local people, “good old boys.” Just because we are local born and bred in beautiful southeastern North Carolina doesn’t make us ignorant hicks who are good old boys. We just prefer not to take to the airways, and we rely on the LAW, honor and tradition, which means respecting your local judges. This may not be the way you do things up north or on Miami Vice, but if you all think our way of life is so corrupt, then goes back to where you came from and allow us to maintain some civility and respect.

  • Guest461 says:

    ….then do so off this forum. Learn to organize your thoughts and stop rambling on and on and on. The use of paragraphs would greatly assist us in at least partially understanding your rant without running out of breath. Gaaaaspaaaahhhh…

  • Guest333 says:

    Test for Bi-Polar Disorder. You are Manic by all indications.

    Take you meds! Take a walk. Don’t write for at least 2 weeks.
    Calm down, you’ll be okay!

    I only read the first line, then I jumped to the end and read the end of your diatribe. What Fun! Civility and respect. Does that mean keeping your MOUTH SHUT when corruption abounds among the Good Ole” Boy Network, which you always wanted to be a part of…so you remain loyal to the codes of silence!

    Thank you for your delightful comments complementing intelligent Northerners though! I have heard them so many times since transplanting myself and ALL of my relatives and friends at the Beach. What Fun!!
    And… thank you for inviting us to stay for as long as we wish. We will be here for a long, long time, rest Assured!!!

    We agree as you do, in the LAW, but the honor and tradition crap is your mantra…not ours!
    Have you not seen or read the news lately? There is no honor among thieves.

  • Jargon says:

    Several of my friends have posted comments in support of Judge Jolly, but something happens to them. Where do they go? Maybe us dumb hicks around here just don’t know how to use the internet. Let me test and see if a positive comment about Jon David gets published? Bet it does because WWAY always comes through for the David brothers. Let’s see – here goes. My, don’t those David twins remind you of the wonder twins. Wonder power activate for the Miami Vice twins.

  • johnboy says:

    All of this is ridiculous. Is traffic school REALLY this important? I hope no one breaks into my home again anytime soon because I don’t feel too confident that Jon David is going to be able to get any kind of conviction against the criminals in this area again. Really? How vain. Move on David – you got your hand slapped. Deal wtih it and quit burning bridges. Get on to what is important. Prosecuting serious cases.

  • Guest20562 says:

    You should see ADA Meredith Everharts court room.

  • Doodlebug says:

    All of this over traffic court? Sounds like somebody has a BIG ego. Get over it. We all get called on the carpet sometimes and have to swallow it and move forward. Who is paying for this fight?

  • Tuggy says:

    There are judges. There are prosecutors and there are defense attorneys. The judges are the ones who makes rulings on decisions when conflicts arise between the prosecutor and the defense attorney. Did I miss something here? I thought Jon David was elected as a prosecutor, not a judge. Is he exempt from a judge’s order? Why is he demanding things from the judge? Anybody else DEMANDING something from a judge would be arrested and put in jail. Maybe he should have run for judge instead, but until Jolly is no longer a judge, he is still in charge and deserves to be respected.

  • TCgirl says:

    I know Judge Jolly and he is an ok person. I just have one question….what is wrong with the traffic school that is run by the state and offered at SCC? Seems like to me that the DA is wanting to pad someone’s pockets when we already have a traffic school that is serving Columbus County at least, pretty well. I should know, I took the class several years ago to take care of a ticket.

  • Guest333 says:


    Raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth!

    You should have just told the truth.

    You KNOW as well as everyone knows that it is highly unusual and Unprecidented for a Judge to interfere with something like a D.A.’s decision to use traffic school for driving infractions.

    It’s all about power, greed and money for the lawyers being cut:,)

    There isn’t an out of state lawyer that would not see this for what it is and it is not peeeerty!

    Go, Jon, Go!

  • watching says:

    How much did you get paid to write this silly comment. You can tell a democrat because every time one opens his mouth, silliness comes out. It’s a shame you are taking pot shots at Jon David who is a very reputable person. Jerry Jolly has always been the lawyers Judge. He wasn’t a good lawyer. Soles and McGougan put him on as their Judge. Jolly is forgetting his raising and needs to be lowered a notch or two. Jolly is wrong and is not man enough to admit his mistakes. He seems like BJ Wright and Frog Strickland who both think they are above the law and untouchable because Soles has their back. Well one day Soles is not going to be around and who is going to clean upp their mess then?

  • Guest461 says:

    The judge and the DA are at odds over this issue. The judge is in charge, but is not God. David is simply pursuing what he thinks is best for the county and court system to keep the drivers training program. I happen to agree with him. He is using the legal process to persue what he believes is right. Due Process is the term of his action and there is no disrespect to the judge with using it.

  • passinthru says:

    Be careful there Wade. R. Mick’s wife is a district court judge and he might send the goon squad after you!!

  • Curious says:

    We already have a drivers training program – 3 of them in fact that have been in use for a long time. One at Bladen Community College, one at Southeastern Community College and one at Brunswick Community College. These are programs that support our local community colleges and help drivers. Why should we be “forced” to go to a different driving course that is sponsored by a contributor to the current District Attorney? There has been a lot of talk about Street Safe being a non-profit company but that doesn’t mean that the person running the company doesn’t make any money from the company. Quite the contrary. Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham, earns a salary of $483,000 a year from being the CEO of the Samaritan’s Purse, which is a non-profit company. I certainly don’t begrudge that fact because many non-profits have to offer large salaries to keep good CEOs and Samaritan’s Purse is a great organization. The point is, however, the gentleman who runs Street Safe should not be allowed to pad his pockets because he contributed to David when there were and still are other options that were already in place. If a program had not been available to our county, Street Safe my have been a good option to bring in. Don’t now deprive our local colleges of the income merely to help out a contibutor. Additionally, Mr. David did not make this program optional, but rather made it mandatory to get a traffic reduction. It just doesn’t seem kosher that the District Attorney was going to change it all and require people to use his contributor’s program. I give the Judge credit for keeping his eye on the situation for us citizens. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves as I did. Go to the internet and look at the salaries of CEO’s for non-profit companies. It was the CEO of Street Safe who contributed to Mr. David’s campaign. Additionally, WWAY has documents posted on this web site attached to the Judge’s order that shows that Street Safe has a “for profit” part of the company – whatever that means? Help me out lawyers????? At any rate, Mr. David’s friend definately would have benefitted from this. I believe our local community colleges need the help more that a CEO who is not from here.

  • Guest1234 says:

    That court room is a joke! Just another bad decision by Jon David. Should have gotten rid of her a long time ago.

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